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BlogHROnboarding in video: why is it effective?

Onboarding in video: why is it effective?

Onboarding in video: why is it effective?

In today's environment, many things have to be done remotely. Video onboarding has many advantages.

We’ve all been there: the first day in a new company is never easy. You have to adapt to a new professional environment, new premises, new colleagues, a new way of working, etc.

The integration process when you arrive in a company is what helps you to get your bearings, and makes you feel integrated.

Remember for your new hires that:

  • 59% of managers prefer to watch a video rather than read a text,
  • 75% of employees prefer to watch a video rather than read a text,
  • 96% of companies say that video improves the quality and speed of training for their employees, and,
  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

How can video content help you to overcome the distance needed due to the health crisis we are facing? How can it help you to successfully welcome and train your employees in your organization? More and more companies are using this method of new hire video. We tell you more in this article.

Preboarding: your new employee’s first day at the office


Day one: the new person joins your team and arrives in an unfamiliar environment. They don’t know:

  • where their computer is,
  • what passwords they need to access everything,
  • what connections they need,
  • the name of your collaborative work tool,
  • everyone’s role in the team.

Why not discuss all these details calmly in a short welcome animation?

Before the first day, you can put together a short welcome video yourself, which you can send by email. This will help break the ice, put names to the faces of the team, and above all, get you off to a good start, knowing where to get the equipment and how to connect to the various software. And don’t forget: a warm video will reflect a good professional atmosphere.

Use warm colours, dynamic video sequences, and encourage your team members to briefly introduce themselves, with a smile of course 😉 this presentation should include :

  • first names,
  • missions, and,
  • feel free to go further: it’s even nicer if you share your passions, and your interests. Who knows? You may have some of them in common with each other!

The other stage of the first day is the team meeting by video, whether in the morning or in the afternoon, possibly for a breakfast together or a lunch. This will allow new recruits to forget the distance. This team meeting will also allow the newcomer to be helped with certain tasks, if these need to be carried out in a group (for example: to train on a platform).

The new person is trained on video: a time saver for you

Don’t rush the newcomers: give them several days if necessary to study the different subjects.

For example: if you regularly use an interface, let the new person settle down for a few hours, and manage to understand by themselves the tutorial video you will have made for them.

You can already create several onboarding videos, for the self-training of your employees.

This training will be the same for each new member of your team: this way, young recruits will be able to schedule some time in their agenda dedicated to these training sessions. These training videos should be available on your Drive, so all of your employees can access them whenever they want.

The purpose of these videos is:

  • to train your employees on your CRM tools,
  • if you are a platform, such as Pitchy: to familiarise them with it, and to use it (for example: we ask all our new recruits to introduce themselves in video via the Pitchy platform),
  • explain your product,
  • explain how to contact support (e.g. in the form of a ticket), as well as any HR type info, such as health insurance.

Advice from Pitchy:

  • Also, arrange a video “check-in” between your new recruit, and one person from each team. The aim: to get to know the people, the roles of each person, and above all to understand the major projects of the moment within your organisation. These video briefings can be accompanied by Powerpoint presentations with names, photos and key points to remember.
  • From the very first weeks: propose game sessions with the rest of the company. Online games such as werewolf or skribble are very easy to organise, and very popular with colleagues.

At Pitchy, we do it, and it works 😉

Are you welcoming new people and want to do it on video? Ask for a demo of the Pitchy solution!


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Creation date 04/06/2021


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