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Create Video Online and Collaborate with Influencers

Create Video Online and Collaborate with Influencers

Find out how video creator is a great way to collaborate with with influencers as part of a digital marketing strategy.

Video has become an increasingly important part of a brand’s marketing strategy as it is more engaging than an image or an audio/text message. Indeed, video is a good investment, 84% of marketers say that video is effective in generating leads (source: HubSpot). With a variety of formats ranging from live to tutorials to Instagram stories, video has become the most used channel in a content marketing strategy by 2021.

Combined with the power of influencer marketing, which is no longer in doubt when you know that 80% of consumers have already made a purchase following the recommendation of an influencer (source: Rakuten), video is therefore the reference medium to encourage the act of buying. Indeed, throughout your influencer strategy you will rely on video, from
contact to content creation on social networks to generate User-Generated Content. The Hivency Influencer Platform has 3 ideas for using this interactive and engaging format as part of an influencer strategy.

Create video online to convince the influencer to work with you

create video online influencer

Video is an essential communication medium, whether to promote your products or services to your target audience, but also to present your offer to a potential partner. Indeed, video is a good way to capture the attention of your potential collaborator if it is personalised. Each influencer, just like each customer, has different values and expectations, so it is essential to address each person in a targeted way. Customisable video is therefore the ideal medium to :

Tell your story and your values, which will allow them to better understand the message you want to convey to their community. For example, thanks to a video that presents your premises and your team, the influencer can more easily understand your company and your values.

Present your offer. The influencer must be seen as a consumer, so it is important that they know about the service or product you offer so they can properly present it to their followers. Video is therefore ideal for creating dynamic product sheets, including a demonstration of its use for example.

In this way, the personalised video engages the influencer and allows them to understand your offer and then present it to their community. It should be noted that this approach has proven to be effective from a commercial point of view and is increasingly being used in recruitment.

Video, the preferred tool for influencers

create video online video tool influencer

In the digital age, the role of social networks is paramount. Influencer marketing is therefore a strategy to be taken into consideration because influencers are experts in the use of social networks. Influencer marketing is a strategy that is based on the prescription power of content creators on social networks.

Influencers know how to engage their community using the video: live, Real on Instagram, stories… In parallel, video is a medium that appeals to 90% of consumers expressing that they watch videos to decide to buy a product(source: HubSpot).

With a hectic lifestyle and therefore reduced attention span, users prefer to consume “snack content”, i.e. content that can be consumed quickly. With the development of the “less is more” trend, which means less content but better quality in order to stand out from the crowd quality content in order to stand out from the constant influx of content on social networks, it is essential to provide authentic and to the point content.

TikTok, the social network that creates video online and engagement

The trendy social network TikTok has understood this very well. In 2021, 14.9 million French people will be using TikTok every month. On this social network, the number of views is an indicator more important than the number of subscribers. The platform’s content creators, also known as “TikTokers”, create short video content with originality to capture the attention of users. It should be noted that TikTok achieves an average engagement rate of 29% (Source: HubSpot).

Instagram’s Real format inspired by TikTok

On Instagram you can find the same principle that corresponds to the Reels, which is a short video format, with a strong power of virality being pushed by the platform itself. It should be noted that the ratio of number of views to number of followers is more important with the Reals being 144.03%, against 24.86% for TikTok. By collaborating with influencers, you can expose your products or services to their community and increase your notoriety, by promoting your products or services in an engaging way to their community. And with the help of this type of videos, you gain potential customers when we know that 94% of users say that a positive review encourages them to buy (source: HubSpot).

Like here: on its Instagram account, the Cluse brand uses the image of the influencer @mayadorable to promote its women’s watch.

Create video online: the ideal way for employer branding, easy to make

create video online branding

Today’s consumers demand transparency and authenticity from brands,but they are not the only ones. Employees also want to have a special experience with the company and be proud of it. 84% of employees would be willing to leave their company for one with a better reputation, so employer brand is very much in vogue. The objective of this employer brand is to promote the company and in particular its employees externally and to build employee loyalty internally.

As a humanising strategy, companies of all sizes no longer hesitate to work on their employer brand. To do this, video is the ideal tool for conveying your brand identity in a funny or more corporate tone, as we can see with Netflix, leader in video streaming video, which created its own podcast We Are Netflix on YouTube featuring employees to talk about current events or the company’s values. Thanks to this strategy, the company attracts future candidates with similar values and interests.

This concept is a good choice can be fully adapted to the video format as Adidas has shown by creating YouTube channel “Adidas Careers” dedicated to presenting its teams and professions in an
in an engaging way, with the aim of attracting candidates.

Younger brands such as Maison Dorée, created by influencer Chloé B, use video to develop their employer brand and connect with their community. Maison Dorée presents a typical day through an IGTV on Instagram to showcase the work of its employees. In this way, the video generates engagement with users who feel closer to the brand. To go further, the format can be turned into an invitation for the influencer to visit the premises or to interview some employees and then share this content through storytelling in his Instagram story for more engagement.

Finally, the health crisis has amplified the use of video, which is entirely part of the marketing strategy for 86% of companies (source: HubSpot).It is also an excellent medium to collaborate with influencers and allow you to improve your visibility, but also develop your brand identity.

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BIO: This article was written by Marine Bertrand, Content Marketer Associate at the influencer platform Hivency, specialising in micro-influence. The 360° solution solution allows brands to identify relevant influencers and ambassadors, manage their collaborations, and generate and collect quality consumer reviews.

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