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Discover the true power of personalized video at scale

Our solution allows you to generate a large volume of personalized videos from your data. You will only need to distribute them to all your clients, prospects, or collaborators.

personalised video at scale

Use cases

Generate your videos
in bulk from your data

Promotion of a product or service

Present your product or service in context in a more concrete way through personalized video at scale format. Ensure better immersion of your prospects or clients through a detailed and personalized video tailored to their profile to further pique their interest. Find potential users more easily and quickly with the large-scale sending of personalized videos through Pitchy.

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Drive action

Increase audience engagement through ultra-personalization of your videos in record time. We create tailor-made video content with no customization limits for all your communication needs. Distribute personalized videos to encourage your recipients to respond to a survey, participate in an event, give feedback on your product or service, and much more. Make them want to take action through video!

create action video at scale

Promotional & Loyalty Operations

Offer your clients a unique experience by transforming their customer journey through personalized videos that, with particular attention to their level of loyalty, present the exclusive benefits reserved for them.

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New Employee Communication

Personalize the video message that will be addressed to all new arrivals upon their onboarding or to communicate internally about their arrival, mass personalized video can help you transform communication within your company.

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A custom video template and thousands of variations with the personalized fields of your choice

We create video templates from your data and customize them for each of your clients, prospects, or collaborators to better engage and convert, so you only need to distribute them in bulk!

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To deliver a more impactful message to your recipient.

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To be able to address a large number of people.

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To be able to quickly distribute your videos created by our experts.

How it works?

Creating a video
template with you

create personnalised videos at scale

Creation of a video template to be adapted by a video expert


Definition of personalized fields for each recipient (texts, photos, icons...)


Integration of a clickable link at the end of the video


Generation of the personalized video template on a large scale based on your data


Delivery of videos in the form of an Excel file with all the links to your videos and associated gifs

They trust us

They are already transforming their communication with Pitchy, are you?


Packages tailored to your video projects


This pack gives you access to all the Pitchy features with first-level customization and support.



This pack gives you access to all Pitchy features and integrates a high level of customization to your brand codes, along with dedicated support.


This pack unlocks 100% of the conditions of the previous packs, offers an even more premium level of support, and includes a number of video service credits to be used throughout your commitment period.

Our answers to your questions

Can't find the answer
to your question?

What is the level of video personalization thanks to the Pitchy solution?

There are no limitations regarding the type of video, animation of creative elements, addition of automatic subtitles, and the message to personalize for your audience. Thanks to the Pitchy platform, one of the pioneering video generators on the market, and its team of video content creators, we can fully customize all sequences of your video templates so that the final result is impactful and engaging. Discover this new way of communicating quickly and how to ensure the success of your videos.

What size audience can we send customized videos to?

You can share your personalized videos at scale to a large audience internally and externally with no size limit. Thanks to one of the best video generators on the market, we create thousands of videos in record time for our clients. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 people to reach (or more), Pitchy guarantees you quality and speedy video edition.

What types of videos can be created with the Pitchy solution?

Pitchy covers all your needs in terms of explanatory, promotional, storytelling, awareness, and presentation videos, regardless of your profession (marketing, internal and external communication, training, human resources) and your industry. Choose to put video at the heart of your strategy with the help of one of the most powerful video generators.

Need a simple way to scale your video production?

Find out how our online video editing platform has been designed to meet all your business needs.

personalised video at scale
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