Ministry of the Economy testifies

The Institute of Public Management and Economic Development (IGPDE, attached to the Ministry of the Economy) is a very happy client!

One year and over 800 videos later, Pitchy is being used in 15 departments of the Ministry of the Economy

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Use cases with Pitchy :

Presentation of teams and projects, HR conferences, activities to promote diversity, event replays, tutorials for in-house training

Established: 2001

Missions: ensuring the promotion and development of employee’s skills, supporting the transformation of public action, conducting research and spreading knowledge in public management, economics, and economic and financial history.

Watch the testimonial of Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department, and Nathalie Vaglio, Head of the ITEF-IGPDE department:

A ministry that was struggling with recruitment and aimed to enhance its image on social media

It all started with an observation: the best way to communicate on social media is through video.

I expressed the need to the departments and services of the central administration, inquiring about their communication methods, and they all showed great interest in having a tool to communicate internally [...] or, for example, to portray a different image of our ministries.
Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department

Portraying a different image of the Ministry is a major challenge because in the collective unconscious, it is mostly seen through the lens of taxes. However, the Ministry of Economy is much more than that.

“Being able to enhance the attractiveness of our ministries on social media is also about attracting good candidates, the right profiles, who can match the jobs we have, and which are in demand, as we struggle to recruit for certain types of jobs.”
Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department

Pitchy’s simplicity appealed to IGPDE


Firstly, several companies offering video solutions were received at the ministry. Then the ministry turned to the UGAP (Union of Public Procurement Groups), which manages public procurement contracts, and where Pitchy was referenced.

They tested the tool for 1 year, and were delighted!

“We were able to explore this tool thoroughly, and it was acclaimed by the services because it was easy to use, enabling each department to produce professional videos independently, without any prior video editing skills."
Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department.

The tool was immensely popular and was rolled out to 10 new departments within the ministry

"All services praised it. From this experiment where there were 5 user departments, we have now expanded to 15 departments and services of central administration that use this tool fully, on a daily basis, for all types of event, whether for internal or external communications."
Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department.
Ministère de l'économie témoignage
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Alexandre Guerfal
Deputy Head of the DECADE IGPDE department
Nathalie Vaglio
Head of the ITEF-IGPDE department
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