BlogVideo editorOutro maker: add key elements in your video outro

Outro maker: add key elements in your video outro

Outro maker: add key elements in your video outro

Impossible to finish your video without an outro! And thanks to an outro maker, you can finish it off in style!

Many video companies do not give enough importance to the intro and outro. Yet these two phases are crucial. Firstly, because they both present your visual identity, your graphic charter.

The intro contains elements such as your logo and text font, as well as your own jingle, or one that you can find on an online video editor. The outro, on the other hand, is the sequence that will incite to action, thanks to what is called the call-to-action (or cta).
And thanks to an outro maker like Pitchy, you can create custom outros and generate conversion, thanks to outro templates, to create a youtube outro.

If you want to make a good youtube outro, check our article if you want to know the 5 easy steps to make an outro for your corporate video.

The outro is the way to get your audience to act, if you respect the perfect length

As the name suggests, the outro is the last step in your video, just before the end. In a way, it will be the last memory of your video for the viewers. Not only should it remain a good and easy memory, but it should be an engaging one.

All marketing teams, when devising their next video content, need to think about engaging at the end. What messages do we want to include in the outro? What do we redirect to? What is the goal? A purchase? A registration? A subscription on your social networks to get more subscribers? A link to your website to get more traffic?
The outro is therefore in a way the “final button”, the moment when you have to press to convert. And the CTA of this outro will therefore be linked to the initial goal of the video, determined beforehand by your teams.

For example, look at this teaser video made with Pitchy (Twist template): you can see that at the end, the email address for registering for the event is given.

What must be included in your outro?

First, and this may seem trivial: the last words (or the last sentence) of your outro video: choose them wisely.

In your outro credits, use animation to set your template, graphic elements, text, images, graphics and brand animated logo in motion. Make this phase dynamic. Your fantastic intro should end with a fantastic outro.

Also very important: links to your social media. The outro should be an opportunity to reach out to your audience/community and keep them informed of your news.

How do we use the outro maker as marketers for a great youtube video?

Among the many video creation tools available to companies, Pitchy first offers real support, thanks to our team of customer success managers.

When you arrive on the platform, there are already several existing templates, which you can use as a basis on our video maker, especially if you have no experience in video creation.

Each template has its own features, colours, look and feel. But don’t worry: you can always adapt these templates to your graphic codes.

As you can see below, each template is divided into several sequences. Among these, you can choose which one will be your outro sequence. You can then include your own photos and animations, effects, and even voiceover.

Want to get into corporate video without being a designer? For a great result on screen? Discover more features and themes by requesting a demo of the Pitchy tool!

You can create an animated outro, a perfect outro for youtube, thanks to our designs, colors, music and other tips.

In addition to the software, you can also download the app to compile all your video rushes.

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