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Enhance video online with an efficient community management

Enhance video online with an efficient community management

A good community management strategy on your networks will allow you to enhance your corporate videos.

For many companies today, it is easier to make videos without using an agency. With a software (or an app) designed specifically for companies, you can start making your own edits, without technical skills. Whether it’s an interview with your employees, a teaser for your events, or a presentation video for a new product, this type of platform for beginners offers you several formats, templates and features for a greater video quality.
But once the video production is finished, you will have to broadcast effectively to your audience, to enhance video online with online video enhancer.

The main channel for video remains social networks, because in 2022, video will occupy more than 80% of the traffic there, and this trend will continue to grow.

First, there are a few things to know before posting a clip made with online video enhancer on social networks, to drag more users and get more conversion

First, and probably most important, is the duration. On social networks, your audience is solicited from everywhere (nearly saturation), and receives several hundred or even several thousand messages per day: this means that you will have to attract their attention in less than 3 seconds on average.

And to keep your viewers’ attention, it is recommended (on Facebook and Instagram) not to exceed 1 minute 30 seconds. This is what we call snack content.

Secondly, and this may seem obvious: the quality of your clips. No one is attracted to a video filmed in a dark place, with dull faces, facing people who look like they are suffering.

Think about fine-tuning certain elements:
– colours,
– brightness
– lightworks, light effects,
– transitions,
– contrast,
– vidéo resolution,
-audio (it has to be audible, but with the option of subtitles, so that the video can be seen without the sound). On Pitchy, you also have the text-to-speech tool, so your voice can be recorded and directly translated to text.

After you have made with content with online video enhancer, remember to choose your social networks according to your targets

online video enhancer community management

Many companies believe that by being present on all social networks, they can grow their audience. But in reality, this presence on social networks must be prepared wisely.

Who is your target audience?
Under 20s? In that case, it will be Tik Tok or Instagram.

30-40 year olds? This generation, which first got to know Facebook, has remained loyal to the social network launched by Mark Zuckerberg at the end of the 2000s.
The average age of your audience is not the only criteria. The frequency of publication is also very important: a tweet has a shorter life expectancy than a Facebook or Instagram post. On the latter two social networks, it is recommended not to publish several times a day, but ideally two to three times a week.

Are your prospects companies or individuals? In the case of B2B communication, LinkedIn should obviously be the first choice.

In other words you should ask yourself the following questions:

– Who am I talking to?
– Who is my audience?
– What social networks do they use?
– What tone? What language?
– What types of videos does my audience prefer to share on social networks?

And finally, set up a real editorial planning

online video enhancer editorial planning

When will you start publishing? Do you have several publications to do with your videos?

Which social network? How often should you publish? Which messages? What tone? Do you have dedicated hashtags, so that your audience can quickly find all the posts about your programme/event/launch?

Think about involving your internal teams. Moreover, if your teams participated in the making of these videos, and if some of your employees were interviewed for the occasion, this will create a feeling of identification, which will push them to interact and share with their network. This is called employee advocacy.

Have you ever heard of Pitchy? It is an online video enhancer, an intuitive user interface, probably the best video enhancer, the easiest video tool for company teams who are starting to make videos. On the software Pitchy, you will find many features and basic edits, such as video resolution, brightness and contrast, filters, contrast, audio effects, titles, colors, transitions, sliders and lightworks. In addition to this device, our video editor is also available with a mobile app you can download, so you will be able to create shaky videos. This app will allow you to edit many videos wherever you want (saturation, quality of your imovie, rushes, brightness, video resolution, video quality…), via your mobile phone.

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Creation date 26/03/2022


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