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How To Make Good Video Messaging

How To Make Good Video Messaging

Nowadays, most corporate messages are sent by video. In this article, we give you some inspiring examples of video messaging.

The periods of lockdowns linked to the health crisis we have experienced over the last two years have profoundly changed our communication in companies. Many companies, who wanted to maintain the link with their teams, opted for video, because it brings a human touch, despite the distance, and in addition, its message is better remembered.

Video messaging (such as email video) will be viewed much more than a simple text message (80% vs. 20%). And a video message will be retained at 90%, compared to only 10% for a text message. So if you want your message to be seen and remembered, use video! And these video messages can take many forms, both internally with your teams and externally with your customers and prospects. For example, they can be personalised videos for mass rendering, or videos relating to safety measures.

In this article we give you some inspiring examples of good video messaging, both internal and external.

Top rules to make good video messaging

Whether for human resources, for your email marketing strategy or for an in-house tutorial, your video messaging should :

  • Be personalised: we are more inclined to listen to a video message when we feel directly concerned. So think about adapting your video communication to the person’s situation.
  • Reflect who you are, your values. Transmit the values you defend: this is what will create a feeling of identification and belonging among your audience. They will not just buy your products or services. They will not just work for you: they will identify with the values of your company.
  • Show that you care about the recipients. In your personalised video message, consider asking recipients how they are doing, whether they found what they were looking for, whether they have made a decision about whether or not to buy a product or service.
  • Be short: remember that your target audience (whether employees or customers) is already bombarded with messages throughout the day. So be concise and to the point in your video message. Avoid formats that are longer than 3 minutes, especially in newsletters aimed at prospects.
  • Use your brand identity: a video message is the ideal opportunity to recall your graphic identity, thanks to a jingle, an atypical text font, and motion design sequences between the filmed sequences, to give dynamism. These sequences can be added during the video editing process, thanks to easy-to-use software for non-video professionals.

Video messaging for your employees and teams

Knowledge sharing with your collaborators:

Sharing knowledge between employees is one of the keys to being more effective together. It also allows all members of the same team to have all the information they need to perform. And if teammates are at a distance, communication is made more difficult. And that’s where video messaging can come in. You can quickly make a short video for knowledge sharing, adding knowledge in an obvious way, via highlighted text, in front of one of your colleagues speaking on camera for example.

Executive updates, for example if you are welcoming a new CEO:

Again, if the teams are at a distance, and you want to introduce them to their new leader, what better way than with a short introduction video. This gives a human face to the managers, and above all, it shows that they are involved in your company’s internal communication, that they don’t stay locked up in their office, isolating themselves from the rest of the staff.

Video messaging to present a new employee, new hire introductions:

What applies to leaders also applies to your new recruits. When welcoming a new employee, an introductory video can be the best way to make that person known internally, to announce their arrival. In the internal email containing your video, you can choose a slightly fun subject line, such as: “John, our new Product Owner, answers funny questions from…”. You can even encourage your teams to write questions in advance, if you want to do a video interview with the newcomers, as is the case with the Fast and Curious model.

Video messaging for your customers

Video messaging in cold email to draw marketing prospects:

What is a cold email? These are usually prospects who were approached some time ago and have not returned to you since. But perhaps they have simply forgotten about you. Perhaps a little video follow-up would make them happy and help them make a decision. Do not hesitate to send a video via this type of email, with, of course, a subject that will push them to act, such as “NAME, we haven’t heard from you for a long time”, “NAME, we’ve come to see how you are…”.

Video recap after an event or a conference, as a retrospective:

The best way to thank the participants who came to visit you on your stand, and to make people want to come and see you at the next edition if there is one. In this video, you can compile all the footage filmed during the congress, and make a very simple montage, with royalty-free music in the video editing website, as well as text, to specify the number of participants.

Client onboarding presentation:

If a customer has opted for your application or software, he will probably want to be as autonomous as possible on it, so that he does not need to call on you all the time. For this, nothing better than a short welcome video, to quickly show them the main features.
This video message shows that you don’t just sell a service, but that you also support and advise users.

Loyalty offer:

Proposing a loyalty offer to a loyal customer means thanking them for their trust, by proposing an offer to which they alone are entitled, thus playing on the exclusive aspect.

Video messaging in a greeting card:

The traditional year-end greetings. In video, this allows you to highlight your managers and your teams, who wish your customers a happy new year, thank them for their loyalty, and take the opportunity to share the company’s future projects for the coming year.

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