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Video Tool for Employee Advocacy

Video Tool for Employee Advocacy

With a video tool, you can take control of your internal video creation, and your employees will feel more involved.

First of all, a definition is in order: what is employee advocacy? Well, it’s simply the involvement of your employees in your communication strategy, both internal and external.
For example, when your teams share your content on their social networks, that’s employee advocacy.

Today, thanks to an easy-to-use video tool (with great features and lightworks)companies can take control of their video creation without having to call on an agency. By using this video tool, they train their teams, which will reinforce employee advocacy.
Remember: always involve your teams.

Why has employee advocacy become a must for companies?

video tool and employee advocacy

The world of work and our relationship with it has changed dramatically. People used to go to their workplace to collect a salary.
Today, many people want their work to be meaningful. For them to like their company, they must first of all recognise themselves in its values (for example, defence of the environment, equality between men and women, the fight against all forms of exclusion, etc.).

If you want to get people talking about you and grow your community on social networks, you need your employees to become your ambassadors, to tell them what made them apply for a job with you, why they are happy to get up every morning and go to your company. How they feel they are making the world a better place.

CSR projects, one of the best weapons for promoting employee advocacy program, with a video tool

What are CSR projects? These are projects to which your company is committed. They can be about preserving nature, defending gender equality, people with disabilities…

These CSR projects are entirely linked to your corporate values. And it is these values that your employees must adhere to, so that they can talk about you around them, and enhance your brand image.

And this is where video comes in: it is the most consulted media on social networks. It’s the medium that will generate the most comments, likes and shares.

And rather than going through an agency, making a long brief that may not be understood at first, and going back and forth with an agency that doesn’t know you well, why not bring your video creation in-house? Thanks to software designed for non-professionals, it will be very easy for you to produce more, with your footage filmed on your smartphone, and to make economies of scale. For one license, you can have multiple users, and you can create as much as you want.

What exactly is this video tool, also called video editor?

what is a video tool

For most companies, the first reflex when it comes to making a video is to call on a specialised agency. But today, there are tools that can be used by your internal teams.

The tool in question will allow you to adapt these video formats and, above all, to integrate your graphic charter, your templates, your voice over effects and your subtitles.
This tool is designed for people who have no particular technical skills in video. It is a video tool for non-professionals.

With in-house video creation with video tool, your teams learn new skills, thanks to few features and specifications to make new clips

If you entrust your employees with the task of creating videos, they are sure to gain in skills: they will take control of the tool and become completely autonomous when you need to create videos such as teasers for your events, employee interviews for recruitment, or a video to present your product, or train other employees internally, for example, through infographics.

To make an imovie with a video tool, it is not only a question of skills, but also of confidence

Entrusting your employees with this recurring task proves that you trust them more, because they know your values, your expectations and your brand identity. This is very important: evangelising about your brand and products starts internally. And your employees will be your best ambassadors, if they believe in what they do, and if they know that you believe in them.

Not only do they learn new things, but they also become actors in your videos, thanks to the best features and tutorials on our imovie software for beginners

When recruiting, to attract candidates, it is important to present the jobs concerned, to talk about the company’s values and current projects. And who better than your employees to talk about these subjects?

By asking your teams to do this, you are highlighting them, and they will feel it in an extremely positive way: you are highlighting their job and their missions. In a way, you are putting a face on your company’s success.

Then, when your video interviews are edited, and you need to post them on your social networks or recruitment sites, it will be easier to get your employees to share this content, in which they or their colleagues appear.

Take a look at this business portrait of our Customer Success Manager, Sophie. By highlighting your employee in this way, you make them want to share with their qualified network, and thus attract qualified talent as well.

Or this interview with Martin, HR manager at Pitchy, on the company’s CSR projects, namely planting trees to offset the carbon footprint of video consumption. Again, you highlight the employees involved in your company’s causes, you showcase their actions, and you make them your ambassadors.

Using a video tool such as Pitchy offers you several features and types of formats. We allow you to create tutorials and video teasers, according to your training needs. You can also choose your favorite template, as well as text, animations, subtitles, and even royalty-free music for imovie.

Do you need more information about the creation of training videos with the video editor Pitchy? More specifications? If this is your case, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo, to see few features and other specifications.

Our platform (or interface), perfect for beginners to put their premiere elements as professionals or youtubers, offers rotate effects, shotcut, lightworks, watermark, themes, titles, voiceover, timeline editing, photos, native timeline editing, audio editing, filters and other best features (and extra features). On our software, you will have the ability to import your video rushes/footage and create most video formats.

We also have an app you can download, the new version of a mobile app that will help you to compile your video rushes for film post-production. Compatibility will all search engines, except Internet Explorer.

Ask for a demo of our Pitchy tool!

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