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5 Advantages of Onboarding Video

5 Advantages of Onboarding Video

Have you ever tried onboarding video? Well, you should. Here are five concrete advantages of onboarding video.

Video has become a popular tool with many companies which apply it in many of their processes, especially since there are more remote workers. Among them are counted the HR and onboarding processes. Indeed, more and more companies rely heavily on video to welcome their new employees in their midst. According to an article published by SHRM in 2017, 58 percent of new hires who went through a structured and effective onboarding process are more likely to remain in the company after three years.

Moreover, though the primary goal of onboarding videos is to serve the recruitment strategy of companies, they have been extended to new clients as well. Thus, video is also considered by many companies as an important tool in their communication and sales strategy. How can companies benefit from onboarding video? This article will dive deep in the advantages presented by these videos for any organisation.

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What is an onboarding video? What are its primary goals?

An onboarding video with a good script is a useful tool to introduce your product or your brand to a company’s new customers and/or users. It also targets new employees as it educates them about the products and the core values of the company. There are several types of onboarding videos that will be presented below.

For example, the welcome onboarding video

This type of onboarding video is aimed at new employees before they start working for the company that hired them. It showcases your company’s history, values, culture, and goals; as well as the role that the new employee will play in it. A new hire video is an effective tool to increase employee retention in the long run.

The company policies video

This onboarding video gives the new employees an overview of the companies’ policies. It aims at presenting complex and overwhelming documents in an engaging format.

The department overview video

This video introduces new hires to the department’s goals and gives him an overview on how the department contributes to the overall success of the company. It also helps the new hire to get a better understanding of his role and to perceive how he could be invested in the success of the company at his level.

The key skills training video for new users to study, as takeaway knowledge

onboarding video skills training

This is an important video aiming at presenting the company’s processes tools, technologies, and processes to help the new hires in their daily tasks. This video is a very important tool in the employee onboarding process since it helps the new employees to acquire new skills quickly.
These types of onboarding videos are just several examples of how they have become a key tool in the recruitment processes of organisations. However, it is also worth noting that they present several advantages for companies that we are going to examine further.

Why you should use onboarding video in your recruitment process

Onboarding videos are key recruitment tools which have several advantages for companies, new employees, new customers, and new users.

onboarding video recruitment


One of the best features of onboarding videos is that they are engaging. Indeed, studies have consistently shown that 95% of users are more likely to retain information they see on video. On the other hand, only 10% of users retain information found in a text. For this reason, companies must create effective video content that stimulates interactivity with their viewers.

Opportunity of progressive learning for new users for any topic

Onboarding videos enables new employees and new customers to learn about processes, applications and products at their own pace. Therefore, if they haven’t understood something, they can watch the video later. Because of this feature, onboarding videos are the ideal tool to create content that can be adapted to the learning goals of the viewers: interns, employees, or remote workers.

Accessibility to multiple videos, for all types of employee

Another advantage of the onboarding video is that it is accessible on many devices. Indeed, as it is a versatile tool, the information it contains can be stored in cloud storage services (e.g. Google Drive), or on platforms such as a YouTube channel. All you need is an Internet connection to get access to your onboarding video.


Onboarding videos can be used to create specific content, according to the training needs of some departments in the company. Thus, they can be privatised and managers don’t have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. In this case, the HR departments have to create scripts adapted to the audience they are targeting, as well as the result they want to reach.

Main benefits: a cost-effective and time-saving tool

Employee onboarding videos help companies to save money, as they are more economical than other forms of training or communication tools such as in-house training or a folder full of documents. Indeed, some studies have shown that using videos in companies’ onboarding processes reduced the amount of time needed to train new employees by 90%.
Also, onboarding videos can help to save time in many other ways. For example, new customers can learn to use a new product, service or application through this kind of content. Therefore, they become more autonomous and require less intervention from the customer service department. Thus, the latter can save time to focus on more important and strategic tasks.

Create your onboarding videos with Pitchy today

Nowadays, content with animation (such as one-minute video) is a key tool for the onboarding process of companies. For this reason, Pitchy put a complete set of tools, script and features at your disposal to help you and new users create your first video easily and effortlessly. Do you want to have more information about our video service? In that case, feel free to ask a demo.

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