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Social Media Video Maker to Create Snack Content

Social Media Video Maker to Create Snack Content

How can social video maker help you create videos that will help you to create appealing snack content to your viewers?

Since the last ten years, the trend has been to create videos that will be published on social media. With 22 billion views per day, videos on social media have become more and more influential on their users. In this context, companies must integrate videos in their social media strategy to increase their visibility, whether they use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

And this is what youtube video creator is made for.

Among the several types of content found on social media, snack content is currently one of the most popular on those platforms. How can you create videos that will help you to create appealing snack content to your viewers? This article will answer this question.

What is snack content made with social media video maker?

Snack content refers to the production of short-form content on social media. It aims at being engaging to generate leads on your website and to stimulate a high number of shares on social media.

In a few words, snack content enables companies to promote their business to the viewers and potential clients, and to stand out from their competitors. Snack content can be used by small businesses and big corporations alike.

What are the different types of snack content, either for small business of big companies?

There are several types of snack content that companies can integrate in their digital communication strategy.

Short video

This is the most widespread type of snack content. However, you should remember that they must be informative or deliver an advice to be effective.

Infographics or explainer video with little text

Because of its playful aspect, infographics have a strong impact on social media. They enable you to present complex ideas in a simplistic way to your viewers. You can easily create them on many social media video makers and platforms such as Canva or Pitchy.

Digital billboards

They convey a strong message while being simple and eye-catching. Don’t hesitate to include appropriate visuals and colours to make them more appealing to your audience. You can also include your logo and other graphic elements to affirm your brand.


Quotes are engaging as they are motivating and directly speak to your viewers. You must choose them carefully: the more specialised and engaging to your audience, the better.


If you want to create viral snack content, then you will have to create memes. Memes are images with hijacked use, accompanied by humoristic texts. You can create them with your own images and visuals for example.


This is an animated image can illustrate your marketing message, just like infographics. They are designed to highlight an emotion or downplay complex information.

Why is video snack content made with social media video maker important in the strategy of companies and marketers?

social media video maker snack content

As social media has become unavoidable in the communication strategy of companies, snack content is one of the types of content that should be adapted to your needs. Indeed, to increase your visibility, you will have to adapt your video format to the platform that you are targeting.

Which snack content will be more appropriate for your social media platform? Let’s review some examples:

• Instagram is more suitable for punctual and short-lived videos (e.g. ads, promo videos)
• Facebook lives allow you to use video to interact directly with your audience
• YouTube is appropriate for tutorials and longer videos (e.g. video clips)

Therefore, video diversification is a key element to get a successful exposure of your business on social media.

5 steps to create appealing video snack content with social media video maker

social media video maker five steps

As we saw earlier, video is the most popular snack content on social media. However, you might find it difficult to design, especially of you are not an expert.

If this is your case, we have good news for you. Indeed, with social media video makers, creating such videos will not raise an issue anymore. Here are some simple steps to follow to create appealing videos for your snack content.

Step #1: Strive to create engaging content in your social media videos

Snack content rely on short-form video; but it doesn’t mean that it should be botched. You must think of content that will please your audience and engage them; so that they will remember your brand. You can also reflect on the emotion that you want to convey to your viewers. Anyway, quality is the way to go as it will reflect your professionalism.

Step #2: Gather your data for your social media videos

At this stage, you want to use the useful data to include in your video: images, your logo, key figures…

Step #3: Create your social media videos with social media video maker

This is the moment where you put your creative force into motion. You can use a social media video maker such as Pitchy to help you. You can choose the features, the themes, and the scenes you want to design your video.

Don’t forget to test your video to see if you have good audio quality. Editing can also be necessary to enhance the visual quality of your video.

You just have to remember that your video should reflect your business and appeal to your targeted audience.

Step #4: Be authentic in your social media videos

Your brand is unique, and so should be your snack content. You must stand out from the competition, and not follow them. That’s why we recommend to relevant and original video that will help you to engage your visitors, as they will see that you are genuine.

To be original, you can use the newsjacking technique. It’s a trend that uses current news that can be integrated in your snack content in a playful way.

Step #5: Include a Call-To-Action

social media video maker call to action

Effective snack content always includes a call-to-action (CTA). Whether you want to attract new subscriptions to your website or sell new products, your video must always entice your viewers to take action.

Contact Pitchy to create appealing social media content

Do you want to create engaging video snack content without fuss? Short-form videos for snapchat, vimeo, pinterest or tiktok? Then, Pitchy is the right tool for your endeavours, online videos or any types of videos. As a rising social media video maker on the market, we put more features, animated images, templates, watermark and visuals at your disposal.

Make great videos (with a great goal, to make an announcement, to give some tips, to spread video ads on social networks, to share statistics…), ads and awesome animated videos with Pitchy, and edit whatever you want to edit! On our platform, one of the ebst tools you can have, we aim at providing you with all the tools to help you to build relevant and engaging snack content for your audience. You do not need professional tools, such as gopro. You will be able to choose video formats, video dimensions

We do not have a pricing page on our website If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us and ask for a demo (we do not have a pricing page). You can also download our mobile app to make multiple videos, better and more simple than canva, vimeo, animaker or adobe spark. We also encourage to subscription to our live demos to make future great videos and achieve your goals with your prospects and customers.

Our video editor also provides an app to edit your rushes.

Ask for a demo here.

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