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Motion Video: How To Create Your Own In 6 steps With Video Maker

Motion Video: How To Create Your Own In 6 steps With Video Maker

A motion video will allow you to set a message in motion. You can quickly create one. We explain everything here.

Whether it’s for a tutorial, a customer onboarding, a product launch, or simply a teaser, motion video remains one of the most popular formats for companies. Whatever the context, it allows you to give dynamism to your message, through modern content inspired by your visual identity.

Whatever the trends in motion design, you can quickly set up your creation, in 6 steps that we will detail below, and thus stand out from your competitors.

And today, these motion videos are much easier to make, thanks to an online video editor that will help you to create video online.

#1 Write a brief and a scenario for your video

The first question you should ask yourself is: what is the message of my video? Do I want to launch a new product? Invite to an event? Welcome new employees? Tell your story in video? Make an end of the year video? As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make a videomotion. But your message will determine how you design your animation.

Note that the more precise the brief, the more your motion team (or developer) will be able to meet your expectations, thus avoiding numerous round trips.

Next, you’ll need to write the script, as if you were telling a story, because your film must tell a story: how will the videomotion be staged? What are the catchphrases? How will it start and end?

Some examples of scenarios:

  • the history of your company, in the form of a chronological fresco?
  • a balance sheet of the year with figures and diagrams,
  • the problems encountered by clients, and the solutions you provide

#2 The script and voiceover

Next, you will need to write the script, taking into account all the text and words in your video. The script should be the basis of the voiceover, tracing the whole story of your video.

Then, for the voiceover, there are two schools of thought: the first is to record a person from your company, or even an actor/actress. The second is to use an online video maker that allows you to select voices, as well as subtitles. Why subtitles? Because your video will have to be understood without sound by your audience.

#3 Write a storyboard

If you like comics, you’ll love designing the storyboard. It is like a comic book, a succession of scenes, in this case those of your video. Your story is divided into different scenes with dialogue, sound and visual effects, sound effects and any other transition or suggestions (including motion design effects). The storyboard also includes the voice-over text: this storyboard will be your roadmap throughout, the brief that you will then give to your motion design team, to give them as much detail as possible.

#4 Proceed to layout

Layout means making sure that the graphic style will be consistent throughout the video: style of drawings, shapes, colour code, etc.

Then, you will have to create the shapes present in the video, to make a first version, a first draft, with the necessary adjustments.

The image of a video mock-up can be compared to a recipe: once you have all the ingredients at your disposal, you mix them together. Here, it’s the same, but it’s the images that will have to be assembled, the movements of the characters to be synchronised if they interact, for example, the facial expressions, or the moving sets that cross and clash.

#5 Animate your different elements

Before you start, make sure you have the agreement of all the actors who need to agree, as any last minute changes can be very time consuming.

Once you have prepared all your little scenes, all you have to do is put them in motion together. With a platform such as Pitchy, this is very easy; if each scene has its own template, key messages and animations, they will follow one another on the tool.

#6 Integrate the soundtrack

Image is good. With sound, it’s even better! To reinforce the dynamism of your video, you need to integrate your soundtrack to accentuate the effects of the motion design. On a tool like Pitchy, we offer you an extremely varied playlist, with modern and catchy music for your video content, whether it is animated or not.

Do you want to create your own motion video, without using a graphic agency? With an online video editing software like Pitchy, you can do it yourself, without being a video professional, thanks to our images, stop-motion animation and features! Request a demo of the tool now.

Alexandre Leclere
Creation date 15/04/2021


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