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Speed up and simplify your corporate video editing with Pitchy's AI video editing features. With this new AI video editor toolkit, you'll never compromise on the quality of your videos again.

All of Pitchy's AI features

Pitchy's AI video features

Streamline the video editing process with AI

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AI subtitle generation and translation

Short on time to add subtitles to your videos? With AI video editing, automatically generate and translate your subtitles from your voice-over in just a few clicks.

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AI text rephrasing

Not satisfied with the phrasing in your video? Our AI feature can rephrase your video texts while maintaining accuracy.

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AI text shortening

Are you struggling to create concise sentences for your video? Let the AI video editing tool synthesise your texts while preserving the meaning.

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AI text correction

Unsure about the spelling and grammar in your video? Pitchy's AI video editor allows you to correct all syntax mistakes.

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AI full video translation

Do you need your videos in multiple languages? Save valuable time with our AI feature that automatically generates your video in the desired language with a single click.

No compromise between personalised video creation and AI automation

Pitchy's video editing platform

Pitchy is an intuitive video editing platform that combines AI video editing with video customization.

It streamlines the creation of corporate video content by automating repetitive tasks, saving time and effort.

Pitchy ensures users retain full control over the video editing process. This allows for precise customization to meet specific corporate needs and requirements, making it an ideal solution for producing high-quality video content efficiently.

"What I really love is the automatic generation of subtitles. It saves me a lot of time."

Célia Lenormand, Employer Branding and Internal Communication Manager

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Frequently asked questions about our AI video editor

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How does AI use data to create content?

The data you provide to the AI video editing platform goes through several stages before producing the final content. These data are collected, analysed, and then the AI accesses its pre-trained language model to generate content that matches the given instructions (such as generating subtitles, translating a video, or rephrasing, shortening, or correcting text).

Are the data Used by AI stored securely?

Depending on the type of data and the specific application of the AI, data can be stored and secured in the region where you use our AI video editing platform. The data are encrypted both at rest and in transit to prevent unauthorised access. If the data are sensitive or personal, they're anonymised or pseudonymised to protect individual identities. Only authorised staff has access to the data, and strict access control policies are in place to ensure security. Regular security audits are conducted to identify and correct potential vulnerabilities, and penetration tests and risk assessments are also regularly performed.

Data are retained only as long as necessary to achieve the objectives for which they were collected, after which they are securely deleted.

Does AI Data processing and storage comply with regulations?

Our AI video editor complies with industry security standards such as ISO 27001 and NIST, as well as local and international data protection regulations, such as GDPR in Europe.

Is content created with AI copyright-free?

The AI services we use allow users to create and deploy AI applications like content generation. According to the current policies of our partners, users retain ownership rights to the content they create using our services. This means that content generated by AI via Pitchy belongs to the user who initiated and configured the content generation.

Who holds the copyright for content created with AI?

Copyright for content created with Pitchy’s AI video editor generally belongs to the user who initiated the content creation. This includes individuals, companies, or organisations using the platform to generate content. Users are responsible for ensuring that the content they generate does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. They must also adhere to Pitchy's terms of use. In a commercial context, specific contracts or agreements may be established to clarify copyright ownership.

How does AI simplify video editing for enterprise teams?

Pitchy's AI video editing tool now integrates a library of AI features that automatically handle a number of tasks, saving valuable time. AI video editing enables full video translation with one click, automatic subtitle generation from a voice-over, and text suggestions (rephrasing, shortening, and correction). This allows all employees in an enterprise to create and adapt high-quality, professional videos customised to the brand's graphic identity at reduced costs and without technical skills.

How to unlock AI features on the Pitchy video platform?

Once you have a license to use the Pitchy video editor, regardless of the plan chosen, you have direct access to all AI video editing features. If you're not yet a Pitchy client, simply request a demo of our video editing platform and then choose the plan that meets your needs.

Elevate your corporate video creation with AI

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