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3 Examples of Great Product Videos

3 Examples of Great Product Videos

The video is what will present your products, its characteristics, and make people want to buy it. Here are three examples to inspire you.

More and more companies put video marketing at the core of their sales strategy to promote their business and their products. Indeed, according to OptinMonster, 84% of customers claim that they’ve been convinced to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Therefore, this strengthens what we know about video marketing: companies need video to reach potential customers and promote your brand to your audience. Nowadays, without effective product videos, you cannot stand out from your competitors in selling your products.

But what is the essence of a great product video? This is a video that is informative and effectively pushes the consumers to take action, i.e., buy your products. However, creating a great product video is not as easy as it seems. Rather, it might be challenging, confusing, and time-consuming, especially if you are a beginner.

Consequently, this article will help you to know about the characteristics of a great product video, as well as some examples to inspire you.

What makes a great product video?

A great product video has several characteristics that enhance the success of your reach towards your targeted audience. Below are the seven elements that you need to create a product video that matters.

Be clear about your purpose

Before spreading your message, you must determine what this message will be – and the potential outcome you expect from it. In the case of a product video, you must know in advance what features you want to convey to your potential customers.

However, you shouldn’t make the common mistake to just showcase your product in your video. On the contrary, when you highlight the key features of your product, you must show the ways your product will impact your customers’ lives for the best.

Choose the right video type to convey your message

In your target audience, not all your potential customers will have the same marketing needs. Consequently, you must choose the kind of product video that will be the most engaging to them. Here are some effective types of product videos you can use to convey your message:

  • Explainer videos: they are demonstrative and engaging videos clearly describing the usefulness of a product. In this category, you also have demo videos which show how the product works.


  • Corporate videos showcase the identity and culture behind the company which manufactures the product. In this case, it is all about talking about your brand, your mission, and your values; the video indirectly features your product.


  • Testimonial videos: you can share the positive testimonials from the users of your product, by telling their experience and opinions about your products.


  • FAQ videos: you answer the doubts of your potential customers with a compilation of frequently asked questions.


  • Comparative videos: you showcase a comparison between the features of your products and those of your competitors; and you explain your audience why your product has the best features.


  • Commercial videos: they are designed to raise awareness about your brand and to promote your product overtly.

Keep your video short

A great product video must concisely showcase the key features of your product, without any distractions. That’s why you must show the product, list its unique strengths, and mention its usefulness in everyday life, according to your goals. If you create a long product video, your audience will get bored and walk away.

Tell a good story

When you tell good stories about your product, it has the power to connect your audience on a personal level. Also, it enables you to keep your viewers entertained. Writing a compelling story will entice the viewers and make you relatable. Focus on writing your script effectively and remember that you sell a product at the end of your video. Thus, you will create a better bond between your audience and what you have to offer.

Make your video instantly recognizable

Don’t hesitate to add your personality to your product videos! This will enable you to make your brand recognizable and relatable to your audience. You may use your logo, your graphic charter, your text fonts, specific images, and add a script in your company’s tone. Also, you can use jingles as a brand permanence tool, especially if you add them in your CTA at the end of your videos. With them, you’ll make your video more memorable for your audience and more personable.

Pay attention to the details

A great product video must be visually appealing to your viewers. That’s why you must focus on professional filming, including editing, sound design with attractive voice overs, and engaging royalty-free music.

Add a clear call to action

A great product video must engage your viewers and push them to act beyond watching the video. Among the most common CTAs, you can add a link, an address, or a phone number where the viewers can buy or order your product.

3 Examples of Great Product Videos

Introducing iPad Air by Apple

Video type : Demo video
Length : 1’31

Apple has a history of crafting the best product videos in the IT industry. To showcase the main features of the iPad Air, they wrote them on the iPad itself as if a user was taking notes for real. When intangible features are harder to explain (e.g. speed), they are shown in action. In this video, they showed the speed with the use of the product to play games and edit videos. If you add the upbeat music and the addition of colorful elements, you have a winning product video!

What can you learn from this video?

In just one minute, you have the combination of the right music, the right product, and fun colors to take your video to the next level. Also, if your product allows it, don’t hesitate to use it as the centerpiece of your video.

KD12 Video – Nike

Video type : commercial video
Length : 1’01

This video from Nike shows that sometimes, less is more when catering to your audience. The video revolves around the red color to remind that it is inspired by Kevin Durant, an American basketball player. Also, the red color reminds the viewers of YouTube that the video caters to their audience. Other interesting aspects of this product video include close-ups, the 360-degree view of the product while explaining its features, as well as a simple and effective CTA at the end of the video.

What can you learn from this video?

If you want to cater to a specific audience, you can use something as simple as an identifiable color. Also, close-ups and glamor shots are very popular with fashion and tech products. Don’t hesitate to use them if you want to promote these products!

Fenty Skin – Introducing the New Culture of Skin Care

Video type : corporate video
Length : 1 minute

This product video is a real work of art! With music that sets the mood from the start, a beautiful set, a stable color palette, and fast-changing scenes, Fenty Beauty shows its new skincare line, but also a new way of life. Indeed, the video shows how you can take care of your skin without being afraid of outdoor activities. You can do everything you want, but still have flawless skin at the end.

What can you learn from this video?

When you create a culture around your product, you can attract specific customers that share your values. Thus, you increase the chances of them being loyal to your brand because they develop a preference for you.

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