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Social Media Video Maker: 8 successful contents

Social Media Video Maker: 8 successful contents

With the intro maker, you can give your target audience a real experience. The proof is in the pictures.

The intro is the basis of all communication (before outro), whatever the season and whatever your business. For a vast majority, this form of introduction can take on a promotional dimension, introducing the context and tone of your content, which will vary according to the target audience. On social networks, it is a great custom tool to capture the attention of your community. Prioritise Facebook and Instagram, as these are the most suitable channels for this type of campaign. Be aware that your community is already bombarded with many messages on a daily basis (videos and blog posts), and will only be able to remember a few of them. You will also need to grab their attention quickly, so you don’t blend in. You are just one of many advertising messages they will receive during the day. In order for viewers to remember you, you will need to :

  • Provide quality, impactful content,
  • Focus on the impact of the visual, not the sound, because we are in the age of the image,
  • a subject that touches them, that affects their daily lives (both personal and professional),
  • original content that differentiates you from others.

Do you want to create clips like this but are short of inspiration? We have some ideas, tips and tricks for you. Take a look at what’s out there: we’ve got a few successful intro videos here, and we’ll tell you why they worked so well, so that you too can become one of the best. And remember: you don’t have to be the director of Star Wars to make something great 😉

It’s not just the big companies that can afford it: there are plenty of tools available to any start-up that wants to develop this kind of video campaign, with social media video maker.

Marks & Spencers and eating better video ads (at reasonable pricing): a great job from marketers through social media video

When it’s visually enhanced, food is hard to resist. Restaurant-related content is some of the most viewed content on Instagram, if you take away the cats and dogs 😉 And the Marks & Spencer brand has also been banking on eating healthy and balanced. Here, the staging is beautiful, and the food seems to dance before our eyes, as if in a waltz: the egg yolk flows elegantly, the shrimps move synchronously, like ballet dancers, and the chocolate coulis draws sumptuous figures.

Why does this social media video work?

First of all, the music, which mixes classical music with more modern and lively rhythms. The black background highlights the selected food. Artistic effects have been added, such as acceleration, rewind and image distortion, to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Slack and the interview format for social media videos

Slack is now one of the most widely used business messaging systems. But this time, rather than having the company talk, they chose to have their users talk, namely real people. To do this, they chose to punctuate their intro video with interviews, conducted in a start-up.

Why does it work?

Slack is showing real transparency here, while placing great importance on staging, and especially humour. This makes it easier to convince the sceptics, who will give the interviewees their full legitimacy.

Jet Tour crushes the competition in social media videos

Remember the days before Covid, when we could still go on holiday to the four corners of the world? After food and cats, travel photos are among the most shared on Instagram, as they are considered very inspiring. For this reason, the video intro is a powerful weapon against the competition to highlight infrastructures and destinations.

Why does it work?

Here, Jet Tour decided to make a video intro listing the different advantages of using them, in the form of a slideshow, like the one your friends have to go through when you come back from your holidays 😉 With, always, inspiring pictures.

Perfony improves your meetings

The intro video can also take the form of a fun videomotion to learn more about the product or service being offered. Here, Perfony, which offers software to improve meeting performance, uses animation to illustrate its solution. Note that this kind of video can be done with an Iphone or you can also download a shooting app on Android (search in your Play store).

Why does it work?

The cartoon aspect gives a childlike and benevolent side to the message, like a mini-series whose end you would like to know (in fact, many animated series are circulating on social networks). Moreover, the solution is visually displayed (dashboard screen), and the subtitles make it possible to watch the whole thing without the sound.

H&M’s values through social media videos

The video intro also serves to “introduce” you to prospects or new customers, to say who you are and what your values are. H&M has understood this very well, and proves it with this reassuring corporate film, showing how much the brand cares about its consumers, the diversity of its employees, and the well-being of the planet (the brand is aware that the textile industry is one of the most polluting).

Why does it work?

A common thread throughout the video, which will be the red thread, visually highlighted, and reminiscent of the company’s logo, as well as the textile in general. The latter reveals all the elements of the video (for example, the stairs) by adapting to their shape. A clean design. A rather professional staging, in photo shooting or film shooting mode, slow motion, a diversity of actors and actresses, mix, and key words put forward to get the message across. A real professional job!

Legendre Group illustrates its steps

In a sector such as real estate, the intro video allows you to illustrate projects that have been completed or are in progress. Above all, in this type of sector, 3D modelling makes it possible to see the finished result, beyond the simple foundation plans. And some of the shots taken from the drones make it possible to appreciate the overall construction.

Why does it work?

Here, the drone images and the 3D allow us to visualise the entirety of the projects carried out in the city of Nantes, with a text description, which means that the video can be watched without the sound.

CAPI France is recruiting thanks to subscription through social media videos on youtube

Another possible use case for a video intro: recruitment. Rather than a classic job offer, here CAPI France wants to highlight the advantages of becoming a real estate advisor with them, thanks to a well-presented scene. In this video, the company is looking to replace Philippe, 52, who has a permanent contract and is moving to Guadeloupe with his wife.

Why does it work?

The person concerned (Philippe) is not directly asked to testify, but his family and friends, to get an outside view of his many skills, and above all, an outside view of the advantages of working for Capi France. Add to this a dynamic music, and you get an attractive intro video.

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