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How to Make a Good Youtube Outro?

How to Make a Good Youtube Outro?

With a good Youtube outro maker, you will enhance your corporate videos, and be clear about the action you want from your audience. Explore our easy-to-use Youtube outro maker!

As you may know, all YouTube videos have the same structure: the intro, the main content, and the outro. While many recognize the power of the intro, they tend to forget that the outro is as important. If that is your case, you are wrong.

Indeed, a good YouTube outro will help you boost your engagement rates and reach your marketing goals. Whether you want to get more subscribers or attract more traffic to your website, the outro is there to guide your audience and tell them what to do.

However, if you’re a beginner in creating engaging videos for your business, making an outro can be quite challenging for you. But we have good news for you. Indeed, using the right YouTube outro maker will make the creation of a YouTube outro a piece of cake. This article will show the main steps to follow to create an excellent YouTube outro according to your own marketing needs. And read our previous article if you want to learn more about the elements you need to add in your video with Youtube outro maker.

What is a YouTube outro?

make an outro for Youtube what is it

An outro is an end screen template including links to other content. This may be links to your website, your product pages, other videos or channels, social media platforms, or video playlists. The outro is the ideal spot to insert a call-to-action for your viewers. Also, you can boost your engagement by adding video snippets on your end screen.

Why do you need to make a good outro for your YouTube channel?

why make an outro for youtube video

While you may have the best intro for your video, do not neglect the outro! Indeed, a YouTube outro is equally important for many reasons. Make an outro for your video!

Sum up your main points before making your Youtube outro

This reason is the most obvious reason for the importance of the YouTube outro. Indeed, the outro enables your viewers what to retain from the video, especially if it was a bit long.

Insert your call-to-action

button action youtube outro

Whatever your main marketing goal may be, the outro is the ideal spot to insert a call-to-action. You can add the CTAs you want according to your marketing goals, the purpose of your YouTube channel, and the activity of your company. Here are some examples of call-to-action you can insert in your YouTube outro:

· Register to an event/a seminar
· Make an appointment with our sales team
· Ask for a demo for your products or services
· Download a free report or an app
· Subscribe to your YouTube channels
· Watch related videos
· Follow your social media platforms to get original content to complement your videos

Enhance your branding power while you make your Youtube outro

A well-crafted outro is the right spot to remind your viewers of your brand identity and what it stands for. Consequently, you shouldn’t hesitate to include your brand design within your outro. For instance, you can include elements such as your logo, your colors, icons, and images, your slogan, your graphic charter, your text fonts, etc.

Moreover, you may also add some fun with an animated outro if you want to give a lasting impression of your brand to your viewers.

End your Youtube outro with professional flare

Did you know that an excellent YouTube outro can make your viewers yearn for more content? That’s why you must always give a good sense of closure with your outro, just like the best intro sets the stage for your video content. Thus, you will signal the end of your video in a polished and professional way. Moreover, you will leave your audience with a positive impression.

How to make a well-crafted YouTube outro in six steps

how to make youtube outro video

If you think that creating excellent outros is difficult, think again! Nowadays, there are simple interfaces and tools that enable you to create outros within a short time span. You do not necessarily need to have professional design skills anymore! Use a Youtube outro maker!

With the right YouTube outro maker, you can create outros that will help you reach your essential marketing goals. Here are some tips to follow to create successful YouTube outros.

Step 1: Define your marketing goals before making the Youtube outro

Before creating your outro on the Youtube outro maker, you must have specific marketing goals to fulfill. These goals must be taken holistically for both your current video and your entire channel as well. Do you want to get more subscribers? Drive more traffic to your website? Boost your sales? Attract more viewers to your social media platforms? Whatever your marketing goals are, you must always ensure that there is a “why” behind the existence of your outro.

Step 2: Explore different video templates on Youtube outro maker

How to make an outro with an online video editor? Once you have created incredible videos, you may hesitate on the video template to choose. However, you should not worry! Many YouTube outro makers offer you a library of video templates to choose from. All you need to do is to select the template that will suit your needs better. Do not hesitate to try several templates before choosing the one that matches your own tastes.

Step 3: Customize your YouTube outro

Once you have chosen the appropriate video template, you can customize it with your brand design. Also, you may add the CTAs of your choice in the end screen:

· Watch a video or a video playlist
· Subscribe to another YouTube channel
· Visit an external website (however, you must ensure that you are part of the YouTube Partner Program for this CTA)
· Follow your social media content
· Buy an item of your featured merchandise

Step 4: Add musical fancy to your Youtube outro


Add pictures and music in your video! Do you want personable and dynamic outros that will catch your viewers’ eye? Then, music and sound effects are just what you need. Depending on the interface you work with, you may have a library of royalty-free music to choose. According to your own musical tastes, you may add rock, electro or hip-hop music. Moreover, if you want to end up with a humoristic touch, you can create animated outros or add voice overs.

Step 5: Export and integrate your template on Youtube outro maker

Once you have finished designing your YouTube outro, you can export it as a separate file. Then, integrate it into the end of your incredible videos during the editing process. This will enable you to ensure a smooth transition from the main content to the outro.

Step 6: Share your video with the world


Once your video is complete, you can publish it on your YouTube channel. Also, you must check your video and channel analytics regularly. This will allow you to adjust your strategy and take necessary corrective actions if necessary.

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Use a Youtube outro maker to generate more leads! If you want to create well-crafted YouTube outros matching your marketing needs, then Pitchy is the online video editor you will need. Indeed, our interface contains many features and templates that will help you design the outro of your dreams.

If you have questions about our YouTube outro maker, feel free to ask for a demo.


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