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France Travail has created over 400 videos with Pitchy to promote its university and develop impactful training for the past 4 years!

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Use cases

 Internal communications such as employee presentation, experience sharing in the newsletter, teasers, training materials, interviews

Established: 1957

Mission: France Travail University (UPE) is responsible for designing, promoting, and delivering training activities outlined in the employees' skills development plan.

Watch the testimonials of France Travail Univeristy employee, Annie Subra, Head of Communication.

France Travail created the France Travail University to offer 55,000 employees training to better assist job seekers in their searches in 2017. 

The internal courses offered by the university cover topics such as public employment policies, IT tools, communication, etc.

The creation of this university coincided with France Travail's digital transformation. 

One goal of this transformation is to offer various subjects through e-learning modules and online classes for employees. This was crucial to spread the news about the training platform with content, where each employee has an annual allocation of 15 hours of training.

France Travail wanted to create short courses lasting a few minutes, allowing employees to learn according to competency frameworks, develop skills at their own pace, and choose non-specific training to enable them to transition to other professions if desired. However, these courses were not available in the LMS (Learning Management System) at that time.

France Travail employees were already creating some videos internally with more traditional software, but the lack of creativity in these tools was obvious.

“Before I took up my job, I met Kelly, who showed me the Petit Bateau video, allowing me to discover the site, access points, and safety guidelines. This made it easier for me to get into the Pitchy provides us with templates with a variety of scenes, and it's up to us to use what suits us. This is quite facilitating."
Annie Subra, Head of Communication at Pôle Emploi University
“In terms of time savings, video creation with Pitchy is much more efficient, compared to Adobe."
Annie Subra, Head of Communication at Pôle Emploi University

Gaining agility and standardising video content

UPE involves numerous structures in mainland France and overseas territories. Therefore, there was a need to:

  • Offer the same training content to everyone over a large geographic area.
  • Gain agility, especially in terms of content creation time, which is not the case when using an external provider.

For this, France Travail needed to take control of its video creation using a beginner-friendly editing tool.

Pitchy: a fast and customisable video tool

Templates that can be adapted to the brand's graphic identity, providing better visibility to employees to represent the university's brand. An editing tool that helps make videos quickly, generating and importing them in SCORM format to integrate them into the LMS.
Subtitles: Pôle Emploi must follow the State's Communication Accessibility Charter, requiring teams to make all communication understandable. Therefore, all content must be accessible digitally and subtitled. With Pitchy, generating subtitles is very easy!

And of course, the support from video experts: at France Travail, 20 employees work with Pitchy.

“When I encounter a difficulty, I sometimes need to reach out to the Support team. The team is truly quick to assist. They always do what it takes to ensure the video I am creating is finalised within the given timeframe."
Annie Subra

Three main benefits of the Pitchy tool: simplicity, time savings and customer support

The video templates and media libraries (music, images, icons, etc.) make video creation easy, and including your filmed rushes in a premade template adds dynamism to the content, with the integrated graphic charter.

The ability to duplicate videos saves a tremendous amount of time in production, for an HR team that needs to create many videos.

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Annie Subra
Head of Communication at Pôle Emploi University
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