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Make stunning corporate videos

Discover our corporate video maker to enhance your brand image and stand out with personalised corporate videos for your external audience: prospects and customers. Tell your story, present your company or manage your crisis communication on video right now!

Use cases

Communication video templates suited for you

Corporate communication

Supercharge Your Corporate Communication: Create Unlimited Videos, Save Time, and Enhance Your Skills with Our All-in-One Platform.

storytelling video for external communication horizontal format

Customer newsletter

Engage Your Clients with Impactful Newsletters Thanks to Pitchy: Save Costs, Save Time, and Deliver Messages Through Video.

corporate newsletter video for external communication

Event retrospective

Share Your Past Events with Stunning Videos: Save Money, Save Time, and Master the Art of Video with Pitchy!

CSR communication

Engage Your Audience in Your CSR Communication with Impactful Videos. Unite Your Teams around Social Topics!

make CSR video

Executive's speech

Bring Your Executives' Speeches to Life with Professional Quality Videos Made in Minutes.

Interviews (new employees, clients, etc.)

Give Voice to Your Employees with Impactful Interviews! Videos That Resonate, Shareable with a Click to Propel Your Company Culture and Attract Top Talent.

employee interview video

What Pitchy can bring to your corporate communications

cost saving for your company videos

Cost savings

Create unlimited videos at lower price. The more you create, the greater the economies of scale.

time saving for your video strategy

Time savings

You finally have control over your corporate video production. Create, edit and distribute your videos whenever you need to and on your own.

no skills needed for your corporate videos

Skill development

Our intuitive and simplified video editor will guide you step by step through every stage of your corporate video production. Bolstering your editing skills add up to a long-term win.

How it works?

How to create a corporate video with Pitchy?


Choose a video template, or start from scratch


Adapt or create your own storyboard


Customise your video according to your graphic charter


Pimp your video project with loyalty-free images and videos


Add music, a voice-over or automatic subtitles


That's it, your video is finished, all you have to do is generate it

Why use video for your communications


of consumers want to watch videos published by companies they support


Using a video in a newsletter increases the click-through rate by an average of 200-300%.


Customer testimonial videos can increase visitor engagement by up to 300% compared with other types of promotional video


Key features to cover all your video needs

Customised video templates

customise your video

Brand your corporate videos to your graphic charter for a unique look that reflects your company's identity.

video styling

Video styling

Add keywords, titles, subtitles, pictograms, and more to your videos.

subtitles in video


Integrate and automatically translate your subtitles using voice recognition.

voice over on your video


Import your own audiotrack or use the text-to-speech feature to add an automatic voice-over.

add music

Royalty-free music

Pick a music track to enhance the viewing experience.

Unlimited changes

You can edit your videos with great flexibility at any time.

sharing your video


Once your video is finished and exported in high quality, share it on your different distribution channels.

personalised support

Personalised support

Our video experts are on hand to support you throughout your projects.

Our answers
to your questions

Can't find the answer to your question?

How do you make good video communication?

First, define the goal of your video: is it to present, promote or inform? Then determine your target audience. Choose the format best suited to this audience and the distribution channel on which you're going to share your video. Now you have the keys to create your video on Pitchy.

What types of video are used in communications?

We've put together a list of videos often used in communications: storytelling videos, news videos, crisis communication videos, video newsletters, event retrospectives, employee interviews, reports, and many more.

Why use video to communicate?

Video is generally more explicit and extensive than a text message. This format is the most memorable, because the visual and the audio make it easier to understand. Thanks to Pitchy corporate video maker, you can create videos without any skills.

What types of video can be produced on Pitchy?

Pitchy lets you create all kinds of professional videos in just a few minutes. You can create horizontal, vertical and square videos, which can be adapted to all your distribution channels (social media, intranet, etc.). With Pitchy desktop video editor, you can make communication videos, but also marketing videos for your website, Youtube Ads or any marketer's use case. We're also experts in video for use in HR (employee offboarding and inboardingvideos, etc.) and training (presentations, tutorials, etc.) departments.

Ready to take control of your corporate video creation?

Need more information about our video tool? Discover the platform through a demo with one of our video experts!

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