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The Guide for the Perfect Event Promo Video

The Guide for the Perfect Event Promo Video

Here are some tips from Pitchy to guide you, step by step, to become autonomous on your event promo video production.

Since the last decade, video has become the most potent marketing tool on the Internet. And this trend applies to promo videos as well. Indeed, according to research carried out by Eventbrite, 94% of event creators who used video in their promotional efforts found it to be effective.

Nevertheless, the same study underlined that less than half of event marketers use teaser video effectively. Yet, in comparison with text, video is currently the most interactive, shareable, and click-generating tool in a company’s communication strategy.

Therefore, event marketers and speakers seem to be intimidated by video and the potential technical skills that should be implemented to make the most of this medium. If this is your case, this article will present you the best practises to create your own event promo video.

And today, with an online video editor, making your own videos for your companies has never been so easy! An online video editing software offers many advantages compared to an studio or an agency. Yet, choose your video maker wisely.

What is an event promo video?

An event promo video is a video used for the promotion of a specific marketing event. Since its main goal is to grab the viewer’s attention, the event promo video is similar to teasers or ads in its style and tone.

There are two main types of events targeted by promo videos. These events can be on-site or virtual events, depending on your communication strategy.


Internal events


Internal events serve the performance of a company and aim at creating/strengthening the existing links between a company’s employees.


External events


These events target your customers, prospects, speakers, business partners, journalists, influencers, vendors, and other stakeholders. They are usually used to:

  • Make yourself known
  • Expand your business network
  • Promote your products and services
  • Build your reputation
  • Get as much attendance as possible to your events
  • Exchange with your business partners

An event promo video can also be filmed during the event to keep your target audience excited about it. Thus, it will entice them to come back to the next event. In this case, it includes storeys, testimonial videos, as well as corporate content designed to make you live on-site experience.


What are the benefits of an event promo video made with an online video editor?


An event promo video can have numerous benefits for the promotion of your business.

Event promo videos attract new visitors

Indeed, event promo videos are a great tool to raise awareness online for your upcoming live and virtual events. If your audience is new to your brand, this video will pique their curiosity with your promotion.

Also, event promo videos are used to engage and retain your current customers. Indeed, they enable your company to draw your viewers back and to continue to do business with you.

Event promo videos are preferred to text by your audience

Event promo videos are an effective and fun way to convey information to your target audience. Thus, they will be able to commit it to memory. Many studies have shown that customers prefer watching several videos of the brands they follow. They also tend to increasingly shun promotional texts.

Event promo videos are a wonderful visual call-to-action

Indeed, event promo videos enable your company to push your potential and current customers to take the extra leap they need. Consequently, they will be more likely to boost attendance to your events. A study has even shown that some specific promotions have the ability to rise the oxytocin levels of your viewers. Consequently, they make your audience happier and more likely to attend your events. The targeted promo videos in this study include coupon and discount offers.

Therefore, event promo videos are powerful to help you to build your brand and to stand out from your competitors. That’s why you must not hesitate to remind your visual identity in all your promotional clips: your logo, your graphic chart, and your motto.

Event promo videos are a remainder of your past successes

Event promo videos enable companies to remind the successes of past events: number of signed contracts, number of visitors to the venue…

4 criteria that make a good event promo video with video maker

What distinguishes good event promo videos from others? To answer this question, you have to consider some criteria before promoting your events. Here are some tips that will help you to assess the good or bad quality of an event promo video.

Tease, tease, tease!

Event promo videos are not supposed to be long. They must tease the attention of your viewers and highlight your upcoming event in a very short time span. Therefore, we recommend you to use fast cuts in your edit. You may also include catchy sound bites or titles.

Focus on the details of your event

Your event promo video should focus on the specific event that you are promoting, not on your products and services. You will have to take some details of your venue, such as your guests’ experience or the presence of vendors.

Don’t neglect your visuals

As explained earlier, event promo videos are visual call-to-actions. For this reason, you have to be very careful if you want to help your viewers remember what you want. You have to use visual titles, and to tend to your intros and outros.

Indeed, a successful intro must grab the attention of your viewers in just 3 seconds. Therefore, the main information about your events (date, location, topic) must appear very quickly in the ad.

Also, the outro contains the final call-to-action to push your target audience to attend your event. You must take a special care of this step as well, so that your viewers don’t miss your purpose.

Create several videos and share them

Event promo videos are especially useful for time-sensitive promotions. However, they can become easily repetitive, especially if you use the same video on all your social feeds. We recommend you to create alternative versions of your event promo videos for each social platform: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

5 steps to create your event promo videos with video creator

five steps of event promo video

Are you afraid to create event promo videos? Do you think that you lack experience in video creation? If you are in this situation, we have good news for you. Indeed, you don’t need to be an experienced designer to create stunning videos.

With video makers such as Pitchy, your video creation process is made easy and smooth. Just follow the following steps and you’ll have successful videos.

Step #1: Script your video

Your video must start with a script. You will have to answer several questions such as:

  • What kind of event am I promoting?
  • How many teaser episodes do I want to produce?
  • What kind of data do I want to include in the video (testimonials, infographics, key figures, number of participants in the last edition…)?
  • How can I be creative with the event I am promoting?
  • What are the key concepts and values I want my audience to connect with?
  • What takeaways do I want my audience to remember?

Your script must be very short as effective promo videos generally last between 30 seconds and one minute.

Step #2: Create a storyboard

A storyboard will enable you to organise your script with images and cards. It also helps you to plan your event promo video ahead and to modify your script if need be.

Step #3: Produce your video example

At this stage, you have the opportunity to release your creativity and your sense of humour. You will adapt your video to your target audience and the content you want to convey. You can do that with the choice of an appropriate template that will help you to reach your goal. Don’t forget to add filmed sequences of your past events, as well as motion design to remind your brand identity.

Step #4: Edit your video example

Editing your video will allow you to control your narrative and the message you want to share with your target audience. You can use a web video editor such as Pitchy to perform this task.

Step #5: Promote your promo video

At this final stage, you can promote your stunning video to get the word out about your event. Here are some ways to promote your event promo video.

Your social media

Some social media such as YouTube are your main owned audience. Promoting your promo video on your channel is definitely a strategic move to make your event known out there.


Have you built an email list? In that case, you can promote your event promo video to your subscribers. You can email them several times and include your video in newsletters and e-blasts before the set date.

Paid ads

You can make the most of social media by using paid ads on these platforms. Don’t hesitate to use retargeting ads to reach your followers and subscribers who opened your promotional email. In that way, they will be reminded of your event.

And on your website, it is ot forbidden 🙂

If you promote a time-sensitive event, posting your promo video on your company’s website will give you the opportunity to reach potential attendees.

Contact Pitchy today to create your event promo videos online

Do you want to create eye-catching and cost-effective event promo videos with an easy-to-use video editing website? A testimonial video? Infographics? A new version, a new example of your video presentation? In that case, Pitchy is the solution you need. We offer you a large spectrum of templates and features that will help you to reach your goal. If you are interested, feel free ask for a demo.

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