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Online Video Maker: determine your graphic charter

Online Video Maker: determine your graphic charter

This article will guide you in creating your graphic charter before using online video maker.

Video is currently the favored tool used by marketers and companies to convey their messages to their audience. With the Internet crowded by video content, they need to stand out from others to reach their targeted audience. One of the many ways to stand out is to visually market their brand through a graphic charter.

Unfortunately, many companies initiate video creation without determining a specific graphic charter. This article will guide you in creating your graphic charter for your corporate videos before using online video maker.

What is a graphic charter on an online video maker?

Let’s start from scratch. A graphic charter reflects the identity of the brand of a company. It encompasses several characteristics such as the company’s logo, its baseline, its reference typographies, and its color codes.

In the context of video creation, the graphic charter includes several elements such as: the animations for the transitions, the visuals, the layout of the subtitles, the colors, and the pictures used to convey the company’s message.

Why do you need a graphic charter for your video clips made on online video maker, to tell your story to the user?

A graphic charter is very important for a company for several reasons, such as the definition of the brand identity and the visual identity of a company. It also enables corporations to save time in their communication with their audience.

A graphic charter, available on the online video editing software, defines your brand identity through images and text

The graphic charter ensures the consistency in a company’s communication and its brand identity. It is created to adapt to many situations and media supports, including video.

A graphic charter defines the visual identity of a company and of its future video ads made on video creator

A graphic charter ensures that your visual identity is well distributed and consistent with your content. It simplifies the communication with your audience, your employees and other stakeholders. Thanks to your graphic charter, it will be easy for everyone to recognize and identify your company and your message.

A graphic charter will help you to save time on the online video maker, and make amazing videos for viewers

In the context of video creation, a graphic charter will help you to save time as you can use it in several videos once it is defined. Moreover, if you outsource your video creation process, then your service provider can refer to it to create new videos. It will be guided by the font, the colors, and the logo referring to your company.

5 steps to define your graphic charter in your videos for customers you will create with online video maker

online video maker steps

Now that you know the importance of your graphic charter while making videos, you have to follow the following steps to define it. It is quite easy and does not require any artistic skill.

Step #1: To break or to follow the codes, that is the question

If your brand is already well-known in the general public, you can afford to be more creative in your marketing campaigns. Your videos can keep a strict graphic charter for your internal communications with your employees. However, if your brand is rather confidential, you can adopt the reverse communication tactics.

Step #2: Test your font and color codes (on a video mode) on the online video maker

You may change your logo and your font for readability reasons. The same applies for your videos. At this stage, you must test your font, your colors, and your logo to see how they appear on a screen. If they are not pleasant to see, you might change them for the purpose of your video communications.

Step #3: Define the shapes that will appear in your video

You must gather all the shapes that will be reused in your video as they are the extension of your print graphic charter: geometric shapes, banners, color codes, and pictograms.

Step #4: Define, on the online video maker, your layout in your promo videos

Your layout depends on your activity and your audience. For instance, if you are a B2B company, your layout will be discreet while reminding your graphic charter. Your layout should not distract your audience from your content and your message. You must choose the appropriate template and customize it if need be.

Animations and transitions should not prevent from reading your chosen keywords. That’s why we advise you to prioritize readability over aesthetics.

Step #5: Pay attention to the motion design and style (customization)

At this stage, you must think of the dynamics of your movements in your video. The dynamics must be defined according to your sector, your brand, and the message you want to send to your audience. You can get the help of a video editor to get the results you want, especially on the audio quality.

Contact Pitchy to get help with your graphic charter in your video, with a great feature and an awesome online video maker

online video maker pitchy

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