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BlogMarketingOutro Maker: 5 steps of video outro

Outro Maker: 5 steps of video outro

Outro Maker: 5 steps of video outro

The outro, like the intro, is one of the key moments in your video, the opportunity to push for action. We tell you everything in 5 steps.

What is the outro of a video? This is what we call the last sequence of your corporate video, the end of the story, if you like.

The intro and outro are key moments in a corporate video. The outro is especially an opportunity to place a CTA, a Call-To-Action. In fact, this is the ultimate opportunity to do so in your video.

This CTA, as its name suggests, is intended to encourage viewers to take an action: for example, to register for your webinar or event, to visit your website, to make an appointment, or to follow you on your social networks.

The main redirections of an outro are usually these:

– redirect to the playlist or the Youtube channel,
– put a link to subscribe to something,
– put a link to one of your other YouTube channels,
– a link to your website.

Be sure about the goal of your outro. First you need to know who you are addressing, and what your main objective is with this video.

Here are some key steps to making your video outro with the video editing software. Here is what makes a good outro!

Step 1: As marketers, determine the goal of your outro, and the perfect length

outro maker marketing goals

Even before the video creation, before starting the editing, you have to think as a team.

  • Why are you making this video? Do you want to increase the number of registrations for an event (face-to-face or webinar)?
  • Do you want your audience to subscribe to your newsletter to receive more information? To get more subscribers?
  • Do you want to redirect to your website to increase traffic?
  • Do you want your audience to follow you on your social networks, to enlarge your community on social media?

Depending on the desired goal(s), your decision will determine the realisation of your outro.

And by goal, we mean of course KPIs to be analysed after the publication and broadcast of the video, to analyse the impact. We will talk about this later.

Step 2: Choose the marketing elements you want to put in your outro

This step is linked to the first: depending on your goals, prioritise the elements to be included in the outro sequence. And remember: it is recommended that you keep your videos short, so as not to bore your audience (ideally less than 1 minute 30).

So be efficient, and go straight to the point: whether it’s to display your social networking buttons, the registration link for your event, or simply the link to your website.

Step 3: Use online video editor and choose a template for your outro

Then you can start creating the video thanks to the video maker.
And you should know that nowadays, for your corporate videos, you don’t necessarily need to go through an agency: you can use an online video editor, made specifically for companies, without any need for special technical skills.
One of the first steps, when you start using a tool like Pitchy, is to choose the template you will use. Several templates are available on our platform, each one designed to bring dynamism and modernity to the graphic plan (themes, colors, graphics…).

Here are some examples of Pitchy templates for video event outros (both external and internal):




Smart Circle:

Step 4: Add the end screen elements with outro maker

Once you have chosen your template, this fourth step is very important in your end credits: these screen elements will include your logo (or even your animated logo), your text, your animation, your brand images and music scene (and even more features if you want). It is essential to insert these elements in your outro, to highlight your graphic identity and remind you who you are.

If you include voiceover effects, remember to include subtitles, so that the video can be understood without the sound.

Step 5: Publish your great youtube video and analyse the results

Once your video animation is finished, and the video validated, you will have to broadcast and analyse the performance.

Did the distribution of your video on social networks generate a lot of registrations? How many exactly?

Do you see an increase in traffic to your site that coincides with the broadcast?

These performance indicators, which you have previously determined as a team when you validated the elements, will also help you judge whether your outro needs to be improved (shorter, with more obvious CTAs, etc.).

Want to know more about the features of the Pitchy tools? It’s easy: to get more tips, request a demo!

Use Pitchy to make your outro video, as a professional youtube outro maker, with a gallery of video templates (you won’t need design skills to make your first video clips). In addition, you can download the app to combine your video rushes, and then add outro templates through the platform.

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