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Make An Awesome Outro For Your Video

Make An Awesome Outro For Your Video

Did you know that the outro of a video is as important as the intro? In this article, we give you some tips on how to do it right with an outro maker.

Over the past ten years, companies and marketers have noticed the power of video over their viewers and consumers. Indeed, 86% of marketers say that video is a powerful tool for lead generation.

However, making a good video script is not necessarily enough to drive conversions. Consequently, many marketers build their brand with other elements, such as intros and outros. A good outro helps you to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd and to increase your audience.

If you are not an expert in making video outros, this article will guide you. You will be able to make your own effortlessly, by using an outro maker.

What is an outro?

A video outro is the last part of the video after the main content is done. It will typically contain clickable elements to your website, your blog, your other videos, or any products that you mentioned in your content. Your video must last at least twenty-five seconds to add elements to an end screen, which will be visible for five to twenty seconds.

What kind of content can you use in an outro?

You can use four types of content when you make an outro:

  • An individual video or a playlist of several videos
  • A CTA to subscribe to your channel
  • A link to a different channel
  • A link to an approved external website

Why is an outro important?

A video outro is important to increase brand retention, which is of 35% to 40% on platforms such as YouTube. It will enable calls-to-action and recalls who made the video to the viewers. For this reason, video makers usually customize their outros with their brand aesthetic: logo, graphic charter, colors, text fonts, voiceovers, and recognizable music.

Some examples of great video outros

Some YouTube videos offer great examples of outros that you can adapt for your own video marketing strategy. Here are some outros that can inspire you.

Sean Cannell of Think Media

This content creator uses many clickable elements, such as the subscribe button, as well as video elements. He also displays his logo to make his brand stand out from the crowd. Also, shares his social media as well to invite his viewers to follow him there.

Andy Owen

This outro is quite simple as the marketer just video suggestions his audience might be interested in.

3 Best practices to make effective outros

Whether you are a beginner or not, you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative with your outros. Indeed, they reflect your brand and the identity of your company. To help you with this, here are some best practices that you can carry out for your outros.

Be focused on your goal

Before you create your outro, you must have a specific goal in mind. It will be useful for your whole video and will help you to get more subscribers. Make sure there is a “why” behind your action.

Keep it super simple

Don’t put too many elements on your end screen, as your viewers may be confused. You must get rid of unnecessary distractions, so that your audience will focus on what really matters.

Be consistent to build your brand

Use the elements of your brand identity consistently (logo, colors, editing styles, musical credits…). Thus, you will build trust and your viewers will recognize your brand immediately.

How to create an outro in 5 steps

Do you want to create your own outros but don’t know where to start? Then, we have great news for you! You don’t need to be an expert to do so. All you need is to make your own outro template in an easy-to-use outro maker. Just follow the five steps below and you’ll be able to create the outro of your dreams.

Step #1: Create your video and choose your background

Once you have crafted your video, choose the colors and size of your background in your outro maker. The tool can offer a specific size by default, but you can always resize your new project if need be.

Additional options are available in your outro maker as well, such as animations or voiceovers. You can use them at your discretion, according to your brand identity and your wishes.

Step #2: Put placeholder shapes and annotations in your outro template

After you chose your background, add some element placeholders. This step will help you to keep your outros consistent.

Step #3: Save your template

When your outro template is created, you can produce your own outro as an MP4 video and save it. Thus, you can use it as many times as you wish by importing it in your outro maker. It will then be easier for you to add it to the end of your future video projects.

Step #4: Upload your video and add the end screen elements

Now, you can upload your video on the platform of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram…) and add the end screen elements you want. For instance, the YouTube editor allows you to select the following elements:

  • Template containing groupings of tailor-made elements to create an outro
  • Your most recent video, or a specific video
  • A public playlist
  • The subscribe button
  • The promotion of another channel with a custom message
  • A link to an external website on certain conditions
  • An item from your merchandise

Step #5: Publish your video and watch the results

Be sure to monitor your channels and videos analytic regularly after the publication of your video. This will enable you to follow your views, your subscriptions, as well as your engagement rate. In addition, you may adjust your outro and your video strategy if necessary.

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