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Why Do Companies Need a Video Editing Tool

Why Do Companies Need a Video Editing Tool

se a video editing tool for your company to create your own videos. This video editing tool will enable your company to make videos quickly and easily!

Nowadays, video marketing is extremely important to develop business for companies and marketers. Indeed, a study from Wyzowl in 2020 showed that 86% of companies used video as a marketing tool.

Whether they need to create video clips to promote their products or a video to train employees, video has become an increasingly popular medium. And this trend is not about to change.

Consequently, companies must capture their audience with appropriate content and effectively convey their message. For this purpose, they must be proficient in many skills, such as video editing. Indeed, video editing for companies enables them to control their narrative in post-production and create visually appealing video content.

However, video editing for companies can be challenging, especially if they don’t have the appropriate human resources to perform this task. If this is your case, we have good news for you. Indeed, with the right editing tool, you won’t have nothing to envy to the most experienced editor. Do you hesitate between investing in a video maker and calling a professional video production company? Then, this article will show you why you need a tool for video editing for companies. Do not hesitate to read more articles on our blog.

If companies edit their videos with a simple video editing tool, they save time and money

Gone are the days when you needed to call a video production company to help you create high-quality videos! Indeed, calling an external stakeholder was costly and long because of long iterations, misunderstandings, and even bad results. Therefore, all these elements cost you time and money. And this was quite annoying, especially if you had a limited marketing budget.

However, with the right editing tool, you will take back control of your creativity and your video content. Moreover, with the right features and training, you will be able to create high-quality videos by yourself. Thus, you will be able to save time and money.

Moreover, with a simple licence, you can create many videos of your choice, implying economies of scale. For example, video editing will allow you to create videos of several formats that you can post on your website, your YouTube channel, or your social media platforms. Just remember that a well-edited video has a longer life span on the Internet. It can even appear in social media users’ feeds as recommendations months or years after the first publication.

Also, video editing tools are user-friendly and cost-efficient for companies. Indeed, they contain several intuitive interfaces in the market that everyone can use. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if you are a marketing newbie. Your video production process will occur at a quicker pace. And you will make your creative teams self-sufficient and more independent from external agencies.

Your company will easily capture your audience’s attention if you edit your own videos with a video editing tool

Companies operate in a fiercely competitive market to introduce their products to potential customers. Therefore, they must find a way to stand out from their competitors. In this context, creating high-quality videos can be a competitive advantage to promote your brand in the long run.

Indeed, the creators of high-quality videos have a long-lasting impact on their customers. Video editing for companies easily grabs their audience’s attention and keeps a brand relevant on the Internet and different social media platforms. Thus, using the right video editing tool can help your brand to be remembered more easily by your users.

A company that edits its own videos delivers a clear message to its target audience

Do you have stories to tell about your brand? Then, video is the best medium to convey your message to your audience, especially for storytelling. Indeed, many customers don’t buy the product per se, but they buy what it stands for, i.e. its values and its stories.

Therefore, if you want to craft a solid storytelling around your brand and your product, a video editing tool will be your best ally. Indeed, you will get interesting features helping you to insert enticing titles and photos in your video. Moreover, depending on your marketing project, you may choose the appropriate format to match the stories you want to tell your viewers.

A tool to edit videos helps companies to improve their marketing and communication strategies

Do you want to target your audience better and deliver your brand’s value proposition in the most effective way? Then, video editing for companies will help you improve your marketing and communication strategies. Indeed, through specific features, you will create lively videos which will make your message easier to retain.

For instance, you may use features such as the use of beautiful photos, file downloads, watermarks, transitions, audio editing, and animations for funny videos.

Moreover, the use of voice-overs helps you improve your marketing and communication strategies as it gives a professional twist to your videos. Thus, you will be able to deliver your message, while balancing it with photos and other visuals.

Finally, for those who will follow your video in public areas, don’t forget to include subtitles in your videos. This will allow you to deliver your message anytime, at any place.

A video editing tool enables companies to create different video formats

According to the message you want to convey, video editing helps you to unleash your creativity. Thus, you will be able to create the video you want thanks to the availability of several formats in the video maker.

Here are some examples of videos you can create with a good video editing tool:
· Interviews
· Teasers
· Social media videos
· Training videos
· New Year’s wishes
· Customer testimonials or case studies
· Promotional video clips
· Corporate videos…

Ready to start video editing for companies? Contact Pitchy

If you want to take the first step to create high-quality videos, Pitchy has the right video maker for your video montage. Indeed, our video editing tool contains several features that will help you produce the marketing videos you want. Here are some features that our tool offers:
· Several video formats,
· Colour-boosting features for your video footages
· Royalty-free music and images
· Text and titles that match your brand
· And many more personalised features…

You need to choose the right video editor! Pitchy is the video editor you need, a great software, perfect for beginners, with a simple interface for a reasonable price. To start using the few features on the software is simple, you do not need to be youtubers, video professionals or film makers to do so. On the interface, you can choose among the different templates proposed by the video editor (with an intro, titles, watermark…). You will have the option to customise these templates to reflect your brand identity. Then, you can crop, rotate or resize your footage, thanks to our editing tool, and add animation. An editor that is faster and more efficient than an agency! Just what your business needs!

If you’re interested in our video editing tool, feel free to ask for a demo.

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