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Video Editing Website to Interview Employees

Video Editing Website to Interview Employees

Rather than going through an expensive agency, you can use a video editing website to create your own interviews.

Most of the time, to video interview their employees, many companies use an agency. They are sure to get a good result, but this option is very expensive. Today, companies can take control of their video creation, using a video editing website. This solution is faster, often less expensive, and beneficial to your internal teams to create video online in your company. We explain why it will allow you to create perfect videos for youtube and social networks.

But first, we would like to share with you some examples of videos made with our platform.

To welcome new recruits, you can interview them in a fun and relaxed way, using the Fast and Curious format: the questions are presented in the form of dilemmas, and the person has to answer quickly and spontaneously (e.g.: sea or mountain? tea or coffee?). Look at this example with Sophie, Customer Success Manager at Pitchy:

You can also interview your employees as part of a CSR communication. To show how committed your company is to noble causes, interview the people involved on video:

Other interview contexts may arise. For example, during the confinement period, we took the opportunity to interview our employees, asking them how their confinement was going, what they were cooking, if they had any reading tips, etc. Like here with Jimmy, our International Sales Manager:

Your teams gain skills by making your own content with video editing website

Whether it’s for the human resources department, marketing or communication, with a tool like Pitchy you can make your own videos, with templates and sequences specifically designed for companies.

By entrusting this creation to a team, the members will initially be accompanied by a customer success manager, to take the lead and be as autonomous as possible.

Then, your employees will be able to produce several types of videos and thus gain skills: a job presentation for a recruitment, a product launch video, an end-of-year greeting video, or a teaser for an event. Depending on the theme, the creation will be entrusted to one team or another. Note that with a tool like Pitchy, you can have several licences (for example, one for HR and one for marketing).

By using such a simple platform, your teams will not need technical skills to create new videos in the years to come. It is therefore an advantageous solution in the long term, which will allow your teams to gain skills and expertise.

Overall, video editor will cost you less and it is faster

video editing website cost

If you choose to use an agency for video editing, you will have to draw up very precise specifications (your needs, goals, budget, constraints, etc…)…

You are sure to get a quality video, but often at very high prices!
If you are a small business starting out and want to make a big impact with a communication campaign that makes a big impression, you can’t afford to spend so much money on a single video.

By using a video editing website, you buy a licence that can last for several years. It’s cheaper and it’s long term, so you can use it for future campaigns.

Creating your own videos is also faster. When you use an agency, you know that there will be several rounds of work. First, you will deliver the storyboard, for a first version of the video. Then, you will give your first feedback to the agency for corrections. There can be three or four such round trips if there is a misunderstanding or communication problem between your company and the agency.

By choosing an online video editing website, you can make your changes directly. Your waiting time is considerably reduced, which is very useful if the video campaign has to be ready quickly.

And thanks to video editing website tools, you can customise your videos as you wish

Do you want to create your own features, transitions, lightworks, special effects, images or audio effects? To be more attractive, you need to stand out from your competitors with an atypical graphic identity.

The tool offers predefined templates, but you can customise them to create video sagas, with atypical credits, your logo and, above all, your font for the key phrases and the presentation of the interviewee (surname, first name, job title).

What about you? Do you want to drag your potential user or customers with a great video strategy, without calling an agency for your video clips? Do you want to use your own video editor in your company, a simple interface with available export options, powerful features for professionals! It is now possible with the Pitchy software, the best device to spread your creativity! Today, you can create your own videos, with a simple interface for professionals who want to make video clips, an interface with powerful features: transitions, text, available export options, import media library, watermark, voice-overs, audio effects for tutorials, files, filters, images, logo, subtitles, timeline, a wide selection of transitions, adjustable clip duration, photos resolution,and more tools, to make perfect videos for youtube, clips for various occasions! In addition, discover other amazing editing features: ask for a demo of our easy video editing software, for a better result for you and customers (audio and visual, with your own footage). Pitchy is a Saas platform, you won’t have to download anything, and it can be used by more than one user per licence, and you can use your own graphic an easy-to-use online video editor, a simple tool, style and filters. To learn more about the essential, and become a user of Pitchy, we don’y have a free version or a free video to show you, but you can. Make video editing easy!

Signup for a demo of the Pitchy solution!

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