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Impress your prospects with product tour videos, inspiring customer testimonials, and branded social media videos.

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Customer testimonial video

Elevate Your Credibility with Customer Testimonial Videos! Trust from prospects is built on genuine proof.

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Social media videos

Shine on Social Media with Pitchy! Create Engaging Videos to Captivate Your Audience on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Be Unmissable!

Presentation video

Capture Your Audience with Impactful Videos to Showcase Your Offers and Enthrall Your Market. Boost Your Impact Now!

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Event teasers and retrospectives

Impress with Pitchy! Captivating Teasers and Dynamic Retrospectives to Enhance Your Events. Attract, Captivate, and Leave a Memorable Impression.

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How it works?

Entrust your video projects to Pitchy


Choose your template


Organise your video sequences


Customise your video


Edit video sequences (colors, text, audio, subtitles)


Add post-production features


Export your video in HD


An online video creation software designed for marketers

Pitchy simplifies every step of the video creation process to help you create professional marketing videos quickly and ready in time for your digital campaigns.

Create unlimited videos

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Generate an infinite number of marketing videos for your distribution channels and find the best video format to increase engagement and conversion.

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Save time with an intuitive video platform

Speed up video creation with a simplified video-editing tool so you can spend more time on higher-value actions.

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Access millions of royalty-free assets

Enrich your marketing videos with our library of royalty-free music, images, and videos for inspiration.

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Customize your videos to match your corporate identity

Create videos that reflect your brand's graphic charter. Use your logo, colors, fonts, and icons to increase the spontaneous awareness.

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Get help from a video expert

Our Pitchy account managers are at your side to guide you through your projects and help you optimise the ROI of your videos.

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Why create video content?

Creating video content is a powerful way to reach a wider audience, gain visibility, generate interest, communicate a message in an effective and memorable way, improve your SEO score, and diversify your content. For all these reasons, marketing video is a trendy format to integrate into your digital strategy.

Furthermore, on average, videos generate 12 times more shares on social media than images and text combined.

What is the purpose of a marketing video?

You can create a marketing video for a variety of purposes: to engage your community on social media, to present your product or service, and to promote the latter. With Pitchy's online marketing video maker, you can create videos that serve all three purposes (reels, explainer videos, promo video and more). Want to see how? Book a demo with one of our video experts.

Which video formats does Pitchy support?

Pitchy supports all common video formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16), so you can easily share your videos across all your channels. The platform also lets you switch from one format to another with a single click!

Can I export a video without a watermark?

With Pitchy's marketing video maker, you can create and export your marketing videos without a watermark. However, you can still add your own logo if you wish, either in the intros, outros or throughout the videos.

Is Pitchy suitable for teams of all sizes?

Pitchy's video creator has been designed to meet the needs of different professions (marketing, external and internal communications, training and human resources) and whatever the size of your team. There are a number of benefits to using Pitchy internally:


Pitchy is designed to simplify the video creation process by providing ready-to-use templates and a user-friendly interface. This can be an advantage if you (or the person responsible for creating marketing videos) need to create videos quickly without having advanced video editing skills.

Quick customisation:

Pitchy offers customisable video templates and trendy graphic styles so that you can quickly create videos with a consistent visual identity. This feature can be useful if you regularly need to create videos for marketing purposes (e.g. video ads, reels, etc.).

Centralised administration and collaboration:

Pitchy allows you to centralise all your videos on a single platform. It's easy to go back to the last video or find and edit any video created by other members of your team.

Daily support:

Pitchy can put you in touch with a video expert to help you develop your video from start to finish, from recording to broadcasting your project. Our teams are on hand to help you optimise each pillar of your video strategy: objective, storytelling, call to action, etc.

Do videos help improve SEO?

By using relevant tags, titles and descriptions for your videos, you can optimise their visibility in search results. Search engines index this information to determine the relevance of the video to users' queries.

Need a simple way to scale your video production?

Find out how our online video editing platform has been designed to meet all your business needs.

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