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Video Montage Maker For Your Event Communication

Video Montage Maker For Your Event Communication

To make your event communication more efficient and automatic, use a video montage maker.

Are you organizing a corporate event like a seminar or a corporate fair? Then, you must realize that flyers or Intranet announcements are not the only way to make it known. Indeed, video has become increasingly used by companies and marketers to promote corporate events.

According to a study made by Event MB in 2018, 66% of event planners and promoters use video in their marketing strategy. Also, video increases companies’ notoriety by 55% and leads by 66%. All these factors explain the success of video in event communication.

However, having a successful video campaign for your events also means that you should have the proper tools. Among them, a video montage maker is essential to get perfect videos that will engage your audience. However, using a video maker may be a challenge, especially if you’re not used to handling it. If this is your case, this article will guide you, even if you’re not a director!

Why do companies use videos to promote their events?

Companies use the video medium to fulfill several communication and promotional goals.

Communicate more at a lower price

You can share lots of ideas in a one-minute video, by using visuals and words. It’s very useful, especially if you have a tight budget.

Capture the attention of their audience

Video can be used to entice the viewers, so that they watch it to the end. You shouldn’t let them get bored, and short formats like teasers are perfect to reach this goal.

Increase their visibility on social media

Over the years, social media has become an indispensable tool in the marketing strategy of companies, for B2C and B2B sectors as well. As they are free and easily accessible, your message can be scaled and seen by many people. And companies don’t spend a dime on it! Event videos are especially successful on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Share emotions with their audience

People feel an event and live it, so it’s not easy to transcribe it with text. Indeed, people are more sensitive to visuals, music, and colors. Thus, you can convey one or several emotions through visual information.
Here are some keys to make a successful event video:
· A dynamic and fluid montage
· A powerful, popular, and chilling music
· A story to which the audience can identify.

Improve their corporate image

Event video enables you to differentiate and attract future customers. Your brand will be perceived as innovative and modern, as time goes by. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect to put your event videos on your website. What kind of videos to use for your corporate events?
You can use at least three types of videos for your corporate events:
· Teasers to entice and attract customers and/or your targeted audience, without saying too much about the event
· Livestream videos to enable your audience to follow your event live
· Retrospective videos to thank the participants and make them desire to come back to the next editions

Why should you use a video montage maker for your event videos?

An online video editor allows you to create an extraordinary video quickly and easily, even if you don’t have high creative abilities. It will also enable you to personalize your event video with your graphic charter and all your brand identity, and with different options (music, audio, transitions, motion titles, and other effects). Finally, your message will be more dynamic with the proper video montage.

Use your video montage maker in three simple steps

To create a stunning event video, the best idea is to associate video sequences and motion design. The basic steps to create your video montage are the following:

Step #1: Upload your photos and video clips on the online video editing software

Gather all your videos and images to upload them into your video montage maker

Step#2: Arrange and edit your video montage

After uploading your visuals, you can use the montage preview to rearrange your content into the order you want. You can also customize your event video with music, text, stickers, and titles to make your video montage more enticing.

Step #3: Export and share your video

After your editing is over, hit “export” in your tool. Afterwards, you can download and save your final MP4 file and share it with your viewers on the platforms of your choice: social media, your website…

Additional tips for your video montage before, during and after your event

Before the event

This is the moment where you make your teaser to entice the future participants of your events. Keep it short – 20 minutes maximum. Say enough to attract them but not too much to make them come to your event! Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful teaser with your video montage maker:
· Insist on motion design
· Take a template that is appropriate for your teaser
· Choose a dynamic music among those proposed in the tool
· Create a dynamic sequencing, including video sequences of previous editions of the event

During the event

Don’t hesitate to film a maximum of scenes during the event: your teammates on the stand, interviews of people visiting your event… You can also film your livestream to allow your future viewers to live your event as if they were there. All these clips will be useful for your photo montage with your tool.
And don’t think that you need a sophisticated camera to film your sequences. If you don’t have professional equipment, an iPhone will be enough.

After the event

After the event, take back all the clips you filmed with your phone to start making your retrospective. Then, start making your video montage:
· Add popular and dancing music
· Insert interviews’ extracts
· Include text with motion designs to highlight words and the key moments of the event
· Include the feedback of your visitors: for instance, you can ask them to define the event in one word, and why they are interested in your event.
Ready to make your first video montage? Contact us!

Do you want to use an incredible video montage maker for your event video? Then, Pitchy is the online video editing software you need! We offer you a complete tool with templates, different music and audio options, as well as other customization features. On this online montage maker, you will have a large choice among a selection of video templates, and you will be able to add photos, watermark, and a lot of features in few clicks, to have as many creativity as possible in your ads. In addition to our software, we also have a mobile app to edit your video rushes with powerful features to bring seamless transitions.

If you are interested, sign up for a demo.

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