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An internal appropriation of new tools that required dynamic content

BNP Paribas introduced new tools and processes internally that needed to be quickly assimilated by employees. In addition to this necessity, there was a desire to create shorter, more dynamic formats, such as mini-series.

Use cases

Training, project presentation, event launch, project deployment, tutorials

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Missions: to contribute to a responsible and sustainable economy by financing and advising clients according to the highest ethical standards.

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Emmanuelle Leduc, Appropriation Manager

Carine Adamoff, Business Development Manager

Kanda Fofana Touré, Project Leader

Lionel Maugein, Web Editorial Marketing Manager

Video content made this appropriation of new tools more pedagogical, and generated positive feedback from employees.

Today, a video is produced every week (sometimes more) and broadcast to the entire BNP Paribas retail agency network. The goal is to make complicated concepts understandable, in a pedagogical and entertaining way.

"What appealed to us was making our communications lively, being impactful in less than 1 minute with the employee. It's important for them to have a quick overview of the project we are delivering."
Carine Adamoff

Video allowed the creation of diverse content for different professions

For instance, a video to announce the new logo without any filmed content: it solely featured Pitchy's motion design, conveying the message in an animated manner with rhythmic music.

Accor also extensively used Pitchy for creating tutorial videos, enabling clients and hotels to assimilate information more quickly (e.g., a Q&A on how to use the website, how to use a new feature on the app).

They also produced retrospectives of events to enhance the group's external communication.

Other projects are still to come, such as inspiring videos presenting the Sales team in different languages. Then, CSR initiatives originating from the Procurement department impacting hotels and clients (e.g., reduction of plastics, carbon footprint, as they challenge suppliers on these aspects).

The Pitchy tool: freedom, autonomy, security, and support

"What we liked about Pitchy is the concept: a tool that allows us to be free, autonomous, to be able to make as many videos as we want, at a controlled cost."
Emmanuelle Leduc
"We also created interview videos as part of projects where we conducted tests with employees. At the time of delivering a tool, we show the impact it has already had on employees during testing."
Carine Adamoff

Before using Pitchy, BNP Paribas' main concern was GDPR and IT security. But Pitchy aligned well with their IT, ensuring data security.

Another advantage of Pitchy is its simplicity: the tool offers pre-designed templates to create dynamic and impactful videos quickly. The final strength of Pitchy is its customer support. A team of Customer Success Managers is at the customer's service to assist them (when the customer starts using the tool) and, if necessary, support them in their video creation project.

"We were quickly reassured that it could meet our needs, and also by the customer support service, since there is a whole team answering the phone to help us with scripts, video editing, and creating videos from A to Z."
Carine Adamoff

Pitchy: the user-friendly video editing tool for professional results

What the teams liked initially was the simplicity of the tool. Most users were clearly not graphic designers or videographers, but people who needed to explain how to use a website or a feature. They realised that Pitchy was easy to use, and everyone could quickly do it. Subsequently, the teams were able to deploy videos internationally quickly.

In addition to its user-friendliness, there's the simplicity of installing and managing the Pitchy tool internally.

Another strong point mentioned is the image library, thanks to librairies like Getty Images, Unsplash: beautiful images that make the video lively and expressive.

"It's an interesting tool: we already have all the templates, and we just have to fill in, so that the result is dynamic enough. Pitchy helps me a lot in that aspect."
Kanda Fofana Touré
Accor client testimony

Three main benefits of the Pitchy tool: simplicity, time savings and customer support

The video templates and media libraries (music, images, icons, etc.) make video creation easy, and including your filmed rushes in a premade template adds dynamism to the content, with the integrated graphic charter.

The ability to duplicate videos saves a tremendous amount of time in production, for an HR team that needs to create many videos.

Testimony of:
Emmanuelle Leduc
Appropriation Manager
Carine Adamoff
Business Development Manager
Kanda Fofana Touré
Project Leader
Lionel Maugein
Web Editorial Marketing Manager
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