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Create a High-Performance Newsletter Video

Create a High-Performance Newsletter Video

The secret of a successful newsletter is the newsletter video! In this article, discover our tips and inspiration for your next emails.

For several years, newsletters have been the favorite way for companies to communicate with their customers. Indeed, they enable them to maintain the link with their subscribers and to increase their sales through article sharing, industry reports, advice giving, or special offers.

The problem with newsletters is that every company has integrated newsletters in their business strategy. Therefore, one must stand out from the competition to thrive. As text newsletters are more considered old-fashioned, the increasing new trend is to favor video newsletters.

But many marketers can be reluctant to add a newsletter video because they are not used to it. However, they are quite simple to implement in your video content strategy. This article will show you how to create high-performance video newsletters without hassles.

Why should you add video in your newsletter?

If your goal is to send unique business massages to your subscribers, then adding a video in your newsletter can help you tremendously. Below are some benefits of including video in your newsletters.

Increased Engagement

Video newsletters are a good way to increase the engagement of your subscribers, especially their open rates and click rates. For instance, many studies have shown that newsletters containing a video had an open rate and a click rate of respectively 19% and 65% higher than text newsletters. Also, reports have shown that adding a video in your email can boost your email open rate by 300%.

Improved Communication

With an engagement rate higher than text newsletters, video newsletters also contribute to improving the reach of the message you want to convey to your audience. Indeed, video content can be used to present a product or share your storytelling in an appealing manner for your subscribers.

Higher Conversion Rates

According to a study carried out by Vidyard and the Aberdeen Group called The Impact of Video Marketing, video leads to a 34% higher conversion rate.

Brand Personality and Connection

By telling your subscribers memorable stories, video newsletters make it easy to show your personality to your subscribers in their email box. Thus, they contribute to effortlessly building more trust and connection with your audience. Moreover, you will increase the desirability of your brand in the process.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

According to Movable Ink, 66% of consumers open their emails with a mobile device. Therefore, choosing to integrate a video in your newsletter will increase the mobile-friendly experience of your subscribers, since many mobile devices adapt to different video formats.

Stand Out from Competitors

Keep in mind that many companies and marketers already send newsletters to your subscribers as well. This means that their email box is already crowded. That’s why you need to stand out from the competition, and video newsletters can help you in that way.

Analytics and Insights

With higher engagement and conversion rates, video newsletters enable you to get better results with your analytics and insights. For example, they can help you increase traffic to your website and/or your YouTube channel.

What are the efficient video formats in a newsletter?

Product or Service Demonstrations

Product demonstration videos are an excellent way to show off the features or benefits of your products/services. They enable your future consumers to see the product or service in action before buying it.

Example: Say hello to Headspace

Why does it work? The video sells meditation (a difficult topic to sell) to its viewers very well. Also, it’s very inclusive and communicates well on the features of the app without overwhelming the viewers with lots of information.

Customer Testimonials

In these testimonial videos, real customers express their opinions about your products or services. Testimonials enable them to act as ambassadors.

Example: So yeah, we tried Slack

Why does it work? The video uses a quirky approach and interviews multiple people on the advantages of using the product. Also, it doesn’t shy away from trying something, as it aligns with Slack’s marketing strategy.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Though they don’t necessarily show your products, this type of video humanizes your company and allows you to showcase your personality.

Example: Bumble’s Employee Morning Routine

Why does it work? The video humanizes Bumble as it shows one of its employees preparing for work and follows her while she is driving. Also, it shows how she prepares to execute her tasks when she arrives at work.

Thought Leadership or Educational Content

This type of video showcases people who are experts in their field or industry.

Example: The Power of Vulnerability by Bréné Brown

Bréné Brown is an expert in human and social psychology dealing with topics such as vulnerability, shame, and courage.

Why does it work? The speaker uses personal stories to share her message and connect with her audience.

Event Highlights

This short video shows the essential features of your corporate events succinctly.

