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A new tool to make internal communications videos

Video addresses numerous challenges in internal communications for which it's not always easy to provide effectively in the long-term solutions. Fostering cohesion in a remote context, adapting communication formats and channels to the current expectations of your teams, maintaining a transparent, human and authentic approach to information: these are just some of the issues where video can make a real difference.

Use cases

All your internal communications covered


Share Your Events: Professional Videos Independently or with Expert Support. Diverse Styles for Impactful and Trendy Event Videos.

internal communication video template for an event


Bring Your Announcements to Life: Create Professional Videos Independently or with Expert Assistance. Explore New Styles to Captivate Your Audience.

internal communication video template of an announcement

Change management

Create Agency-Quality Videos in a Few Clicks. Develop Your Technical Skills to Effectively Communicate New CSR Initiatives.

icon representing communication about new initiatives

Key figures

Enhance Your Financial Reports with Pitchy: Produce Professional Videos Solo or with Expert Support. Master New Techniques for Impactful Presentations.

internal communication video template of a monthly report

Explanatory video for micro-training

Create Premium Quality Explainer Videos with Ease. Master New Technical Skills for Quality Content.

icon representing micro-training videos

Change management

Create Agency-Quality Videos in a Few Clicks. Develop Your Technical Skills to Effectively Communicate New CSR Initiatives.

internal communication video template of new CRM tool

How can Pitchy support you in communications

icon representing video budget savings

Budget savings

Create unlimited videos with Pitchy's internal communications video maker and significantly reduce your costs.

icon representing time savings in video creation

Time savings

Start a video project on your own thanks to our intuitive and simplified video editor.

icon representing video graphic diversity

Graphic diversity

We offer a wide range of templates made by our motion designers to allow you to create all kinds of videos: presentations, interviews, explainer videos, event videos, storytelling, CSR videos...

How it works?

Ready to create your internal comms videos in just 5 steps?


Choose a video template that best suits your needs


Customise the scenario (over 1000 sequences available)


Customise your video to your corporate identity


Integrate the content of your choice (images, videos, text, icons, etc.)


Add the post-production elements of your choice (voice-over, subtitles, music, etc.)


Your HD video is ready to be shared!

Why you need video in your strategy

8 out of 10 employees

Nearly 8 out of 10 employees prefer to be informed through video content in their company's internal communications.

Memory retention

The video format is the best tool for memory retention: there's a high chance that your content won't go unnoticed!


Key features built for you


icon customise internal communication videos

Adapt video templates to your graphic charter for a unique look that reflects your corporate identity.

icon styling internal communication videos

Video styling

Dress up any video with keywords, titles, pictograms, etc.

icon representing royalty free music for internal communication videos

Royalty-free music

Access a wide collection of music to bring your videos to life.

icon representing unlimited video edits

Unlimited edits

Modify your videos at any time and with great flexibility.

icon representing the sharing of internal communication videos


Once your video is finished and exported in high quality, share it directly from the platform on your various distribution channels.

Our answers
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Why use video for your communication strategy?

Using video in your internal comms offers several advantages. Here are a few pros:

  • Enhancing engagement: video captures attention and is more engaging than text alone.
  • Clearer communication: video messages convey information more clearly and understandably.
  • Better convey emotion and tone: video transmits emotion, tone of voice and facial expressions, strengthening your connection with your audience.
  • Greater accessibility: video can be viewed anytime, anywhere, making it easier to communicate with your geographically dispersed employees.
  • Visual demonstration: for technical subjects or instructions, video can be more effective than a written document.
  • Creating a sense of belonging: video can highlight company culture, successes, and events, strengthening employees' sense of togetherness.
  • High retention power: information presented in video form tends to be better remembered than that read in a document.
  • Easy to share: video can be easily shared and viewed by your employees.
  • Keeping up with the times: using video in your internal communications shows that your company is at the forefront of technology and adopts modern communication methods.
  • Encouraging feedback: video allows your employees to see and hear their managers, which can foster transparency and encourage feedback.

As you've understood, using video in internal communications can significantly improve the efficiency and impact of the messages delivered to your employees.

What are the best content ideas to generate engagement?

Video is a highly effective medium for engaging people. There are several video ideas that can help you achieve this goal of successful internal communications.

  • Have your managers speak because video messages from management can be used to communicate goals and achievements and reinforce your company's vision.
  • Feature employee testimonials by highlighting successes, positive experiences, and generating inspiration.
  • Summarise current events, important company news, and recent developments in a concise video.
  • Capture hey moments such as company anniversaries, milestones, or team celebrations.
  • Encourage integration by allowing new team members to introduce themselves through a video.
  • Share tips and advice on working and efficiency within your company.
  • Give in-house experts the floor to share their knowledge and expertise on relevant topics.
  • Highlight ongoing or completed projects to showcase your teams' work.
  • Organise quiz sessions or games based on company-related themes to encourage interactive learning.
  • Announce and celebrate deserving employees and their achievements.

With Pitchy, can I customise my videos to match my graphic charter?

Pitchy offers its users different levels of customisation. From simple chartering to animating customised sequences, to creating your own video graphic universe. You can easily incorporate your company's assets in complete autonomy.

Can I use Pitchy to create external communications videos?

Of course, Pitchy covers all video needs for communication departments and many others: training, HR, and marketing. Beyond the specific uses for internal video communications, with Pitchy, you can independently create product presentations, brand's history videos, customer testimonials, company announcements, and much more to maintain a regular and consistent connection with your external stakeholders. Learn more about Pitchy's contribution to external communication.

Ready to take control of your video strategy?

Need more information about our video tool? Discover the platform through a demo with one of our video experts!

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