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Start Editing Videos Easily With Online Video Editor

Start Editing Videos Easily With Online Video Editor

Why not use an online video editor for your corporate video creation? With a simple interface, you'll be able to handle it quickly.

You have probably already heard of online video editor. Nowadays, it is increasingly easy to edit your own videos, even if you are a company. For a long time, video creation required quite advanced skills, both in terms of filming equipment and in terms of editing, in post-production (adding music, subtitles, sequences made with motion design to bring dynamism…).

Today, online video creation has become much easier for companies, thanks to a simple interface, which offers pre-designed templates to help you get started quickly. It can be used by more than one user, with many features for your creativity and attractiveness! These multiple clips will have a substantial importance for your strategy.

The advantages of using an online video editor with your teams, rather than working with an agency

advantages of using online video editor

You won’t waste time looking for an expensive service provider

Calling on an external agency for video means calling on and canvassing external service providers in order to be able to put a price on a single video. This often long and tedious process can be avoided, especially if you realise that your videos are fairly simple to make and can be shot and edited by your own staff.

You will control your costs per video and make economies of scale

Every video project involves pre-production, production and post-production, three phases with several round trips each time. And for a serious agency, you need to count on average between 300 and 600 euros per shift and per day. You will quickly realise that this service is expensive.
If you internalise your video creation, rather than counting a service in person/day, you will operate in licence then result mode.

With an online video editor used by your teams, the cost of the licence hardly changes during its use. The more you produce, the more you make the license profitable by lowering the cost per video produced.

You will gain in agility

Your content creation will be responsive and agile. For example, if your content needs to react to the latest news in your company (announcement of a partnership, signing of a major account, crisis communication), you can produce video content as soon as the news requires it.

Your teams will feel involved and gain in skills

By editing your videos with a simple tool, your teams will gain skills and will then be able to produce most of your corporate videos. They will feel that they are growing thanks to you, and will see that you trust them.

You won’t need much equipment for your shoots

Most corporate videos are simple to make. You don’t need to have the professional equipment used for big film productions! For video recording, a smartphone is all you need. But remember to take a tripod to keep it stable while filming. And for sound, get a lapel microphone.

The advantages of using this kind of platform for your videos

You can access the platform anywhere

The first advantage of online video editor is its ease of access: all you need is an efficient connection and your login details (email address and password) to connect to your account.
We are talking about SAAS (Software As A Service) platform: it will therefore be accessible from the Internet: you will not need to download anything.

You can use pre-designed and customisable templates

When you have logged in, and come to the home screen, you can see the existing templates in the menu on the left.

video models online video editor

And each model is composed of several sequences:

video sequences online video editor

An online video editor contains pre-designed, fully customisable video templates.

It is a bunch of ready-made videos, created by us, to give you inspiration, into which you can integrate your own branding elements.

Once you click on “choose this template”, you can customise it as you wish, and delete, duplicate and change the order of the video sequences.

You can then filter these templates :

  • by video type: presentation, promotion, social networks, interview, tutorial, teaser/retrospective, infographic.
  • by profession (marketing, communication, HR, training, sales, customer relations, and by format: horizontal, square, vertical or transposable.

An online video editor is also a graphic style library: here, we start from scratch: rather than choosing a pre-configured graphic style, we start from a blank storyboard, and the interface offers various graphic universes.

Choose your graphic style online video editor

Examples of video formats you can make with online video editor

A product launch video, through short video ads

Nowadays, you have less than three seconds to grab viewers’ attention with your video.

In the example below (still made with an online video editor), you can already see, in the first few seconds :
– a graphic and visual identity, great feature,
– the product in question,
– and a slogan highlighting its innovative, new generation aspect.

A teaser to invite to the user to an event (face-to-face or online events)

The teaser video allows you:
– to quickly give all the necessary data: date, time, place, access, which transport lines to take…
– to give an overview of the conference in question, thanks to video sequences chosen by you from previous events,
– to list the companies to meet during the event,
– and, of course, to give your stand number.

A retrospective video, to make some storytelling

You will show how successful your event was: a lot of visitors, a lot of clients and prospects, we can see the smiles on the faces of your staff… all these human elements must be captured by the video sequences.

Here are some tips for making your retrospective video!

Snack content video, ideal for social networks (youtube, tiktok videos…)

This video content will quickly be “consumed” by Internet users, which they love on social networks. This type of video creation generally requires less time, but more production, because a post never lives very long.

Tutorials for new recruits, for using a new software

The video message is much better memorized than the text message (90% vs. 10%).
Do you want to show your employees how to use a new interface that they will need regularly? Show them on screen how easy it is?
If only to train your employees and make them more competent, it is important to provide them with the necessary information.

Present your new employees with video

Introducing them to other teams through video shows that they are part of the company. Video content allows you to identify people.

Onboarding video (for new customers and new collaborators)

Again, as the video message is much better retained, video onboarding will allow them to better assimilate the information, and will also allow them to consult the video according to their schedule (as opposed to a more restrictive face-to-face training).

Infographics, to make data easier to understand

Instead of imposing on your teams large tables full of complicated figures, you might as well group the data in the form of video infographics.

The interview with online video maker

The Fast and Curious model for welcoming newcomers

The principle is simple: ask questions in the form of dilemmas (do you prefer tea or coffee? Dogs or cats?…), to create spontaneity and authenticity, and above all to break the ice.

The client testimonial, to highlight your expertise to those who call on you, and promote your brand

Who better than your customers to speak objectively about your expertise? They are perfectly legitimate. In this testimonial, they will be able to explain what their expectations were, and above all, why they chose you, rather than your competitors.Highlight these testimonials, especially if they are prestigious clients.

The employee interview, to highlight your CSR projects

Your company has values and causes to defend. And these actions are part of your CSR projects. Highlight these actions through video, again as part of your storytelling strategy, to flesh out your identity, both with future customers and candidates for positions with you. For example, at Pitchy we are aware that video consumes energy. So for every license we sign, we plant trees!

Do you want to take control of your video creation? Choose your filters, themes, transitions, watermark, export your essential and creative images, timeline, features, audio tape, add your logo, and edit your own footage and your own video clips? On our platform, you can be more than one user, export and import your own design style, and use a wide selection of transitions and assets. Perfect videos for youtube, clips for various occasions, and a tool designed for professionals who want to make promo videos and marketing videos, with adjustable clip duration and other features. You can also download our mobile application for your video rushes. We do not have a pricing page on our website. Easy video editing for beginners! To find out more tools, please request a demo. We will be more than happy to have your feedback. In addition, subscription is easy! To make videos online with a simple device offering a media library, request a demo of Pitchy!

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