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Advantages of Online Video Editing Software

Advantages of Online Video Editing Software

Within your company, you can use online video maker by yourself! No need to go through an agency.

Have you tried creative online video editing tool within your company, to bring audio and images into life?

Nowadays, planning a communication campaign without video media would be almost impossible, as it is a popular content widely shared on social networks. According to a recent survey by Forrester Research, 60% of Internet users visit a company’s website after watching one of its videos online.

Stunning videos on social media or other channels will give a positive image and bring a human dimension to create a link with your community.

Very often, companies call upon an agency for promo videos or video ads. But this service has a price, usually quite high, and can become an obstacle.

But did you know that it is possible to make a marketing video maker online (one of the most famous being Moviestudio), all alone, at home, thanks to an easy online video maker (works with Windows), or a simple video creator, with many features and apps? This good alternative is an option that has many advantages. These tools will be your new toys.

We tell you more in this article to guide you.

It is cheaper to edit your own videos with online video editing software

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If you choose to call upon a top agency or a studio for video editing, you will have to review and establish very precise specifications, that will include :

  • Your needs in a draught,
  • Your goals: to promote the company? A new product? A job offer for a recruitment?
  • Your constraints,
  • Your budget (unless you are looking for videos for free),
  • Your tools,
  • Your template, layer and colours,
  • Your audio recording,
  • Your transitions,
  • Your export,
  • Your deadlines to complete the project in time.

This specification takes time and controls, but it is essential to determine the allocated budget.

Of course, the specialised agency has professional equipment for the shooting, the sound, the audio effects if needed, the stability of the video during the shooting, editing, text, effects added during post-production…

You are sure to get a quality video, but often at exorbitant prices! If you’re a small company just starting out and want to make a good impression with a communication campaign, you can’t afford to spend so much money on a single video.

So you’re going to pay a lot of money for one content. By using online editing software, you buy a licence that can last for several years. It’s cheaper and you use it on the long term 🙂

It is faster to make your own videos, your own imovie, with online video editor and lightworks

When you hire an agency for films, you know that there will be several round-trips. First, you will deliver the storyboard, for a first test version of the video. Then, you will make your first returns to the agency for corrections.

There can be three or four round-trips like that, if there is a misunderstanding or communication issues between your company and the agency.

By choosing an online video editing software, you can make your changes directly. Your waiting time is considerably reduced, which is very useful if the video campaign has to be done quickly: logo, coulours, messages, download the right patterns, etc…

You can even upload videos you have made with your Smartphone (or with Android apps) 🙂

You can customise your videos with online video editing software and lightworks

Editing video online means you have control over everything. Today’s software is designed to allow you to create fully customised content. Whether it’s about :

  • video format,
  • music,
  • subtitles,
  • voice-over.

Before using online editing software, make sure you have a clear idea of the type of video you want to make.

A corporate video to present your new office?

A teaser for your social networks?

There are many video formats, depending on your goals and business. And the designers of today’s software are well aware of this 🙂

In addition to offering you a wide variety of formats, they help you edit your videos independently.

Your employees become more competent with online video editing software in few minutes

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This is very important: if you are a manager and entrust the movie editing of your videos to your employees, they will have the feeling that you trust them.

And by using a software, they will become more competent in:

  • using a platform,
  • understanding different formats.

Would you also like to make a retrospective video on your social media, through an imovie made with the best advanced tools? It is now possible thanks to our online video editor, with incredible features for your imvovie, such as watermark, lightworks, templates, themes, specifications, titles, timeline, downloads and other effects and more features. In adition, on movie maker Pitchy (available on windows), you will also have the ability to download your own images, logo, clips and footage. In addition to our platform, we also have a mobile app you can download.
Video editing is easy with the device Pitchy, a simple interface with filters for youtube videos,at a reasonable price, better than vimeo, clipchamp, fun veed or shotcut or openshot to edit your content for your social media! You will also be able to edit your videos with another tool, our mobile app, for a better result for you any user. Ask for a demo to discover the Pitchy tool.

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Creation date 18/03/2023


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