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How To Use An Outro Maker In One Click?

How To Use An Outro Maker In One Click?

Never neglect the outro of your corporate video. Here we explain how to create it quickly.

Any YouTube video has the same structure: an intro, the main content, and an outro. Though the outro is widely neglected by marketers, it also has the power to retain your viewers and to gain more subscribers. Consequently, you must be diligent when making your video outro.

However, if you don’t have creative skills, we have good news for you. Indeed, you won’t need to hire professionals or an agency. With the right outro maker, creating a great YouTube video will be easy. This article will show you the steps that you must follow to make an outro video on an online video editor, even if you are not a video creative genius.

Why is an outro important in your video?

An outro video is the last part of your video after the main content is done. The outro is the perfect place to include a call-to-action for your viewers. An outro can include four types of content that you can use in your end screens:

· Video or playlists: link to a different video or YouTube playlists of different videos
· Subscribe: link to your own channel where your audience can click to subscribe
· Channel: link to a different YouTube channel
· Approved website: link to a website outside of YouTube
· Event: link to register to an event
· Demo: link to ask for a demo of a tool
· Appointment: link to make an appointment with the YouTube content creator
· Application: link to apply for a game or contest

Leverage your outro with outro maker to reach your marketing goals

Indeed, the end of your video is the perfect tool to push your viewers to do what you expect from them. Whether you want them to ask for a demo, make an appointment, or follow your social media, you can leverage your outro. Thus, when your outro manages to leverage your YouTube end screen capabilities, your viewers will easily click to the next destination of your choice.
However, you should remember that your viewers take in a lot of information when they watch your video. Consequently, your outro’s role is not to overwhelm them. Instead, it should give your viewers a quick idea of what they must do after watching your video. That’s why you must keep your outro clean, simple, and professional.

What are the elements to include in your outro with an outro maker?

Your outro must include several elements to enable you to reach your CTA goals.

Your graphical chart

Usually, your graphical chart is already inserted in your intro. However, integrating it in your outro will remind your viewers of who you are and what your brand stands for. Your graphical chart includes:
· Your logo
· Your colors, themes, and templates (which you can select on the software)
· Your slogan
· Your own photos and images
· Any other element you deem relevant for your brand (e.g. a mascot or a character)

A redirection to your social media platforms and website

People who have seen your video will join your community to follow your news more closely. That’s why you must include a link to your social media platforms in your outro.
Depending on your target audience, you may decide on the social media platforms you want to emphasize. For instance, if you have a B2B audience, you will focus on LinkedIn more, at the expense of other social networks. However, if your viewers are young and on the B2C side, then you should prioritize Instagram and TikTok.

A relevant call-to-action

When using an outro maker, you will easily include any CTA you want. Depending on your communication strategy, your CTA can include registration links to:
· your newsletter to encourage your audience to follow your news, receive your communications regularly, or to get more subscribers
· a specific event or congress in which you want your audience to participate if your video announced it

Hashtags for relevant campaigns, events, congresses, festivals, and causes

Creating relevant hashtags is very important if you want your audience to unite around your actions. For example, if you organize an event, you can create a hashtag about it on your social media platforms and include it in your outro. Thus, your viewers are informed about your event and will act accordingly on the D-day. Also, they will be able to see all the associated posts.

A warm ending message

Ending your communication on a warm note is very important. Indeed, it will make your brand more relatable to your audience and more humane. For an event, you may end your video with sentences like “we look forward to meeting you” or “see you on our stand”. In a few words, ending with a nice note is always positive, whatever the context and purpose of your video.

5 Steps to make your YouTube outro video with an online video editor

Gone are the days where you needed professional skills to make an outro video! Nowadays, there are many YouTube outro makers that will enable you to create your own enhanced outros, even if you’re a perfect beginner.
Moreover, using an outro maker offers the following advantages:
· No need for additional software: indeed, our outro maker is cloud-based platforms. Thus, you can create and edit your outro videos online, right in your browser.
· No additional knowledge required: you won’t need to watch tutorials with anguish anymore! Our outro makers is intuitive and user-friendly. Creating your outro videos will never be that easier.
· Cost-effective solution: with the right YouTube outro maker, you won’t need to hire an expensive video specialist anymore. Instead, all you must do is to choose one of the outro templates available and start from there
As you see, with the right software, creating your own outros is within your grasp. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Step #1: Choose the right template on the online video editing software

With our YouTube outro maker, you can choose among the many outro templates designed by our professionals. Then, you will start from there and customize it to fit in with your YouTube channel and your marketing goals. For example, you can add a video rush, text, or a CTA button – the choice is yours.

Step #2: Add royalty-free images available on the video maker

Our outro maker contains an unlimited library of stock images that you can add in your outro. However, if you want to make your outro more personal, you may also add your own photos and images in the software.

Step #3: Customize your YouTube outro video

Your outro video lust reflects your brand, your image, and your identity. Consequently, don’t hesitate to customize it according to your needs and your graphical chart. For instance, you may customize the format, layout, colors, and fonts of your outro.

Step #4: Add music to your outro

Music is an excellent tool to make your outro more personal and relatable to your audience. Our video maker has an extensive selection of royalty-free musical genres: rock, hip hop, or electro music. All you need to do is to choose the most suitable track to finalize your outro video. For a more personalized experience, you may even add your own voiceover.

Step #5: Download your outro in all your videos

After previewing and editing your outro in our software, you can add your outro in all your YouTube videos published on your channel. Don’t forget to save your outro video in our YouTube outro maker, just in case.

Ready to make your first outro video with our video creator? Contact us!

If you want to make your own outros, then Pitchy is the best online video maker for you! Our outro maker contains all the features, templates (trendy video templates for a fantastic intro and a good outro), animation for your video clips, without having any design skills, and functionalities you need to reach your marketing goals, plus some tips from our CSM team.

Are your ready to make a great youtube video for your social media platforms? With the video editor Pitchy, you will have access to many video templates to make a fantastic intro and a good outro, gallery of pictures for your video clips, animations (you don’t need design skills) and voiceover.

If you need more information about our software, feel free to ask for a demo.

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