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Social Media Video Maker: 5 successful Instagram contents

Social Media Video Maker: 5 successful Instagram contents

In this article, Pitchy takes a look at Instagram video, through 5 contents that worked very well.

In this article, Pitchy takes a look at 5 Instagram videos that worked very well.

Are you part of a business, a marketing team, that is looking to use an online video creation software for a campaign on Instagram or other video ads?

Do you want to make an instagram video (story, live, reels, igtv, ads) by yourself? At any size? For your social networks and blog?

It’s the best social network to share visual content: a clear message, dynamic, beautiful pictures and inspiring video sequences for your product/company.

Today, Instagram has become a bit of a public darling for several reasons:

  • The message on Instagram is visual, and 95% of a video message is retained, compared to only 10% of a text message,
  • 72% of internet users prefer to discover a product or service by watching a video,
  • And 95% of people under 35 watch videos.
  • Insta videos can be watched on Smartphone and Iphone and cab be done by the personne herself, as a selfie.

We share with you in this article 5 video contents that have been successful on Insta: and of course, we explain why 😉

Then you will be tech pros, super video maker, and will be able to conquer Youtube, Tiktok and Snapchat too 😉

For this, you can now use a social media video maker dedicated to companies.

#1 Starbucks’ stories for viewers, trough social media videos, made by great marketers


Starbucks’ message here is that all consumers are different, and that the brand focuses on their individuality (hence the first names on the cups). And the meeting at Starbucks becomes a meeting of all these engaging and inspiring personalities.

The store is no longer just a place to come for a coffee or a hot chocolate: it’s a place where different stories cross paths, meet and discover each other, always in a friendly and benevolent way.

Why does it work?

  • The colour code of the brand (white and dark green) is easily identifiable: it refers directly to the logo;
  • The video can be viewed without sound, thanks to the animated text;
  • The graphics mix photos reflecting the diversity of the customers, as well as highlighted key words: the message is therefore simple, clear and effective.


#2 Freshly helps its consumers work in a healthy body in social media videos

“We do the cooking, you do you.”

The Freshly brand is committed to providing healthy, homemade meals that allow busy people to eat healthy while focusing on their priorities for the day. Freshly’s philosophy is that just because you lead a hectic life doesn’t mean you should indulge in eating anything. What’s more, eating a healthy, balanced diet will help you cope better with the challenges of everyday life.

Why does it work?

    • Freshly uses extremely simple footage, video footage with a banner with strong messages;
    • Again, the video can be viewed without sound thanks to the added text;
    • The video sequences highlight the diversity of the dishes and the simplicity of the platform;
    • The speed and efficiency of the service is emphasized.

#3 Stitch Fix is its customizable clothing for men

This Stitch Fix campaign is proof that you don’t need to have big money or be very original to be successful on Instagram. The message here is clear: Stitch Fix is about finding YOUR personal style, delivered to your door, and you don’t need a subscription to do that.

Why does it work?

      • The products are highlighted through image;
      • These same products are customizable: so the individuality of the consumers is highlighted, as well as the non-compliance;
      • The video is short, and the footage quick: ideal for Instagram;
      • The message is clear.

#4 Wolf and Shepherd shoes stand up to even bull charges

What better way to differentiate yourself from your competitors than with an original scenario? Here, we show how Wolf and Shepherd make shoes that are both stylish and sustainable. We see a man, probably in Spain or the Basque Country, during the traditional bull run, running through puddles, mud, and the remains of crushed tomatoes, to escape a herd of cattle, smoking with rage. All filmed like a James Bond movie, with stunts and big scares on the agenda.

The message is clear: our shoes are stylish, and what’s more, they’re shock-resistant, so you’ll always be stylish, no matter what happens to you.

Note that this ad mixes footage from the brand, but also from video footage available in some databases, to keep costs down.

Why does it work?

  • An original, scripted creation that makes the audience dream a little, as if they were in a movie;
  • There is action, you take your audience on an adventure;
  • Here again, you can watch without sound;
  • The product, with its bright colour, is well highlighted.

#5 Feetup and Yoga Chair in social media videos

Once again, the Feetup brand chose a short format, simple design and clear messages. In addition, this short video allows them to show the usefulness of this yoga chair, allowing them to train and relax in everyday life, in any room.

Why does it work?

  • Sports, yoga and meditation are already popular topics on Instagram;
  • Feetup has nothing to hide: its yoga chair is useful if you practice on a daily basis, as proven by a video;
  • A short format, which can be read without sound;
  • A clear message;
  • A graphic charter that respects the world of Zen: colours related to well-being, such as light green, pink and purple;
  • Concrete situations.

The person concerned (Philippe) is not directly asked to testify, but his family and friends, to get an outside view of his many skills, and above all, an outside view of the advantages of working for Capi France. Add to this a dynamic music, and you get an attractive intro video.

You too, can also create your own promo videos and video clips, either you are a small business or a big company, thanks to online video editor. On this interface, you can import your own templates; features, watermark and other images, in addition to the ones we already offer (and the more features we have). Pitchy is a platform, dedicated to non-video-professionals. So you don’t need any technical skills to start with it, and to make great videos, multiple videos you can edit for your company, once you started.

We don’t have a pricing page on our website.To make your own animated videos and social media videos at a reasonable pricing, do not hesitate to start with a demo! It’s better than canva, adobe spark, clipchamp, lumen5 or vimeo, animaker or any other tools!

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