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5 Trends For Tutorial Video

5 Trends For Tutorial Video

In this article, we give you some good practices to succeed in your video tutorial. So that it has no more secrets for you.

Over the last fifteen years, video has become an increasingly popular tool for corporate training and student learning. Indeed, several studies have shown that video could boost the engagement of learners.

This fact enhances the popularity of tutorial videos in both the corporate and educational fields. They have even become powerful and acceptable tools in mainstream organizations. Indeed, 79% of training materials by organizations are in video form. How can this phenomenon be explained? It’s because they increase the productivity of their viewers and enhance the experience of transfer knowledge.

In this article, we will explore the five next popular trends that you can explore if you want to create unforgettable tutorial videos. Let’s discover them together!

Why tutorial videos are effective

Tutorial video is an effective tool for learning for different reasons related to memorization, simplification, impact, and comfort.

They simplify learning for your employees

When you are in school, you learn mostly by hearing and memorizing text. However, the more you grow, the more you learn by doing. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that tutorial videos are popular, since your audience will memorize concepts by visualizing them. Thus, tutorial videos show the learners how things are working in the real world.

For this reason, we recommend using live-action sequences in your tutorial videos, with multi-step processes to replicate with clear explanations. This will simplify the learning process for your audience.

They are a powerful storytelling tool for your audience

Video has a higher engagement potential than text, as it is visual and taps into your emotions. Therefore, learning become easier for your viewers, as it becomes a guide which shows what success and failure look like. Consequently, you can use tutorial videos to promote certain behaviors or procedures by using their emotive quality.

They deliver high value and lasting impact to your employees

With social media like TikTok, you can imply that video learning is an efficient use of time, especially if you have an audience with a short attention span. Moreover, if the video is longer, your employees can watch it anytime at their convenience.

Also, tutorial videos are effective for learning as several people already view them in their personal lives. Therefore, watching them in a professional environment is just a natural transition for them.

Trend #1: Microlearning videos

A microlearning video is a short video that delivers an on-demand microlearning lesson. Generally, it has a single learning objective and lasts between two to five minutes.

It has become a popular video learning format because it enables the learners to learn valuable information in a short amount of time, while requiring little effort from individual sessions. Microlearning videos are used for student education, employee training, and customer service.

Case study: Microlearning Driving by Energy Safety Canada

This microlearning video shows the rules you must follow while you drive in Canada. It is effective because it is visually pleasant, with animations and straight-to-the-point explanations about life saving rules while you drive.

Trend #2: Tutorial videos for safety training

Safety training videos are usually considered as dull and boring. However, with the increasing use of tutorials, their format also changed. You don’t have to ask for the participation of your employees with bad acting and dialogues. Nowadays, you can make realistic, entertaining, and relatable safety training videos, while stressing the importance of compliance with safety rules in the workplace.

Safety training videos are generally used in high-risk sectors, such as construction, but also to introduce fire prevention rules.

Case study: Work Behavior by Pitchy Online Video Editor

This video presents the best practices to follow in masonry and promotes safety in the construction sector. It is very effective because it’s short, has an excellent rock music background, and presents the rules in a funny way.

Trend #3: Screencasts

Screencast videos are instructional videos recording of a computer screen and including an audio narration. They are also screen captures and are great to share and teach ideas.

Screencasts have become increasingly popular for tutorials because viewers can watch them when they are comfortable. Also, screencasts enable you to learn things more easily, without the constraints of an academic setting.

Screencast videos are used in many applications, such as:

  • Onboarding process,
  • Substitute teachers for students,
  • Software or product demonstrations,
  • Feedback provision.

Case study: Screencast-O-Matic Tutorial by MK’s Guide

This screencast shows how to use a free screen recording tool. It is effective because it shows step-by-step explanations about the tool, so you can learn by doing. The narrator also has a relaxing and calm voice, which helps for the memorization.

Trend #4: MOOC

Massive open online courses (MOOC) are free web-based distance learning programs designed to cater to geographically dispersed students. MOOC can be provided by universities and corporate entities as well and have become more popular with the COVID-19 pandemic. A traditional MOOC generally includes:

  • filmed or recorded video lectures,
  • readings,
  • problem sets,
  • online quizzes and examinations,
  • interactive learning modules,
  • interactive with other students via forums.

Case study: Speak English Clearly! The imitation technique by mmmEnglish

This video learns its viewers how to speak proper English through the imitation technique. It is effective as the video host introduces the chapters clearly and smoothly. Also, you have a scroll-down menu on the side if you want to go directly to a specific chapter. In addition, the video calls for interactivity as the viewers are called to repeat what the teacher says.

Trend #5: Interactive videos with quizzes

Interactive videos with quizzes are mostly used in e-learning in the corporate and educational world. They are an effective way to enhance any learning experience for students and employees as well. It is also beneficial for educators as they can create fun, engaging videos and assessments for their learners.

Case study: What’s your English level? by mmmEnglish

This video enables the viewers to detect their English level with an interactive quiz. It is effective because the quizzes are accompanied by a timer which makes them fun and interactive for its viewers. The bubbly personality of the teacher does the rest.

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