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How To Choose A Good Video Maker

How To Choose A Good Video Maker

Once your company has decided to take control of its video creation, you will need to choose the right video maker. We tell you more here.

Once your company has decided to bring its video creation in-house for greater speed and efficiency, you will need to take the time to choose the right video maker. This choice is important, because once you have committed yourself (often in the form of a licence), you are, most of the time, committed for at least a few months, sometimes even 1 year.

This video editing software must meet several criteria:

– First, it should be affordable in terms of cost. Most of the time, these softwares cost less than an agency, and are more profitable, because you can make several videos with them (unlike the agency, which will cost you a lot for one video),
– You should also choose a tool that is easy to use, as you are not video professionals,
– a tool that offers you a wide variety of formats, easy to use,
– an accompaniment by a CSM team is even better 😉

First, what are your concrete needs in terms of video creation?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Why did you decide to use an in-house video maker?

Are you looking for a tool that is already very sophisticated, for making 360 videos, virtual reality? Or, on the contrary, do you want to start with much simpler formats, because you are beginners?

Another question: in what context (or contexts) will you need to make a video? For your many conferences and events during the year? For interviewing your employees and encouraging future candidates to apply? To conduct internal reviews with your teams? For training purposes?

As you can see, there is no shortage of possibilities.

Take into account the budget you have available before choosing your video maker

how to choose a good video maker budget

Note that choosing to use a video maker means blocking a budget, for the year, for example, so that your management is aware of the cost.

Some software has many features, perhaps too many. You may end up paying a lot of money for features you won’t even use. The objective is not necessarily to choose the most sophisticated tool available.

But, on the other hand, you should not opt for a tool that has no cost and is therefore very limited. The objective for you is therefore to know how much you are prepared to pay, and above all, to know your objectives and expectations in terms of video creation. This budget point follows on from the first point on video strategy.

Choose a video maker that allows you to create all basic video formats

Interviews with your employees or customers

Do you want candidates to want to apply to you? To do this, you need to launch a real seduction operation, and the video tool can be your best ally. To enrich your company pages on LinkedIn or on recruitment sites, think about doing short interviews with your employees. In this way, candidates will be able to :
– put a face on their potential future colleagues,
– learn more about the main tasks involved,
– and discover the atmosphere of your teams and premises.

And to attract new prospects, you might as well ask your current customers to testify in video, to highlight your efficiency and expertise. In these testimonials, they will tell why they called on you and how your product or solution solved their problems.

Teasers and retrospectives for your events

To make people want to sign up for your next event, again, you can make them want to attend, thanks to the video.

The teaser video acts as a trailer: it should highlight the event in question, recall the statistics from previous years (number of visitors, companies present, etc.), and above all, it should give the practical information needed to come and meet you (date, time, place, stand number).

The teaser should be produced before the event. During the event, think of filming the members of your team around the stand and asking them about their feelings. If possible, also think about interviewing prospects. Then, once the event is over, you can compile all this information in a retrospective.

This retrospective is part of your storytelling: through it, you continue to write your corporate story.

Animated infographics for internal reviews with your teams

Rather than imposing tables full of data on your teams, which are very difficult to understand and assimilate, why not compile the most important figures in an animated video. This strategy, thanks to motion design and background music, makes it possible to give dynamism and to focus on the essential information.

Infographics can be used in several contexts:
– to make a yearly or quarterly review,
– to set new objectives,
– or to make training reports.

Presentation videos for your product launches

What better way to present your new product than with a short, dynamic video? Its appearance, its many features, its price, its accessibility in the shop… So much information to include in a demo video, as well as a demonstration!

Tutorials, for the onboarding of your employees or your customers

The video message is much better remembered than the text message. This also applies to in-house training.
Whether it’s your new recruits or your new customers, video training will help them get to grips with your tools quickly, and the video can be viewed whenever they want, whenever their schedule allows.

Snack content for your social networks

The video maker also allows you to make simple snack content for your social networks, i.e. short, easy-to-watch videos with text and subtitles, to regularly offer cool content to your audience.
For example, here we have made an immersive sequence as Marcelina, a member of our CSM team.

Choose a video maker with advanced tools


If you are not a video professional, you do not want to create motion design yourself. A video maker should provide you with animated sequences to include between your filmed sequences, to serve as dynamic transitions and to give rhythm.

Audio effects, music

For dynamism, think also of the sound. Firstly, the interventions of the interviewees: the sound should be captured by a lapel microphone to avoid unpleasant surprises.

And then, the video maker should offer you a playlist of royalty-free music, which you can insert into your videos.

how to choose good video maker import music



Don’t forget the text! On social networks, the majority of videos are viewed without sound. You should therefore include subtitles so that your messages are understood.

Another advantage of subtitles is that if your teams are spread around the world and speak different languages, you can translate your messages.

Share projects with your teams

On the Pitchy online video maker, you will have a team wall, allowing you to share your video projects with your colleagues, who can in turn make automatically saved changes.

how to choose a good video maker team board

What about you? Would you like to have the ability to make your own corporate videos, to give the best experience to viewers, thanks to an online video maker, a video editor with multi-track editing allowing you to use elements such as text, templates, your logo, filters, photos, watermark and creative transitions? Pitchy is an interface, easy-to-use for beginners, to create video content (video ads, promo videos, tiktok videos…). Pitchy is not a software you have to download: it is a platform with a subscription required for any user. Subscription can be longer than monthly subscription, depending on your needs. To create an imovie, you can go on pitchy, from the platform online, or even with our mobile app on your iphone. You don’t have to be a developer or a video professional to use Pitchy: choose the format you want to use.

In addition, on our app, you can edit your many videos, and have the ability to add filters if necessary. We also offer a media library with pictures to add in your youtube content, thanks to our video editor.
We don’t have a pricing page on our website, so feel free to ask for a demo now!

We don’t have a pricing page on our website, so feel free to ask for a demo now!

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