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Job presentation video: make people want to apply

Job presentation video: make people want to apply

If you want to create a job presentation video yourself, you have to make people want to join your team. Here are our tips!

Before applying to a job in your company, candidates will want to know more about the position in question, because you can’t always rely on the title. Jobs are becoming more complex and can include a wider range of tasks.

And these days, one of the most consumed forms of content is video (much better than a boring powerpoint presentation). What could be better than a job presentation video, a business video to make rare gems want to join you? You will be able to share it on social networks, as well as on recruitment websites.

Whether you are HR, marketing, sales or other, we give you some tips to make people want to join your team, to guide you before you start shooting 🙂

Before the video

First step, think about writing a script. This will be your roadmap throughout the content creation process.

You should then ask yourself several questions:

  • What is the job in question?
  • Who is the audience? For example, if it’s for an internship, it’s for young people under 25.
  • What are the main tasks?
  • What skills are expected?
  • Where is the best place to interview an employee?
  • Could the interview include non professional questions, such as the interviewee’s passions?
  • What format should you use?
  • How long should the video be?
  • Will you be interviewing multiple people in one video?

Once you have answered all these questions, you will be more capable of meeting a specific expectation. Now, you know your target and what you want to highlight:

  • the good atmosphere in the team,
  • the support of employees throughout their career,
  • kindness and high standards,
  • the diversity of profiles,
  • a professional environment conducive to personal development,
  • a nice area


A clear, dynamic message

If you intend to share this video on your social networks, be aware that the optimal length should be:

  • 2 minutes on Youtube,
  • 60 seconds on Facebook,
  • 45 seconds on Twitter,
  • 30 seconds on Instagram.

In other words, you must get straight to the point, name the main missions concerning the position, the daily role within your company.

To do this, you can use templates with your color code: alternating between text-based question shots and filmed answer shots (from touch and go) will give your content dynamism.

Advice from Pitchy: many videos are watched without sound. Think about adding subtitles, and why not highlight important keywords regarding the missions (for example: “generate leads”, “animate our social networks”, “accompany customers on a daily basis”, etc.).

Job presentation video: a visual (and sound) identity

Note that candidates will see several of these videos in the same week. For yours to stand out, you will need a visual identity and music that people will remember.

For the visual identity, take inspiration from your colors and your logo’s, that you use regularly in your communication on social networks. What font do you use? What colors are appropriate for your sector?

For example, if you are in the health sector, there is no need to highlight pink and fluorescent yellow: stick to sober colors, like white and light blue. On the other hand, if you are a communication agency, allow yourself to be more creative.

Advice from Pitchy: avoid introducing too many visual elements in your video: it can become too heavy and dense. Adding too much visuals can drown the key information, especially if the video is seen in a smaller format (on a cell phone for example). Keep it simple!

The sound identity is also very important. Avoid soporific elevator music and choose a theme that wakes up and embodies the dynamism of your teams.

Pitchoune’s advice: avoid putting the music too loud. You risk giving the viewers a headache, and above all, a confusing message.

Music is good, but in moderation!

A willing and enthusiastic interviewee

60% of communication should be based on:

  • gestures,
  • the tone of voice,
  • posture,
  • facial expressions.

In other words, we are not attracted by employees who look like they are suffering when they have to talk about themselves or their profession.

For your job presentation video, the interviewee must therefore be willing and motivated, regardless of their seniority. Remember to ask them:

  • what attracted them,
  • the values of your company that they share,
  • to speak clearly, not too quickly,
  • to emphasise on quotes for recording and text modifictions later,
  • and above all, and this is perhaps the most important: TO SMILE!

An attractive location

This video is a reflection of who you are, therefore the place is revealing. If the walls behind are gray and blank, it will tarnish your image. On the other hand, if we can see in the recording:

  • a poster with your values,
  • colleagues working and exchanging,
  • a nice decoration that offers a pleasant working environment (plants for example),
  • or even in some cases, an animal (some agencies do it 🙂 )

then you will be more successful in seducing. The most important thing is to show that working at your company means joining a warm professional environment. The kindness and enthusiasm of your employees must be reflected in your premises.

Advice from Pitchy: if you want to highlight your location, think of putting the interviewee somewhere with a depth of field. Your place will be highlighted, and you can take advantage of this space when editing to add keywords and pictograms 😉

Here is an example of an interview of Sophie, Client Success Manager at Pitchy:


Do you want to make a video interview to recruit? Ask for a demo from Pitchy to discover our features, images, good templates, voice effects and awesome solutions 🙂

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Creation date 11/05/2021


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