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BlogAnimated infographicsIn what contexts can you use an Infographic Video Maker?

In what contexts can you use an Infographic Video Maker?

In what contexts can you use an Infographic Video Maker?

More and more companies are using infographic video maker to get their message across faster and more effectively, with beautiful infographics. That's easy with infographic examples and professional infographic templates, with Pitchy, one of the best infographic makers, to present a timeline or statistics.

What exactly is an animated infographic? It is a function that allows you to group together figures, animate them, and make them follow one another, and then broadcast them in video. What is it for? To make them more accessible and easier to understand. Video messages are much better retained than text messages. And for this type of animation, you can use an infographic video maker. Once you are familiar with the tool, you can use it in many different contexts.

Quarter, monthly or annual report with an infographic video maker for your audience

In each team, it is important to be able to measure the impact of its actions, in terms of numbers, leads or opportunities gained, sales, etc. This step allows you to see what worked and what didn’t, so that you can ask yourself the right questions and review your strategy if necessary.

On the other hand, sharing the results in figures thanks to the infographic also allows you to congratulate your teams if the results are positive. You can also share this type of video internally, to report on your activity and show how you are moving the company forward.

As you can see in this video made with the Pitchy platform, it is quite simple to present your different results: commercial performance according to the quarter, evolution of the volume of orders, geographical distribution of your clientele, and finally the perspectives, the objectives for the quarter or the year to come.

Producing an infographic of this type is an opportunity to make your teams aware of your graphic identity. With Pitchy, you will have at your disposal some templates, which you can customise.

Training reports, thanks to infographic video maker

Whether it is a large group or a start-up, every company must help its employees to evolve, thanks to training. Your employees need it to acquire new skills, and to feel that they are growing thanks to you, whether they stay or intend to leave for new professional adventures.

It is important for your company to assess the importance and impact of this training, as it also has the task of making your employees even more efficient. How many training sessions have you given this year? How many hours in total? What is the percentage of people trained per sector of activity or per team? Are some training courses more popular than others? You can see this information in this example, which was also created using the Pitchy platform.

Performance tracking

To go further than the quarterly or monthly report, the yearly performance monitoring will allow you to compare, for example, your sales volume with previous years. An online video creation platform will also allow you to see in which areas you have sold the most, and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

But you can also tell your story with infographic video maker: offer the best charts and elements for your audience!

The infographic video maker can also be used to tell your story in video. Since your creation, how many clients have you had? What has been the evolution of your turnover? How many employees have you had? In which countries have you managed to establish yourself? If you are, for example, in front of investors, they are bound to be sensitive to the figures in video, which will add something concrete to your story, in addition to the storytelling aspect and the genesis of the project.

Would you like to make your own animated infographic? Interface with ease with our tool for non-designers! Ask for a demo of our Pitchy platform! Discover our simple functionality, templates and voiceover effets to make your own creative animations with your logo, icons, and visual identity.

Most tools to summarise your data are sometimes complicated for users and viewers, to add images and graphs. For the best infographic design inspiration, ask for Pitchy! To make presentations for customers with graphics, diagrams and charts (that you can afterwards post on social media), you need a simple tool, the simpliest among hundreds, to communicate about your brand.

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