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In a context related to the Covid crisis, Izivia had to create customer testimonials.

For both its communication and recruitment efforts, over 200 people at EDF have produced over 1,500 videos with Pitchy

EDF case study

Mission: Creating a new energy model: less CO2 emissions, more efficient, more environmentally and socially respectful.

Watch the video testimonial from Aliénor de Robillard, Communication Officer at Izivia (a subsidiary of the EDF group, with a mission to assist in recharging electric vehicles):

At a time when face-to-face exchanges were difficult or impossible, Izivia's management had a significant demand to promote the brand, explaining why one should choose Izivia (installation of charging stations, applications, and cards for charging stations, etc.). Therefore, there was a need to produce customer testimonials intensively, along with a cost challenge: producing a large amount of content without it being too expensive.

Izivia approached video editing software companies to internalise its creation.

Video creation helped address an exceptional context where communication and recruitment had to be done remotely

Ultimately, given the Covid context, customer testimonials were not the most produced (more challenging during lockdown), but rather presentations of new products, internal employee portraits, recruitment campaigns for HR teams, and retrospectives of virtual events.

"We wanted a tool that we could use and get results quickly, which was confirmed: the editing process was genuinely straightforward and rapid."
Aliénor de Robillard, Communication Officer at Izivia

Pitchy tool: simple, fast, and adaptable

Izivia also appreciated the automatic subtitling (mandatory at EDF), generated automatically, adding text at the right timing with "extraordinary speed".

The ease of export was also very praised: in horizontal (16:9) but also in square format for recruitment campaigns on Instagram, or in vertical for other social media.

Satisfied with the tool, Izivia extended its collaboration for two years, incorporating its new graphic charter into the tool (over 60 sequences, with representative patterns and colours), along with its music and text font. And whenever this charter evolves, Pitchy is in contact with the Audiovisual direction of the group, allowing for quick updates in the SaaS tool.

"And if we divide the number of videos by the annual licence cost, we arrive at something very interesting, especially since today, we are asked to produce a lot of visual content."
Aliénor de Robillard, Communication Officer at Izivia
EDF client testimony with Pitchy

Three main benefits of the Pitchy tool: simplicity, time savings and customer support

The video templates and media libraries (music, images, icons, etc.) make video creation easy, and including your filmed rushes in a premade template adds dynamism to the content, with the integrated graphic charter.

The ability to duplicate videos saves a tremendous amount of time in production, for an HR team that needs to create many videos.

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