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How Pitchy Transformed UGAP Communication: An Inspiring Success Story

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Missions : UGAP acts as an intermediary between public entities (administrations, local authorities, public establishments, etc.) and suppliers. It centralizes purchases to benefit from economies of scale and negotiate advantageous rates for its public clients. UGAP simplifies the purchasing procedures for its clients by handling some of the administrative procedures related to public procurement. Watch Marion Gabin-Tachet, Internal Communication Manager at UGAP, testify in the video:

Video media is very important for UGAP to invigorate and humanize their communications

The use of video in UGAP's communication is crucial for several reasons, and it can also encounter various challenges in daily operations:

Video enables clear, concise, and accessible communication of information. For a public organization like UGAP that deals with a wide range of clients, including individuals with different levels of understanding of markets, video is an effective tool for explaining complex concepts in an understandable manner to a broader audience. But since UGAP teams are not very tech-savvy, they needed a simple, fast video creation tool that also adhered to UGAP's graphic charter.

UGAP approached us for three key challenges where they had a strong need for video creation:

  1. Event feedback
  2. Employee interviews
  3. Management statements

As video allows communication to a very large audience in a personal and impactful way, UGAP naturally turned to this media to meet their needs.

Video has also been used to illustrate market trends during innovation workshops with clients, through short and impactful formats, to invigorate their communications. The teams also use video internally to share important information (for example, a market astonishment report, or a newsletter in vlog format).

The teams were looking for a user-friendly web-based video creation platform, comprehensive, intuitive, to democratize video editing with all their teams, so that everyone could be capable of appropriating it.

Video has allowed UGAP to communicate about large-scale events

Even before the event takes place, video communication can be used to announce and promote the event. A well-designed video generates enthusiasm and interest from potential stakeholders, encouraging them to participate. Using the Pitchy tool proved to be very useful for announcing certain UGAP events. Once the event is over, video communication was used to create and share summary content such as highlights, interviews with speakers, question-and-answer sessions with the audience, etc. This content aims to extend the impact of the event and continue to engage participants afterwards.

"Why Pitchy? Because it's a tool that stands out from other video solutions. It's easy, comprehensive, and Pitchy offers real assistance."
Marion Gabin-Techet

Transforming communication at UGAP is as easy as pressing play with Pitchy! Our user-friendly tool has turned video creation into second nature for the team, ensuring every project launch or management update is accompanied by dynamic content. Plus, being a part of the French Tech scene, Pitchy brings an extra dose of prestige & value to UGAP's public sector profile. Even those less tech-savvy staffers love how Pitchy effortlessly sticks to UGAP's branding with customizable templates and a treasure trove of models. And with Pitchy's commitment to innovation, features like automatic subtitling and keyword integration keep UGAP ahead of the curve in captivating their audience. 

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