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How To Enhance My Video Online With an Online Video Editor?

How To Enhance My Video Online With an Online Video Editor?

Give importance to the quality of the videos created for your company. To enhance your online video, we give you some tips.

Nowadays, video is the most popular medium that corporations and marketers can use to reach their audience. Indeed, according to Mango Media, 80% of consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading a blog. Consequently, the importance of video in the companies’ marketing strategy will increase over the years to come.

For this reason, whenever businesses produce video content, they must strive to reach for the highest quality to succeed. In this department, failure is just not an option. However, if you’re not a creative genius, making high-quality videos might be challenging for you.

If you feel that’s your case, we have good news for you. With the right online video enhancer, improving your video quality will be the easiest task you’ve ever performed. This article will guide you through the best tips to enhance your video online, thanks to an online video editor.

What is a high-quality video?

A high-quality video includes several elements such as:

  • the quality of the picture,
  • a clean audio,
  • brightness,
  • video resolution,
  • a dash of creativity,
  • and a clear message or intent.

When these elements are gathered, your video content will appear more professional and attractive to your viewers. Therefore, they also have a significant effect on your conversions, your brand awareness, and your sales.

Creating high-quality videos can be challenging for creative teams. But you are not left without solutions. You may hire a professional agency to help you, though it comes at a higher cost. However, you can also do it by yourself, with the right online video enhancer.

Why is the quality of your videos important?

Creating high-quality videos is important to improve your brand mainstream. Indeed, according to a study performed by Brightcove, the data shows the following results:

  • 62% of people are more likely to have a negative perception of your brand following a poor-quality experience,
  • 23% of people will hesitate to purchase products from a brand that published poor-quality video content,
  • 57% of people are less likely to share shaky videos,Moreover, this data applies for every type of video content. That’s why companies and marketers are more and more involved in producing high-quality videos.

6 tips to enhance your video online with a video maker

Enhancing your video online means that you maximize your chances to produce the best video quality. This also means that the right video tool will help you achieve the best results. Below are six tips to enhance your video online.

Pay attention to the environment and the set-up of your video

Improving the quality of your video starts with paying attention to the shooting. Indeed, you must be careful about the colors, the quality of the sound, and the selection of the shooting place. For instance, you can implement the following best practices:

  • Choose a quiet place to avoid untimely noises,
  • Prioritize natural lightworks,
  • Choose a high-quality external microphone to get the best quality sound and test it before filming your video,
  • Ask the interviewees not to put loud and flashy clothes on,
  • Avoid empty and undecorated rooms.

Choose the right camera

Selecting the right camera is very important for the quality of your video. Indeed, the filming of your video can make your video or break it. Indeed, shaky videos are synonymous with poor quality. They are unprofessional and difficult to watch. Therefore, you must choose a camera with a stabilizing device to get steady images.
If you want to select the appropriate camera for you, consider the following criteria:

  • The video resolution you want (HD or 4K),
  • The most optimal sensor size for you,
  • The kind of lenses that will work the best for your videos,
  • The right accessories you need,
  • The microphone you will work with.

Tend to your intro

Your video intro is very important. Indeed, within a few seconds, a good intro can entice your viewers and make him hooked or not. That’s why you must take care of your intro to make a high-quality video. To make your video more attractive to your viewers, you can:

  • Create a nice jingle that will enable your viewers to recognize you immediately,
  • Add your graphic charter (logo, colors, brand name) to increase your brand power with your audience,
  • Include a failed sequence such as bloopers to make your audience laugh. Thus, the bloopers will also show your authenticity and relatability,
  • Add a key sentence or answer of the video that your audience will feel like watching over again during the whole video.

Increase the dynamism of your video, thanks to video creator

You don’t want your audience to get easily bored. Consequently, you must ensure that your whole video is dynamic. Add motion design and fun graphic effects in your video. You may include them between filmed rushes or make breaks. In any case, choose the best effect for your video as long as you bring some rhythm to it.

Choose the right music on the online video editing software

Music is very important for a high-quality video. That’s why you must choose a tune in phase with your message and the tone of your video. However, don’t put it too loud to avoid masking the key message you want to convey. Your audience will thank you!

Take care of your outro

Your outro is as important as your intro. Indeed, it increases brand retention, enables CTAs and reminds your brand to your viewers. The CTAs of the outro can be multiple:
Make an appointment,
Subscribe to your YouTube channel,
Ask for a demo,
Subscribe to your social media platforms,
Register to an event,
Apply for a position…

Whatever the CTA you choose in your video, the required action must be clear and precise. Ideally, you must include just one CTAs but you can put several CTAs at the same time. For instance, your outro can refer to similar videos to increase the traffic to your YouTube channel. Thus, your viewers can continue to watch their favorite videos.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to include an incisive conclusion to your video. This can be a message, an appointment you can’t miss, or a teasing for your next video. Whatever you choose, find the outro that works best for your message and the tone of your video.

Edit your video with the best video maker to enhance them

Excellent editing also increases the quality of your video. Consequently, you can enhance your video quality straight from your browser. If you’re a beginner, you can choose an intuitive user interface to edit your video.

By choosing the right online video enhancer, you can adjust several elements of your video to make it clearer. In a few clicks, you can adjust the video’s brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, and other settings. Also, you can adjust color grading, filters, and effects to increase video quality.

Finally, other elements to be adjusted include the size of your video: you can rotate or crop it, according to your wishes. Whatever editing work you need to do, you must choose to work with a video tool that has all the features you need.

Do you want to increase the quality of your videos? Contact us!

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