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How Can I Enhance My Online Video Quality?

How Can I Enhance My Online Video Quality?

In this era where visuals are very important, you can’t afford to fail your video content. If you want to know how to enhance your video online, this article is for you.

Do you want to take your content to the next level?

Then, video is the medium you need to explore! Indeed, 83% of people prefer watching instructional or informational video through video rather than text or audio. However, the form is as important as the content. And that’s why you must insist on the quality of your video.

According to a survey carried out by Techsmith, 17% of people won’t watch a video if its quality is poor. This means that you might miss to reach almost 1 out of 5 people because you neglected your video quality. And in this era where visuals are very important, you can’t afford to fail your video content. If you want to know how to enhance your video online, this article is for you.

Enhancing your video online starts with the right equipment and set up

To enhance your video online, you must first and foremost think about the right equipment and set up. If you think you must spend lots of money on it, then we have good news for you! You don’t have to wreak havoc on your budget to create attractive videos. All you need is to select the equipment that will suit your marketing goals and needs.

Having the right equipment and set up will ensure a better experience, with less stress for your creative teams who shoot your videos. In addition, this will also help you to build a credible reputation as a marketer with your target audience.

Choose a quality camera

Selecting the right camera is one of the most impactful you’ll ever made, as it has an important role in the quality of your video. Consequently, you must invest in the best high-quality camera that you can afford. The steadier the image, the higher quality video you’ll have. In that respect, avoid shaky camerawork at all costs with a tripod or other stabilizing device.

Before selecting your camera, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What video resolution do you need (HD or 4K)?
  • What sensor size will be the most optimal for you?
  • What kind of lenses works best for your videos?
  • Which accessories do you need? And what about the microphone?

And speaking of microphones…

Pay attention to your audio quality

Did you know that poor audio quality can drive your audience away from your content? That’s why you must take good care of the quality of your audio if you want to produce excellent video content.

This involves you must use a high-quality external microphone to record your video in a quiet environment. Indeed, it is more dynamic than built-in camera microphones, as they enable you to have good audio capturing.

And this will make an extensive difference during the editing of your video. For example, you may add music and sound effects to add depth and interest in your videos. We recommend you test your microphone before the shoot to make sure that it functions properly.

Lighting is everything

To enhance your video online, you must pay attention to its brightness. Indeed, poor lighting can make your video or kill it, especially if it’s too bright or too shadowy. Consequently, natural light is the best and we recommend shooting your video during the day to benefit from it. However, if you must use with artificial lightworks, use soft and diffused light.

Keep your background simple on the video creator

A very busy background will distract your audience and take them away from your content. That’s why you should erase every distraction that will take away from your subject. However, that doesn’t mean that your environment must be bland! You can decorate your room with plants for example. Just avoid saturation in your background:

  • We strongly recommend avoiding white walls
  • If you must shoot a client testimonial video, ensure that they don’t wear clothes with enhanced patterns

Review your video composition thanks to the video maker

The video composition involves choosing the best location and angle for your video. To get enhanced video quality, respecting the rule of thirds is essential.

While shooting, the frame of your camera must be vertically and horizontally divided into thirds. As these lines intersect where the eye is naturally drawn, this is an ideal spot to center your subject. This especially works if you ask the interviewees to look lightly on their right or their left side. Don’t forget to leave some space on your video for elements such as keywords or key figures.

Edit your video carefully on the online video editor

Choose a good-quality video editing software

An excellent editing software will really make the difference to enhance your video online. When selecting one, you must pay attention to different criteria. Think about the following elements.

The compatibility of your software

Compatibility is important. Check that your editing software is compatible with your computer’s operating system and all the devices you’ll be using.

What kind of videos do you want to edit?

Decide the type of videos that are worth editing. If you are a beginner, you may choose an intuitive user interface that has built-in features. However, if you’re already more experienced, feel free to use a software that offers more advanced features.

The cost of the software

Pay attention to the price of the software you want to use. You can choose from many budget-friendly editing solutions. Also, you may think about paying for a monthly/annual subscription or a one-time fee.

6 tips to safely edit your videos on the video editing website

  • Remote unnecessary footage and focus on the most important details
  • Put proper transitions to your video to engage your viewers
  • Add titles and credits to give a professional look to your videos
  • Add subtitles to enable people to follow your video without the sound
  • Add graphics and special effects to improve the visual quality of your videos
  • Add your graphic charter (logo, colors, themes) with watermarks to help people to identify your company.

Moreover, you can use video enhancers if you want to enhance the quality of subpar footage but have no other option. In this case, you must buy an enhancer that had features helping with stability, de-noising, brightness adjustments, cropping, rotating, flipping, filters, animations, and title cards.

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