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With Pitchy, Manpower has produced over 800 videos to better integrate its temporary workers into the field and attract the best talents

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Use cases

Recruitment campaigns, agency presentations, presentation of temporary missions, external communication (CSR), customer information, HR challenges (cooptation, mentoring, recruitment campaigns, etc.)

 Established: 1957

Mission: offering companies the flexibility they need through various recruitment solutions, and enabling their clients to find the people they need faster.

Watch the testimonials of Manpower employees and temporary workers :

Kelly Parmentelot, in charge of Manpower on-site Petit Bateau

Isabelle Livet, Manpower Temporary Worker at Petit Bateau

Gérard Mallet, Director of the Petit Bateau site in Buchères

Manpower needed to better integrate its temporary workers before they take up their jobs

Previously, Manpower employees would take new temporary workers on a site visit before they joined a company. However, logistically, it wasn't very practical (time, transportation, etc.).

Manpower wanted to use visual support to present the business and the various positions at Petit Bateau, in Buchères, in the Aube region. 

The Transformation and Innovation department asked Pitchy to create their first video.

The Aube Manpower branch thus initiated an innovative approach: creating a video that allows temporary workers, prior to starting their positions, to have an overview of the company (positions, access, safety, environment, etc.) for better integration.

“This solution is now deployed across all on-site Manpower agencies throughout France."
Sophie Vivet, Aube Manpower Branch Manager

The strategy has paid off: fewer job abandonments and better integration thanks to video

“Before I took up my job, I met Kelly, who showed me the Petit Bateau video, allowing me to discover the site, access points, and safety guidelines. This made it easier for me to get into the company, and to find out about different jobs."
Isabelle Livet, Manpower Temporary Worker at Petit Bateau

Today, Pitchy is used by all on-site agencies

Pitchy’s solution met Manpower's 3 major video needs:

-       Showcasing the whole building

-       Displaying the various tasks and activities carried out on-site,

- Aligning with the different employees’ needs in terms of video since they all have different use cases

After the initial lockdown, video was the best way to reconnect and attract talent

When Manpower employees returned to the branches, they had lost touch with the temporary workers. Hence, it was necessary to re-establish that connection, and that's when the idea of a video became evident to the HR team as a way of attracting talent to Manpower.

Therefore, a simple, easy-to-use tool was needed for these same HR teams, who had no prior knowledge of video creation.

Video enabled the teams to cover numerous HR topics at a time when the connection between companies, employees, and candidates was complicated

Company news, cooptation, sponsorship, reports on health regulations, employee benefits, greetings cards, employee testimonials, recruitment campaigns, agency promotions, videos to reassure temporary workers before the start of their missions... The videos created with Pitchy covered numerous HR issues, including recruitment, employee relations and support for temporary workers.

These videos, some of which have reached up to 1,000 views, are highly appreciated internally because they serve as reminders on a wide range of subjects (health rules, professional gestures, etc.).

“Whenever I had a question, I would immediately send a message, and I received a super-quick response. And for that, I really appreciated your responsiveness."
Virginie Moncet

Three main benefits of the Pitchy tool: simplicity, time savings and customer support

The video templates and media libraries (music, images, icons, etc.) make video creation easy, and including your filmed rushes in a premade template adds dynamism to the content, with the integrated graphic charter.

The ability to duplicate videos saves a tremendous amount of time in production, for an HR team that needs to create many videos.

Last but not least, the customer support provided to Manpower's HR teams was greatly appreciated.

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Gerard Mallet
Director of le Petit Bateau site in Buchères
Isabelle Livet
Manpower Temporary Worker at Petit Bateau
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