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Use Animated Infographic In Your Greeting Card Video

Use Animated Infographic In Your Greeting Card Video

The holidays are approaching, and you can take this opportunity to shoot a greeting video, embellished with an animated infographic.

Christmas tree, presents, Santa Claus… The end of year celebrations are coming soon, the opportunity for your company to make a nice communication in video, that you can make with an online video editor.

What is a greeting video? Instead of sending a newsletter full of text that is unlikely to be read by your audience, opt for a newsletter containing a video, with, for example, the greetings of your executives:

Or a dilemma interview:

And why not a quiz:

And in these videos, you can add an animated infographic. But what is an animated infographic? It’s a motion design sequence, often used to present an annual review or a quaterly report to your team for example:

But then, why use an animated infographic in your greeting video?

Animated infographic gets you in the Christmas mood

The animated computer graphics are composed of images, a succession of animations whose role is to make your video dynamic (just like music). Inserting it in a video of end-of-year greetings is an opportunity to adapt your graphic charter to the colour codes of Christmas, and not necessarily by integrating red and white everywhere (we know that these colours represent above all Coca-Cola 😉): take your graphic charter, and bring a Christmas touch to it: for example, by making your logo brighter, more golden, by adding garlands around it…

Animated infographics can also be used to highlight your brand image

Putting figures or statistics in images when you make a presentation is an opportunity to highlight the elements of your graphic charter (logo, baseline, colour palette, text font, etc.). And in the video, it’s the same! If this video is aimed at an audience of prospects who do not know you well, the infographic, with these branding elements, will enable them to identify you better.

The animated infographic allows you to put forward quotes and figures

If your year-end video includes speeches from your managers, or even interviews with your teams, it would be a shame for your audience to miss the point.
If there are inspirational phrases, figures (e.g. number of new customers, % growth of your company…), in short, key messages that your audience (already bombarded with video messages) needs to remember, the animated sequences of the infographic can be the opportunity to insist on them. The harder you hammer, the more it sinks in!

Today, most video creators allow you to add animated infographic in your video

What about you? Would you like to see more impressive interactive infographic examples? Would you like to make your own interactive infographic, to drag the attention of viewers with relevant content for your professional social media? For a stunning result? On the video maker Pitchy, it is easy to make a good infographic: you will be able to manage different video projects, choose among a list of different infographic templates (inspired by actual video trends), create a timeline, import your illustrations, images, visuals, compile your data, numbers and other statistics, and create motion design to introduce speakers if necessary. This modern format with animation creates interactivity among readers, which is why it is one of their favorites.

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Creation date 29/11/2022


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