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How To Make An Engaging Social Media Video With Video Maker?

How To Make An Engaging Social Media Video With Video Maker?

Today, video is becoming more and more important on our social networks. But what is the recipe for making an engaging social media video?

Video has become an increasingly essential medium to convey information, especially towards the young population. Indeed, 75% of viewers regularly watch videos on social media, compared to other formats such as text.
However, the social media feeds are crowded, quick, and fiercely competitive. Consequently, you must stand out from the competition and create the most engaging content. Thus, you will be able to attract more viewers and potential clients to your brand with your videos.

The solution is to create engaging video content that the social media algorithms will push forward in their feeds. Indeed, the current trends of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all favor the video format.

Do you think that you’re an amateur in making social media videos? Then, there’s no need to worry. With the right tools and tips (such as an online video editor), you will be able to create engaging videos on your social media platforms.

Why are videos important on social media?


Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, video content has become an extensive part of the in-app experience.

Indeed, video basically grabs more attention than static images or texts. Moreover, the longer viewers engage with specific content, the more likely the social media algorithms will push that content to a wider audience.

All these facts certainly explain why videos generate more engagement on Instagram than any other content type. Also, tweets containing videos see ten times more engagement on Twitter. Videos also generate more likes, shares, and comments on social media than other formats.

Moreover, YouTube has become the second search engine behind Google. Therefore, publishing videos on your social media platforms regularly also improves your SEO rankings.

Consequently, including video in your social media strategy will enable you to create a deeper connection with your audience. This is especially true when you create promo videos or ads on social media.

What are the most engaging video formats on social media?


There are five main video formats that marketers can use to engage their audience, according to their promotional goals.

  • short videos, especially on TikTok and Instagram reels,
  • stories on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram,
  • live streams,
  • tutorials,
  • 360° videos.

8 tips to create engaging social media videos with video creator

Social media videos have four main goals:

  • Grab attention thanks to a fun and original content,
  • Arouse the curiosity of the viewers,
  • Push the viewers to take a specific action (e.g. subscribe, engage, visit your website…),
  • Generate reactions.

As they generate more engagement, social media videos indirectly promote your brand and/or your company. However, if you are not experienced in making such videos, don’t worry. With the right social media video maker, creating videos for social media will be easy for you.

Tip #1: Define your goals

Creating an engaging social media video is the result of an upstream reflection. Your goals must be articulated around the following questions:

  • What is the theme of my video?
  • For whom are you creating this video? What is your target audience?
  • What is the format of your video: information, fun, presentation, interview…?
  • Where will you publish the video? On which social media platform?
  • Why do you create this video? What is the result you want to obtain with this video? What kind of action do you want to push?
    In a few words, your video must be included in your global editorial strategy.

Tip #2: Grab the attention of your audience within the first seconds


We are currently in the snack content era. This means that you only have a few seconds to grab your viewers’ attention. Here are some guidelines to succeed in this mission very quickly:

  • Create a video thumbnail to entice your audience and push them to watch the video,
  • Ask a question to your audience to capture their attention in the first seconds,
  • Start with a strong hook, like a text in your intro,
  • Avoid long introductions,
  • Adapt your video to your message,
  • Avoid commercial jargon and make your video understandable to newbies,
  • Retain your viewers with emotions: surprise, joy, fear, or laugh,
  • Include captivating storytelling in your video to entertain your viewers,
  • Talk about your company only at the end of your video.

For instance, Alisha from directly addresses her viewers’ pain points in the first few seconds of her reel.

Tip #3: Prioritize native videos

Social media algorithms love native videos to keep their users on their platforms. This means that you must download your video through the platform on which it will be released. You shouldn’t share a link to an external video because social media restrict their visibility. Also, downloading native videos will give you access to more precise statistics relative to your audience.

Tip #4: Adapt your videos to each social media platform

You must adapt your video to each social media platform, in content, length and format. Indeed, each social media has its codes, and the users don’t look for the same things. That’s why you must be strategic and know the specificities of each social media.

Tip #5: Add subtitles to your videos

85% of Facebook videos are watched without the sound. Indeed, your viewers often watch your videos at work or on public transportation. That’s why they must watch your videos discreetly, without the soundtrack. Subtitles will help you to capture the attention of your viewers and retain them on your video.
However, your subtitles must be qualitative, otherwise their effects will be counterproductive. YouTube does have an automatic subtitle tool, but the result will not always live up to your expectations.

Consequently, you may use a video editor to create your own subtitles. Or you may use watermark texts in your transitions. Whatever the solution you choose, you must remember that subtitles are a key element to create an engaging video.
For instance, @chez.jorge consistently adds subtitles to all his cooking videos. Thus, his community can easily follow along with the recipe.

Tip #6: Include a relevant call-to-action

The call-to-action is the action you will ask your viewers to perform, after they have watched your video. It should give concrete marketing results, such as lead conversions, an increase of your traffic and subscribers, or in your sales.

Examples of CTAs are quite infinite, but they include:

  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel,
  • Visit your website (give the link in your description),
  • Download a bonus,
  • Register to a newsletter,
  • Take an appointment…

To increase engagement, you can ask your viewers to share your video, comment on it or give a like to increase your visibility.

Tip #7: Don’t neglect the description

Whatever the social media you use, the description or post is essential. Indeed, all the platforms give you the opportunity to write some backing words for your video. The description will arouse the curiosity of the viewers so that they will click on “Play”. Also, descriptions contain keywords that will help you in the SEO rankings of your video.

Here are some tips to write an excellent description:

  • Start with a lead that will raise curiosity,
  • Explain what is contained in the video in a few words,
  • Write a CTA and insert a link to your website,
  • Add relevant hashtags to strengthen the SEO ranking of your video.

Tip #8: Promote your video on social media

To increase the visibility of your video, you can boost it with promotion. There are two ways to promote your video on social media.

Organic promotion

First, you can use the organic way, without paying ads. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect your promotion. Here are some rules you must obey:
· Publish your video at the right place, where your audience will watch it,
· Target the right time, where you have the opportunity to reach your audience more easily,
· Mention the right people in your promotion and invite them to like your video. You can also send your video through a private mail to them.

Paid promotion

You can boost your video with ads. Each social media platform has its rules to publish ads. You just need to define your target audience, your goals, your budget, and the time of publication. Thus, you will maximize the results of your promotion for your brand.

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