BlogInterviewWhy include Dilema Interview in your onboarding process?

Why include Dilema Interview in your onboarding process?

Why include Dilema Interview in your onboarding process?

Have you heard of the Dilema interview? This video interview format is very popular among French companies to introduce their new employees.


Have you heard of the latest trendy konbini video format? It’s called the Fast and Curious interview. At first, it was simply a template created by the Konbini media to interview stars quickly but then came the lockdown periods, due to coronavirus. Companies, who needed to keep in touch with their employees, understood that video interview was the best way to introduce new recruits to the rest of the team.

But what is a Fast and Curious interview? And why should HR departments use this format to welcome new employees? We give you some tips here. If you are looking for some questions to ask, read our article on this topic.

The principle of the Fast and Curious interview? Dilemma

The Fast and Curious is a video in the Konbini format that does not look like a classic interview. Konbini is aware that, on social networks, the videos most consulted and shared by young people have to be short and dynamic. So, a few years ago, they launched this format. Each question is presented in the form of a dilemma: the respondent has a choice between two answers, and must answer immediately, to create spontaneity. The topics are very broad: cinema, music, lifestyle, partners, etc.

To give you a better idea, check out for example the Fast and Curious interview with Emma Watson, with good lightning:

Or even with Hugh Jackman:

And, of course, at Pitchy, we make our own Fast and Curious interviews, such as this one, with Sophie, our Customer Success Manager:

But why should companies use it for onboarding? What are the benefits?

It’s a good ice-breaker

The aim of this short format is to break with convention, especially in the professional world. With the advent of the start-up culture, verticality is gradually giving way to more horizontality, and therefore a change in tone. The onboarding phase is always a bit tricky, especially for newcomers, as they will have to introduce themselves to people they don’t know. With a somewhat informal format like this, you put people at ease, introducing them in a friendly context.

Your onboarding will therefore get off to a good start and facilitate integration. Indeed, your teams, after seeing this interview, will know more about the new person: an opportunity to share common passions.

It gives a relaxed image of your company, as an employer

Going through the Fast and Curious will also say a lot about your company. First of all, introducing your new employees on video is a real plus for the HR team. It means that you want to get to know your new recruits better, to find out about their tastes and passions, outside the office. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about their hometown, the sports they play, the places they have lived, etc.

Snack content is very popular if you are recruiting

What is snack content? It’s simply content that can be quickly consumed, especially when your target is on the move, whether in the morning on the way to work or in the evening.

If you are recruiting new talent, these interviews can be a great way to lure candidates into the fold. Through this format, you reveal part of your identity to the general public. Candidates will know that your company values the onboarding process by creating content for the occasion.

Advice from Pitchy: if you are posting these videos on a recruitment website or on your social networks, remember to include subtitles, so that the content can be viewed by the viewer without the sound.

Want to make your own Fast and Curious interviews to welcome your new recruits? You can do it yourself, thanks to our online video creation platform, without having technical difficulties. Just request a demo of the Pitchy solution. Our tool will change your life!

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