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Make an Awesome Newsletter Video

Make an Awesome Newsletter Video

How to make your newsletter video look good? How to drag people into it? How to encourage them to open your email? We give you some tips here.

No one can deny it nowadays, the newsletter remains, for many companies and for your business, an essential communication channel. It allows you to maintain the link with your community (audience composed of the old ones and the recent subscribers), especially if it is composed of several tens of thousands of people. A newsletter video provides a more casual approach to sales by sharing articles, industry updates, snippets of advice, special offers and much more straight to an individual’s inbox.

But there is a problem with the newsletter: it is that everyone uses it. And your audience is probably already bombarded with newsletters in every direction, most of which can be perceived as invasive. Do you yourself open all the newsletters you receive?

For this to happen, you will have to make people want to open it, which is why the subject of your email will be crucial (this is what will make people want to open the newsletter or not).

And then, once the newsletter is opened, don’t hesitate to include a video! It remains the most viewed and most memorable content if you want to get an important message across (90% compared to 10% for a text message).


Give priority to the subject line of your email

As we said above, this is what recipients will see first in their mailbox. So you have to make them want to open it:

– First, don’t say too much, don’t spoil,

– you need a catchy subject line: to do this :

— Use action verbs and direct sentences,

— Don’t hesitate to use humor (depending on your target audience, of course): if you’re targeting a more relaxed BtoC audience, let go! Don’t hesitate to use slogans known to all, such as “May the force be with you”, or the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones (“Winter is coming”), etc…

The golden rule with the subject of the email is to say something, without saying too much. So your email subject should be related to the newsletter video, it should be relevant to it.

Few rules for creating an engaging newsletter video

create engaging newsletter video

Your newsletter video should only have one focus

This is very important: don’t confuse your target with a lot of complex information, they won’t remember any of it!

1 newsletter = 1 info = 1 video.

And this focus on a single piece of information should be visible in the subject line (for example: “discover the teaser of our event…”, “meet us on such and such a date at such and such a stand…”, “our product is getting a makeover”, “discover the new features of our application…”).

Feel free to build a story around that focus

Indeed, it is not enough to coldly relate the facts, or to simply throw the information around, as if it were harmless. All information must be part of your storytelling strategy.

What is storytelling? It’s your story, your values, it’s saying who you are. It is your brand identity that will differentiate you from your competitors.

For example, if you change your name: say how this change of identity is part of your history: this is an opportunity to appreciate how far you have come since your creation, and to make a storytelling video in the form of an infographic for example (with an infographic video maker).

Add little text to complete the newsletter video

The bulk of the information should be contained in the video. Within the video, you can use so-called verbatims, i.e. key words highlighted during the video, to retain the main information.

But outside the video, don’t add too much text: it won’t do any good anyway, as your recipients’ eyes will be drawn not to the additional text, but to the video.

Where to place videos in your newsletter

The video of your newsletter contains the essential information of the newsletter. If your target audience opens the newsletter, it is to view it quickly. And note that they have no time to waste.

But don’t be too quick to assume that the end of your newsletter is just as important as the beginning.

If, for example, it is a message from your executives, a teaser for an event, or a retrospective, it is a good idea to place the video at the top of the newsletter.

On the other hand, if it is a customer testimonial, it is very appreciated at the end of the newsletter, before a CTA that will redirect to an appointment to discover your product or your application for example.

How to embed your video in your newsletter

This will depend on the email platform you use in your company. Unfortunately, some do not allow direct integration of the video: in this case, be clever: take a screenshot, as an image, with the “Play” logo on it, so that it is immediately clear that it is a video.

Platforms like Covideo allow you to record, and send videos.You can either record a video of your own or upload an existing video to your account. Once you have the video you want to send out, you can copy and paste the video directly into the body of your email.

What examples of videos can you include in your newsletter?

Interview (or intervention) with your managers

As in this example, in which Benjamin Chouraqui (one of our founders) tells us about Pitchy’s CSR projects. As we know that video consumes a lot of energy, for each license signed, we plant a tree.

A quick product presentation video, with customer quotes

Who better than your customers to talk about you to your prospects? Having your clients testify is to have someone else talk about you and gain trust.

Your customers then become ambassadors for your brand. In these video testimonials, they will explain what their needs were, and why they called on you.



New information for your customers, for example about your new products

Your customers want to know about your new products, and want to be the first to enjoy them.








News for your internal teams (new arrivals, webinars, corporate events….)

The newsletter is not just for external use. The bigger your company, the more you will need to distribute information via a newsletter to make sure that everyone is informed.



An event retrospective

Again, this video content is part of your storytelling strategy. You thank the participants, and above all, you make others want to participate in future events of this type, to meet you.

A nice format for the festive season, like the Fast and Christmas

Do you know the Fast and Curious format? It involves asking questions in the form of dilemmas (tea or coffee? dogs or cats? …), so that respondents answer spontaneously.

And this format can, for example, be adapted for Christmas, like with the members of Pitchy.



Or the famous greeting card, if you want to keep with tradition




What about you? Would you like to have the ability to create your own video newsletter easily within your business? To get more subscribers? To invite to an event? To boost your sales? To increase your conversion rates?

With a tool like Pitchy, you can access one of many pre-designed templates. You will also have the option to access to customized backgrounds, and can add a template, graphic, audio or text elements (and even an animated gif if you want, because it is trendy nowadays).

With Pitchy, you can make any kind of video content (all trends, all types of stories) for youtube and other social media: a video marketing to promote your brand, a teaser to invite to your upcoming events, a testimonial video (made with a smartphone as a camera) to convince your future customers, a product video to show new features/benefits and get more traffic, infographics to tell your story and make some reports with understandable data, few videos to talk about a new feature, tips to use your service…Whatever your goal is, whatever your topic is,whatever your strategies are, there are many ways and many forms to adopt video strategy for better results and trust from your audience. Go on our demo page!

Ask for a demo of the Pitchy solution to get more inspiration and creativity

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Creation date 05/04/2022


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