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A training video creator to better share your knowledge

Captivate your learners' attention and make your training videos even more memorable. Pitchy's online video editor lets you create unlimited, effective and engaging training videos at a competitive cost.

Use cases

A video creator that covers all your training needs

Software training (screen recording, tutorials, etc.)

Master software effortlessly! Create tutorials and demos swiftly, with expert guidance for maximum efficiency.

create software training video

Professional gestures training

Hone your skills! Craft engaging training videos, perfect your technique, and receive personalized coaching for professional growth.

create prevention training video

Training support

Elevate your learning experience through videos! Engage in interactive e-learning, micro-learning, and MOOCs with dynamic video content and tailored guidance.

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Teaser/Invitation to a training course

Ignite excitement with videos! Craft captivating teasers and invitations, enticing learners to join immersive training experiences.

create training teaser video

Training system

Revolutionize your training system! Seamlessly integrate video content, tailor courses to evolving needs, and ensure unparalleled engagement.

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Training evaluation

Measure success with Pitchy! Evaluate training impact effectively with insightful video analytics and adaptable content for continuous improvement.

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Why choose Pitchy for your training projects?

end-to-end training video creation

End-to-end video creation

Pitchy is the only video tool on the market that covers the entire video creation process, from capturing and editing to broadcasting.

professional quality

Professional-quality rendering

Regardless of your video editing skills, Pitchy enables you to create professional-quality videos akin to agency-level results in record time. Thanks to our intuitive platform, creating your training videos will no longer be a burden.

unlimited edits for training videos

Unlimited edits

Your learners' needs evolve, and your training courses must also stay constantly updated. With Pitchy, you can modify your video project as many times as needed at no extra cost.

How it works?

How to make a good training video?


Select one of our pre-made video templates or start from scratch


Adjust the scenario and its scenes according to your video project


Customise your video to match your corporate identity


Dress up your video: text, images, icons, animated elements...


Add post-production elements: music, voice-over, subtitles...


Your video project is now ready to be generated and broadcast

Why choose video for your training courses


E-learning boosts employee motivation by 18%.


On average, learners retain about 65% of the information presented in a training video after one week.


The optimal duration of a training video varies, but in general, training videos under 10 minutes are preferred for e-learning, as they keep the learner's attention.


Demand for e-learning increased by around 400% following the Covid-19 health crisis.


Key features for a successful training video

Screen recording

icon screen recording

Record your screen (software, app...) directly from our video editor to make your training more explicit and make it easier for your employees to learn.

icon video scorm format

SCORM format

With Pitchy, you can export your video in SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) format, primarily intended for Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, facilitating distance learning.

icon automatic subtitles

Automatic subtitles

Easily integrate and transcribe your subtitles thanks to our speech recognition feature.

icon unlimited video edits

Unlimited revisions

As your training courses evolve, so do your videos. Modify your them as often as you need!

icon voice over


Integrate a voice-over into your video if you need to, or use our text-to-speech feature to convert your texts into audio. This functionality helps to engage your audience, whether for training or any other type of video: marketing, internal or external communications, or employer branding videos.

Our answers
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Why use video in training?

Within companies, creating videos for training is essential as learning is increasingly happening remotely. Videos combine visuals and auditory elements to facilitate learning and better memorisation of the topic. Moreover, companies provide video tutorials (for example, mini online courses) allowing learners to train in a few minutes on a subject.

Thanks to Pitchy, one of the best sofware solutions, users can create professional training videos easily with their own video clips and pimp them with customised animations at a competitive cost.

How do you make effective training videos?

To begin with, you need to think about the objectives of the video and the content of the course. Is it to be a relatively short course (more of a video tutorial type), or a slightly longer course (micro-learning or e-learning type)?

Based on this, you will determine a storyboard for your video and then edit the various scenes. With Pitchy, if you wish, you can skip this step by choosing a predefined video template directly on the platform.

To make the message as clear as possible, you can use screen recordings to guide your learners step by step.

It is important to add visual elements with annotations to make the content clearer and more explicit, such as text, icons or pictograms that will draw learners' attention to a specific area of your video.

If you want your training video to be truly effective, add a voice-over (from the trainer, for example, or a text-to-speech synthesis to create a vocal content from text). You can also add subtitles to capture the attention of your learners.

All these features are available on Pitchy's software; you only need a few clicks to create an effective training video!

How do you make a good video tutorial?

To create a good video tutorial, it's recommended to follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the script, storyboard and sequencing: define the objective(s) of your video, what should people learn and retain from it?
  2. If, for example, your video tutorial requires screen recording, be sure to close all your tabs and windows that are not relevant to your video. The idea is to record an environment without unnecessary information.
  3. If you need to use video capture, set the scene for your speaker. To start with, opt for quality equipment: a smartphone with a camera with a good sensor and lens, or a professional camera. Also, take the time to set up a nice backdrop, preferably with a plain background if you want to insert interactive elements in the editing such as keywords.
  4. Record a voice-over and incorporate it into your video. It's always a good idea to provide your audience with audio advice to help them understand and remember your message.
  5. You now have everything you need to edit your video. Cut out any unnecessary moments (repetitions, long screen loading times, stuttering...). Dress up your video with subtitles, text, pictograms, icons, etc. Then synchronise the voice-over you've recorded. If you like, you can also add background music.
  6. Your tutorial is now ready to be broadcast!

Pitchy's video software can help you with all these key stages in making a good video tutorial, thanks to its intuitive platform and advanced training features.

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