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How To Make A Good Social Media Video

How To Make A Good Social Media Video

Do you want your social media video to have an impact? Follow these tips to make sure you get attention.

Very often, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of consumers, which we also are on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time on twitter, tiktok, snapchat, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, youtube or instagram in our homes and on the road. We scroll through the news feed on social networks, and sometimes we are attracted by an original video that will catch our attention.

This is the challenge for companies who want to post an engaging social media video.

Relevant content must be offered on a regular basis, and it must capture attention in just a few seconds.

If you have never made videos before and want to do so for your business, you should first establish a clear strategy, and follow the few tips listed below. Then you can use an online video editor to quickly get a handle on your video creation, as this video tool is dedicated to non-video professionals who want to make videos.

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And once your video is posted, wait a few days, and then, do not forget to analyze the metrics: these statistics will tell you about the success of your video campaign.

Firstly, your video, before being produced, must be accompanied by a strategy

First of all, why do you want to make videos? There can be many reasons:

For events, by posting a teaser that would make people want to register and go to your event to meet you:

For the release of a new product, to highlight its look, its features, and disclose the release date, and the shops where it is available:

For recruitment, with short testimonials from your employees, to highlight them, their jobs, and the values of your company. Here is an excellent example:

For a customer testimonial, to give voice to those who are most legitimate and objective to speak about the effectiveness of your products or services:

Before launching, we establish a strategy as a team, with objectives (conversion, registrations, subscriptions to your pages on social networks, etc.), a frequency of publication (taking into account the day and time of day to be better seen and put all the chances on your side).

Your video should be short, and should attract attention in the first few seconds

As you have seen in the examples above, the recommended videos for your social networks are quite short (between 1 and 2 minutes maximum). Indeed, it is estimated that in 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be occupied by video. This means that your community is constantly bombarded with messages, and yours will have to stand out:
– with an intro that makes you want to, for example, by asking a question, a problem that your audience is facing,
– with an opening that highlights your brand identity, so that it is immediately recognisable,
– by uploading the video directly to the platform, and not by sharing the youtube link: this way, the social network concerned will give it more prominence (not everyone thinks about this technical detail).

The rule is that the intro must announce, without saying too much, that’s the difficulty. To play on the commitment, you have to play the suspense card, to make people want to see what happens next. It’s exactly like a movie trailer, you mustn’t show everything, otherwise the content itself is no longer interesting.

You almost have to make your audience afraid to miss the next part, which is called the Fear Of Missing Out (or FOMO).

For each social network, here are the recommended video lengths:

Youtube: 2 minutes,
LinkedIn and facebook: 1 minute,
Twitter: 45 seconds,
Instagram: 30 seconds,
Tiktok: 15 seconds,
Snapchat: 10 seconds.

Remember to pick up the sound

how to make a good social media video pick up sound
Microphones on stand vector flat set.

If your video is viewed with sound, the sound must have been captured effectively beforehand during filming so that the speaker can be properly heard. To do this, remember to fit the person with a lapel microphone on the day of filming.

Think about subtitles

Sound recording is important, but subtitles are perhaps even more important. Note that, on social networks, the majority of videos are viewed without sound. To get the message across, you’ll need to add subtitles to your social media video.

Subtitles are also important if your audience does not speak the same language as the people in your video. You should therefore think about this when communicating internationally.

Pay attention to brightness, and avoid artificial light

how to make good social media video lighting


A social networking interview is an opportunity to showcase your premises, especially if it is to attract new talent. So, for your shoot, choose a naturally lit location, ideally with plants and decorated walls, to catch the eye.

When does natural lighting usually happen?

  • right before the sun sets, shadows are less dark and the hues are softer.
  • 20 to 30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise, it offers a rich, cool tone and a sense of tranquility to your videos. I
  • cloudy days are also perfect for outdoor shoots. Though some may think it makes the video look sad, the gray weather makes the light look softer.

Give importance to the storytelling of your content

Why storytelling to your audience? So that they feel they have a special relationship with you, not just a commercial one.

Storytelling means :
– highlighting your brand identity, with motion design, your logo, your slogan, and why not a mascot,
-It is a way of recalling your creation, the personality of your founders, the values you defend, the image you want to embody, and what you want the customers to remember about you.

End your social media video with a Call-To-Action (CTA)

The posted video should encourage people to take an action: for example, to register for your event, to send their application, to subscribe to your newsletter. The outro is as important as the intro, and it will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your video campaign via statistics.

Your CTA shouldn’t be too sales-focused as that’s when people get turned off. It must circle back to the campaign goals and business objectives you’ve set during the strategy planning.

Use a social media video maker to make great videos for your social media and website

What about you, young marketers? Do you want to give the best experience to viewers, to get the best result, with awesome video content for users? You do not need an agency to do so: to create online videos and video ads, you can use a social media video maker, offering several video formats, in which you can integrate your captions and images. On a social media video maker, you can choose all types of videos, the format you want (interview, teaser, tutorials…), depending on your goals, to make great videos, short-form videos you can post on your social networks for a future announcement. You will be able to choose video dimensions (for example, if you want to make Instagram stories or reels), and video specifications (music, subtitles, watermark…).

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