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Tips to Make a Professional Video Online

Tips to Make a Professional Video Online

Discover Pitchy's online video maker to create professional video on your own. Make online videos quickly and easily without a video production agency.

Today, it is much easier for companies to create their own videos, thanks to an online video maker designed for beginners, than to call in a video production agency. The online video maker option will save you time and money, and will help you to make memorable branded videos.
In this article, we give you some tips on how to create an online video with an online editing tool.

Make sure you have a good internet connection first!

Why should you make videos online instead of calling an agency?

why should you use an online video maker

Your teams know your identity and your messages. If you have ever worked with a video production agency, you have probably experienced this kind of problem: you have to give a brief to the agency, which does not know you, and then there is a good chance that the brief will be misunderstood. The issue is that you lose time because there will be misunderstandings and back-and-forth that will drag out the video creation project.

If you entrust your video montage to your teams, you know that these people know you, know what your expectations are, your tone of voice and your brand identity. So you’ll waste less time internalising your video creation process.

Your teams gain in skills. They make videos, something they probably have never done before or at least not on a regular basis. The development of skills is beneficial for both the company and its employees, fostering a sense of trust as they perceive their employer entrusting them with more responsibilities.

You retain control over your creation: it happens very often that information changes at the last minute for companies. As a result, they have to revise their content in a hurry. If you’re dependent on a video production agency, the back and forth will be too long, not to mention the misunderstandings. Choosing an online video editor is the best solution.

Our tips to make a short video online

tips to make a video online

#1 Choose an online video maker with basic features

Without going so far as to give access to incredible functionalities, the online video maker must offer basic functions, such as:

  • Importing files
  • The ability to edit and trim rushes
  • Adding transitions
  • The ability to insert text, titles and subtitles
  • The ability to customize your videos, to import your graphic charter on the online video maker
  • Motion graphics
  • Include audio tracks (royalty-free background music, voice-overs), and adjust sound volume
  • Export of the final video in different video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.) and with customised quality settings
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection first
  • Real-time editing preview to visualize the final result as you make adjustments

And above all, this editing tool must enable you to generate HD videos, for a professional rendering, because your brand’s credibility depends on it. The idea of using an online video maker is to obtain the same quality of video as if you’d used a filming agency or professional videographers. The difference is that you can obtain this professional quality directly from editing software designed for beginners.

#2 Choose a budget-friendly online video maker

This is very important. If you want to use a tool to make videos online, the aim is to create as many videos as possible in-house, at a lower cost than an agency (which will charge you a higher price for just one video.

The idea with an online video maker is to achieve economies of scale: to pay for a license for an unlimited number of videos, over a fixed period (for example, 1 year).

#3 On the online video maker, pick-up the short templates that suits your goals

make a video online templates

A good online video editor should be designed for beginners, for people who have never made videos before or very few. You should be offered a range of templates, depending on your objectives.

online video maker music

#4 Keep it short and clear

If there’s one key takeaway to remember, it’s this: you’re dealing with an average attention span of just 3 seconds nowadays because people are overloaded with content. In other words, you need to create engaging videos if you want to grab your audience’s interest. This is precisely why we advocate for shorter videos, ideally ranging between 1 to 2 minutes at most.

And make sure your video is pleasant to watch and the message easy to understand.

#5 Make it pretty

Keep in mind that a professional video is only as good as its aesthetics. Choose a template that will sublimate your video, that will make it beautiful and pleasant to watch.

#6 Brand your video on the online video maker

Video should be your company’s identity card. Your audience must recognise you immediately, within the first few seconds of the video. A brand video must include many brand elements that are unique to you: logo, intro jingle, outro, color plaette, font, background music…

What about you? Want to make video ads for social media? Tiktok videos? Tutorials with customisable templates? Pitchy is an intuitive and creative video platform that will make you able to create amazing videos!

If you want to make your own video online, ask for a demo!

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