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What Is A Product Video and What Does it Imply?

What Is A Product Video and What Does it Imply?

In this article, we tell you the importance of making a product video for your audience, to help them better understand the added value in their daily lives.

Many companies rely on advertisements and promotions to showcase their products’ best features to their customers. Indeed, if you want people to spend money on your products, you must spread the word about how great it is and how it can solve the problems of your potential customers.

However, you may hesitate on the marketing format you want to adopt to advertise your product. Will you choose a television commercial spot or an explainer video? Should you craft a viral video or rely on YouTube influencers to promote your products?

If your goal is to highlight the key features of your product and you don’t know where to start, then creating a product video is the marketing tool you need. Indeed, product videos are becoming a marketing staple all around the world since 89% of consumers admit that watching a video convinced them to buy a specific product.

Therefore, you should not neglect the power of a well-crafted product video in your marketing and promotional strategy. This article will tell you everything you need to know about product videos and how you can harness their power for your business.

What is a product video?

A product video is a video ad that showcases the features of your product and how it works when put in action. It helps companies to show what a product can do and enables potential buyers to learn more about it.

A product video is especially useful if your potential customers can’t try the product by themselves in a physical store, for example. Thus, product videos help create more engagement from your viewers, build trust with your existing and potential customers. And this leads to increased sales for your business as well!

A product video can work for many industries, especially those who manufacture and sell physical products such as electronics and shoes. However, you can use a product video to showcase the best features of services, such as software and other SaaS products.

Why are product videos important for your marketing strategy?

Product videos have become increasingly important in the marketing strategy of companies for several reasons.

They increase conversion

By helping your customers to understand your product in a simple way, product videos increase conversions. Indeed, according to the 2023 Wyzowl’s video marketing report, 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or a service.

They are favored by search engines

Whenever you carry out a search on Google, you are displayed results involving videos, images, maps, other media, and web pages. Research has shown that Google tends to prioritize sites with videos, meaning that your product video pages will rank higher on Google. Also, this will help you to stand out from your competitors, especially if they don’t have product video pages on their websites.

They are shareable on social media

If your product video is well-produced, you will have higher chances to boost your reach because your videos will be shared a lot on social media. Indeed, research has shown that over half of social media users share videos more than any other content. Therefore, product videos are a great way to expand your brand reach and awareness on social media very quickly.

They are more captivating

The amount of time users watching video keeps going up every year. Did you know that people watch 17 hours of online video each week on average? Since most viewers consume videos on their mobile devices, they have become accessible to many potential buyers of your products. Thus, your product video can capture your viewers’’ attention more easily and increase its chances of being shared on many platforms.

Moreover, product videos are also captivating because they can strike an emotional chord to your potential customers and subconsciously tell them how they should feel about your products or services.

What types of product videos can you use for your marketing strategy?

There are several examples of product videos that you can use to highlight the key features of your products. They can be used at every stage of the customer’s buyer journey.


Teasers are product videos taping into the viewers’ emotions and make them want for more. They are designed to mesmerize new customers, while keeping the current customers faithful to the brand. Therefore, they are more useful at the awareness stage.

Many companies often use teasers for classic TV commercial spots, so they need expert special effects and professional camera footage. Nevertheless, you can shoot your own teaser with a smartphone, provided you use creative ways and tricks to make your teaser appealing.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos showcase the best features of your product, while explaining what it is and what kind of problems it solves. This type of product video is generally used for customers who have passed the awareness stage and are considering buying the product.

Explainer videos are useful because they focus on the practicality of the product and not only on its glamorous side. Thus, it will give away more information about the product than a teaser, by relating to the actual problems and pain points of their viewers.


A demo product video shows how a product works in detail to convince the viewers to buy it. Because they show how to use the product step by step, they are generally well-narrated and detailed. They are especially used by SaaS product companies when they want to show how to perform a specific action, use a specific feature or achieve a specific goal.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos share the experiences of your customers with your products or services. They are useful to showcase the positive results of real customers to others; and this can potentially attract more potential customers to buy your products.

5 key elements of an effective product video

Do you want to create a product video that will captivate your viewers and will be effortlessly shared on many platforms? Then, you must include the five key elements in your product video to make them highly effective.

Element #1: Hook your audience

A great product video must grab the attention of its viewers by addressing its main problem. Think of your target audience and why they should buy your product and service. Then, rely on mystery, humor, or intrigue to motivate your viewers to keep watching your video.

Element #2: Give a clear messaging

Your product video must include a clear and concise messaging that matches your brand’s voice and values. At this stage, you must be succinct while staying true to your brand and its personality. You can use text on screen, actors, images, voiceovers, etc.

Element #3: Bring the solution to your viewers’ problems

Your product or service is designed to solve someone’s problems, and making impactful product videos shows how your product can provide a sustainable solution. For instance, you can show a person struggling with a task, introducing your product, and demonstrating how his/her life improves after using it.

Element #4: Provide valuable information

You must include valuable information about your product or service in your product video. This includes its best features, how it works, what it’s used for, and other valuable details.

Element #5: Include a clear call-to-action

You must include a clear call-to-action in your product video to remind your viewers what they must do next. Examples of call-to-actions are “buy now”, “learn more” or “request a demo”.

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