Example: ItWorx 2018 Corporate Event Highlights

Why does it work? This is a post-event video that shares an inside look on the event experience. The video shows all the impactful moments that occurred during this event.

Company Updates and Announcements

The goal of this type of video is to inform your subscribers about everything new that is happening within your company. This is a great video to send to your subscribers, no matter how long they’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter.

Example: TeamGantt Video Newsletter, March 2021

This video updates its subscribers about the current events of the company as of March 2021

Why it works: the video succinctly presents the updates of the company with a man presenting them in a poised and calm manner. Also, it highlights the different topics in different parts while using the graphic chart of the company to personalize the video.

Training or Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos have the power to educate your audience while engaging them in a pleasant and attractive manner.

Example: How to find someone’s address in seconds by Ahrefs

Why does it work? The video features a friendly narrator who navigates through several methods of finding someone’s email address. Moreover, the title of the video wisely appeals to a use case for larger audiences (the company is an SEO company).

Industry Insights or Interviews

These videos enable professionals specialized in a specific topic to present their insights in their own words in a questions-and-answers format.

Animated Explainer Videos

These videos rely on design options, animated gifs, and several emotional tactics to convey your message to your audience. They are more adapted to infographics.

Example: Freighty – Explainer Video by Vidico

Why does it work? The video speaks to its target audience from the get-go. Moreover, the video goes through relatable problems before explaining that Freighty is the solution they are waiting for.

Our tips to make a successful newsletter video

Are you a beginner in creating video newsletters? Then, we have great news for you: they are not complicated to make. However, you need to follow some tips to ensure that your newsletter will help you reach your marketing goals.

Tip #1: Define Your Objectives

Before creating your video newsletter, you must define clear objectives first. What is the aim of your newsletter? Do you want to retain your customers? Inform them? Reach certain sales goals? Once you have determined your goals, your creative work will become easier.

Tip #2: Segment Your Audience

Not everyone in your email list has the same needs. Don’t forget to segment your audience to send them video newsletters according to their profile.

Tip #3: Craft Compelling Subject Lines

David Ogilvy, a famous British advertiser, said that you already made 80% of your sale with a craft title. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the subject line of your email. Indeed, a compelling subject line will boost the open and engagement rates of your newsletters. And if you add “Video” in the subject line, your open rate will increase by 6%.

Tip #4: Choose Engaging Video Content

Your audience must watch video content that is engaging and emotionally enticing. Don’t forget to craft storytelling that will capture the attention of your audience and make them stay. Be engaging, humane, and memorable.

Tip #5: Optimize Video Length

The length of your video will depend on the goal of your video newsletter. However, the attention spans are getting shorter and harder to capture nowadays. That’s why we recommend videos lasting between 1 and 2 minutes. The shorter the video, the better.

Tip #6: Incorporate Clear CTAs

Your audience must be aware of what you want them to do. Whether it’s to register for an event or order your new product, you must put clear CTAs in your video newsletters. Don’t hesitate to accompany your videos with buttons describing the CTA of your choice.

Tip #7: Personalize and Segment Video Distribution

According to your target audience, you will choose the appropriate template for your video newsletter. You must also craft your video newsletter according to your goals and the segment of your audience you choose.

Tip #8: Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Did you know that 66% of your potential customers open their email on a mobile device? That’s why you must ensure that your video newsletter can be read properly on smartphones and tablets. And video is the appropriate medium as its many formats can be adapted automatically to your mobile devices.

Tip #9: Track and Analyze Performance

Once your video newsletter has been sent, check the main KPIs such as the open rate or the click rate to see how well your video newsletters is doing. You can check these data with tools like Google Analytics.

Tip #10: Test and Iterate

Don’t forget to test your video newsletter with the other employees of your creative teams. They will give you suggestions that will help you improve your video newsletter.

Ready to create your first video newsletter? Contact us
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