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What are the uses of video in training?

What are the uses of video in training?

Why is video becoming more and more important in internal training? We tell you more in this article.

Video training above all is about putting the trainees of your organisation in a real situation, thanks to visual and audio. In companies, video creation (online or in-house) is THE most effective way, the best school for training new recruits quickly, and even remotely. And don’t forget: video can also be used to train your customers in your tool. This is the famous notion of learning by doing.

Remember these figures becore making effective training videos:

  • 95% of a video marketing message is retained by an Internet user on the web, compared to only 10% of a text message,
  • 96% of companies say that educational audiovisuals improve the quality and speed of their employees’ professional training,

Thanks to video, our brain integrates information 60,000 times faster than in text.

How can video be used in training? We will tell you more here.

Video for training your new recruits thanks to a good script and voice effects

Today, when your new employees join your team, they need time to adapt, not only to get to know you, but also to familiarise themselves with the digital tools you use every day. Using the video format as a game to train newcomers will allow you to have reusable content that newcomers can sit on during their first days. They can watch it at their leisure, like a short film, and learn at their own pace.

For example, you can show them an interface tutorial:

Depending on your company culture, you may need to train newcomers to follow certain rules and gestures. Here again, you can create a short summary video, to be viewed as soon as they arrive at your structure.

Designing the video to train your employees at the beginning of the seminar

Are you organising an in-house seminar? This is often the occasion to present a new tool or a new functionality. Why not present the whole thing on video? The message will be more easily assimilated, as it will be put into a situation thanks to the medium you will be showing.

Use video for your training reviews

Do you train people internally? Do you set annual training goals? Know that you can use video to present your review, both internally and externally.

Go for e-learning

For interactive training on your tool or platform, video training remains the cheapest (if you make it yourself), most “recyclable”, most complete and most easily assimilated content.

Take a look at this example of e-learning on the Pitchy platform:

Offer training for your new customers

Very often, when your customers visit your FAQ page, chances are that THE question they have is not there. Creating an introductory video will allow you to quickly and accurately answer them. In addition, this solution is financially more advantageous for them, as they don’t need to pay someone to train them as well.

Going through the video stage in training your customers is an interactive and simple way to quickly learn about your tool, as is the case with Pitchy:

  • How to log in or open an account?
  • How do I start a video?
  • What templates are available?
  • How to create a teaser?
  • How to announce an event in video?

For example, take a look at this training video: “How to remotely conduct your business meetings”. :

Would you like to make a video for training yourself? Ask for a demo of the Pitchy editing solution 🙂



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Creation date 18/06/2021


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