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Easily create high-quality online videos for your business. Stay in control by producing personalized, high-impact content.


Simplified high-quality online video editor for large companies

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HD video creation

Pitchy is the first video maker based on pre-designed video templates allowing you to make corporate videos on your own. Become a video creator!

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AI and human support

Our AI (voice synthesis, automatic subtitle transcription and translation, smart editing, etc.) along with our dedicated support team simplify your creation process.

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High level of customisation

Fully personalized videos matching your brand's visual identity, bespoke animations in your brand's style, logo addition, colors, fonts, etc.

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Premium service

Regular follow-ups, expert advice, and video inspiration, alongside access to a wide range of video services.

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High level of security

Our online video editing solution meets the highest market standards to ensure the confidentiality of your data


A library of video templates
for all your business needs

Never fear the blank page syndrome again when creating your next videos. Whatever your business might be, Pitchy offers a wide selection of customizable video templates catering to all your use cases. Pitchy goes the extra mile to help you create personalized videos that fit your company’s branding. You’re going to become a champ at video editing !


Video templates for each of your business needs

Internal Communication


HR / Employer Branding

External Communication


Internal Communication

With Pitchy, easily create tailored videos for employee interviews, highlighting company initiatives, best practices, financial summaries, and more!


Access premium customizable video templates for your training materials, teasers, etc., as well as features tailored to your needs: screen recording, SCORM format...

HR / Employer Branding

Offer a new way to communicate with your employees, attract new talents, by creating personalized videos easily with Pitchy.

External Communication

Simply create premium videos to showcase your brand story, communicate your company news, highlight leadership speeches...


Pitchy addresses all your video communication challenges with your prospects and clients: brand awareness ads, retention, product presentation, newsletters, and much more!

Packages tailored to your corporate video projects


This pack gives you access to all the Pitchy features with first-level customization and support.



This pack gives you access to all Pitchy features and integrates a high level of customization to your brand codes, along with dedicated support.


This pack unlocks 100% of the conditions of the previous packs, offers an even more premium level of support, and includes a number of video service credits to be used throughout your commitment period.


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How to edit a video online?

Pitchy is an online video editing platform. Our tool allows you to create your own corporate videos with simplicity and high-quality, branded output. Explore our extensive library of video templates tailored to your business needs and thousands of premium animations to produce professional videos. Benefit from personalized support from one of our video experts to further enhance your video projects! If you're not a client yet, you can check out our offers or directly request a demonstration of our online editing video tool.

What is the best online video editing tool for creating corporate videos?

The Pitchy video editing tool allows you to create all types of videos tailored to your company needs and especially to your business departments: internal communication, training, human resources, external communication, and marketing. Our online platform gives you access to a wide range of already-made video templates by video professionals and 100% customizable to your company's needs and visual identity.

How to make a good online video edit?

First and foremost, it's important to know the purpose of your video: promote, inform, train... Who are you trying to reach? This will be the starting point of your project. On the Pitchy video editing platform, you’ll get access to a wide range of video templates that meet all the challenges encountered in a company and for each of its departments. You can also create your own videos from scratch instead of using our templates if that’s what you want to do.

Ready to take control
of your video strategy?

Discover how our online video editing platform was designed to meet all your business use cases.

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