BlogVideo editorHow Can I Create A Video Online Easily With A Video Creator?

How Can I Create A Video Online Easily With A Video Creator?

How Can I Create A Video Online Easily With A Video Creator?

Creating an online video for your company saves time and money. And nowadays, there are software programs specially designed for this purpose!

Did you know that you no longer need to use an agency to create a video online? Now, thanks to easy-to-use online video editing software, you can quickly create your video, and at the same time, systematise your video production internally, for your communication, marketing or HR strategy. So you save time and money. Once you have read this article, you will quickly adopt an in-house video creation process.

Be clear about the video format you want to create with your online video editor

This is the first question you should ask. What type of video do you want to create?

An interview with your employees, to present a team in a funny way?

A video to meet you at one of your events?

To present your customer support?

To make internal training tutorials?

Video ads on social networks?

The format of the video you choose to create should meet the objectives that your teams have set in advance, for example :

  • recruiting new talent (HR team),
  • to promote the company’s image, in storytelling mode, on social networks (communication team)
  • to encourage conversion, to register for your events, to download one of your contents, to request a demo of your product (marketing team).

Before creating video online, adopt the right shooting reflexes

Why this remark? Because the way you shoot your video will have a positive or negative impact on the editing in post-production. Creating videos means first of all shooting them well.

To do this :

  • make sure you have a lapel microphone, so that you can pick up the sound of the people being interviewed,
  • make sure you have a stabiliser if you are filming with your smartphone or iphone, as these devices are very sensitive to the slightest movement,
  • use natural lighting,
  • and choose places where there is not too much traffic and noise if you are filming on your premises.

To create your video online, choose an online video editing software that offers pre-designed templates


The template is what will dress up your video, i.e. :

  • reflect your brand identity, thanks to your graphic charter (colour palette, logo, text font…),
  • clearly divide your video into different sequences (intro, outro, sequences of questions for interviews, etc.)
  • and give dynamism thanks to motion design, animations made by teams of graphic designers, based on current trends.

The template is the starting point for the video editing. And if you’ve never done it before, you’ll need a base, to at least get the hang of the editing software. The software should offer you different types of graphic templates, and save you time in this respect.

Once you have chosen your template to create your video, you can import your graphic identity on the online video editor


You have chosen a template. That’s fine. And the good news is that these templates are customisable: you can adapt them to your graphic charter, which will be your signature in your videos, and will allow you to be identified quickly.

It will therefore be necessary to import into this template :

  • your colour palette,
  • your text font,
  • your logo (very important: it must appear in the intro and outro: it is a real seal to recognise you).
  • Then you can import the footage shot with your smartphone

The pre-designed templates available on the platform already have filmed sequences integrated, to help you get an overview of the overall result. The aim now is for you to replace these “example” sequences with your own rushes, and to adapt the text sequences: for example, if it is an interview, type your own questions in the corresponding sequence.

And above all, don’t hesitate to cut the sequences from your rushes that you want to delete. Or keep them for bloopers, those popular fake takes, especially at the beginning of a video.

What about you? Do you want to use a video maker on a regular basis, with customizable templates, to make perfect videos for youtube or tiktok videos (or other videos)? Your video creation will never be that easy with the online video editor Pitchy! For your promo videos, this online video maker is a simple interface, a tool to boost your creativity, where you can find filters, graphics, transitions, and a stock library with photos and music (royalty-free), and many other features for your upcoming video project. Making clips for your company will be a piece of cake! We do not have a pricing page, so feel free to sign up for a demo right now!

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